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"@PrayInFaith: God is either God of all or not God at all. Semi-sovereignty is not an option."
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Some peeps'll have airtime buh'll still be flashing like they're in d Justice league...
Tell me, what can I do?, I can't live without u **in tye tribette's voice**
It took cancer not once, not twice, but three times to put this man down. Always been a champion. #RIPTitoVilanova
Rich Father: *angry* Junior, u lack manners, I'm sending u back to the states. junior: *crying* no please Dad, no Me: why u crying? :o
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#NaijaPMsBelike getting my iphone 5 tomorrow// love him xoxo much// segun not u (˘̯˘ )
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#NaijaPMsBelike bolu u are a witch// biodun I will kill you// get well soon aunty// bday loading
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#NaijaPMsBelike I miss him like modaku/ I cherish him like mofeku/i love him like Motiyawere
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That moment when the pastor be like "sit down if u're bigger than God"....
If u cnt find d keys 2 success, den break d door!!!....#stolen
Bn a's bn hiding? Me or u? @Lamyd_k
:) I'm guhd..o @Lamyd_k hwz u?
Happy b'day..o #mentor_of_life @d4Cspeaks hav a blast sir!
Nigerian moms will yell on everybody and everything for 2hrs+ then end it with."After you people will say I'm shouting.
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To All Ye Girls Dat Av 'Upcoming Model' on Ur Bios... We All Know You're Lying. Pls Delete D Crap & Get a Life!
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Chai!!!... Is der any song @d4Cspeaks doesn't kno?? :]Y
Dis *help,u need*@GabEsu: I think everyone born in the month of March should join the Army 😕"
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Singing keeps you healthy, exercises your heart and lungs.
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"@FactSoup: There should be a class in school on how to become wealthy. I'd rather be rich than know the square root of 256."Lol
*friendly reminder* remember to be kindhearted to others..
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Thankful 4 every minute I'm alive