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Kristin ♛
I love Desiree and that's about it 💁💕
Meet me on the 6th floor know you ain't a model you should let me take some pics doe aha
I miss my bshb 😔
Life is so unpredictable 💔
I only have one life and I only wanna live it with you
You were a little to late.
"I'm sleeping with the enemy"
Today is the day where I have to listen to Justin just to get through it
if you ever need me to be what you need girl, I'm free and forever you can holla at me
Girl we've had our share of ups and downs but you know that I'm gon always be around
I feel unloved and unwanted why would I want to stay.
I feel so so sick
Trying my hardest not to cry.
I need you, yet I feel you could careless.
Fuck this damn headache 😭😭😭
Somebody said they saw you the person you were kissing wasn't me and I would never ask you I just kept it to myself.
I hate being part Irish.
I wish she was here I'd hold her and just let her cry, then take care of her all day.
I don't wanna know if you're playin' me keep on the low.
The song instant crush really means something to hits home.
I think it's safe to say I have a loyal girlfriend that will always be mine ☺️
The only time I will probably ever wear a dress is my wedding day 👌
Me right now after waiting all day for Justin's "prank"
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reasons I grab my boobs: -running upstairs -running downstairs -running -scared -walking through my house in the dark -bored -boobs
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I can't wait till I can actually start a family with you. ☺️
It was getting good tho 😕😒
Will the real Pattie Mallette please stand up
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I won't lie I like it a little rough😉
I wish you actually would fuck me for at least an hour 😌😏
I need you to believe that I care that's all need for you to know how much I care for you.
I'll never be good enough for you.
So much for talking till 7:30 huh 😒😔
its hard to think one day we are gonna log off twitter and never come back no more friendships no more tweets no more happiness
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I broke my own heart just by saying it 💔 😭 but really I'm turning my phone off.
I'll just turn my phone off 😭
I hate crying, but it's all I seem to do
I hate April fools 😒
I love how protective she is 💕
My biggest fear will always be losing you.
Bonnie and Clyde never had to hide like we do. 😔