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Kate Spiering
"Racing to save the day." -@UltraBoyRuns
First race of 2015 :: @thenorthfaceECS GORE-TEX 50 Mile in Washington, D.C.
Final @marinecorpsmarathon training run - 10 miles and a blustery good time!
B-What? B-Woods! **First time pumpkin carving**
Another successful year as a Diva Half Marathon Pacer
"Sweet dreams or chase dreams?" -@_ijustrun_
#Leesburg20K5K #Leesburg #20K #Medal #Race
#Leesburg20K5K #Leesburg #20K #5K #RaceBibs #Numbers #Race
"Just when I get cocky about a marathon... I have the hardest training run of my life!" -@2000in1
"I am running for me, for you, and for anyone who's ever said, I'll never get there!" -@TGTRunners
"Ultramarathons: pointless to some, worth every second of pain I endured..." -@Mettlesport
"I’d rather be Running..." -@BipolarRunner77
"There’s 2 reasons to pass someone in an ultra. They might be slower than you, or they might be smarter than you. #PaceYourself" -@alexflint
"How do you have 104k "friends" and not one of them has helped you correct your grammar?! They don't sound like friends to me..."-@samysdong
"PM run is so much easier when I skip the AM run." -@Ultralovverr
"I did a marathon today. And by marathon I mean watched a James Bond marathon on TV..." -@303trailrunner
"Couples therapy...rode the 33 mile Crater Lake rim. Steep hills, high elevation. #Fitness #shurkyjurky #fitfam #bike" -@JakeTWoolley
"I never want to rush a chef, they have sharp objects. . .” -- @Kate_Chastain, @BelowDeck
"Smiling is part of our stock and trade, not just when everything is great, but also when its not." - @capthlr
"Go for excellence not perfection!" -@turboangie
"A Runner's Rule: Whatever it is, stop trying to find reasons not to do it, and just go for it." -@RockCreekRunner
"So weird not running this weekend. I have so much time on my hands." -@UltraInspired
"I’ll be running 50 miles for fun. I’ve never been accused of intelligence." -@alexflint
"Life is short not do an iron man... my life is no race, but indeed a journey...!!!" -@run_manolo_run
"A bed time thought.... let go of chasing perfection and the need to know outcomes, its controlling." -@cbrisley
"I am the friend you call when you need a good laugh or a good cocktail. I will make you both." -@KathieLB
"We become what we think about." -@alejandrok11
"Tough run yesterday... I am NEVER running again... until tomorrow." -@godandsneakers
"Never be ashamed of yourself. Never let anyone change you. Only inspire. We can all be great!" -@TheTimeIsNow4U
"Look in the mirror - reflect what is known - only turn around - to what you are dreaming - the real one." -@jflamingo2
"Is your glass half full or half empty ? Irrelevant - fill it up." -@NicZamorski
"Envision the life you want by learning to control your thoughts; believe in yourself!" -@Memoni
"Faith without action is dead." -@RmaoWilmore
"Beauty is about confidence, character and charisma." -@Sargeor
"This first step is always the hardest. Work hard and earn your greatness." -@ChrisGrouge
"Growing up is inevitable, but don't let life keep you from enjoying the things you love doing. #WorkHardPlayHard" -@ChrisGrouge
"Eat right; keep a sense of humor; be kind; move your body; keep a watchful eye; be creative; care; say your prayers..." -@Rubybeets
"Lover of life currently in the pursuit of a creative one." -@YasmeenMukahal
"Life is about doing the right thing, not the easy thing. One act of kindness can bring hope back to someones life." -@tgcm
"Be fierce. Be confident. Be classy." -@Sarah4evr101
"7 Steps to Grow Your Business Online Infographic" -@webmation, @RicaMarieGarcia
What Your Logo Color Says About Your Brand -@webmation
"You make your choices, and then your choices make you." -@Momentstotheban
"Accept what is, Let go of what was. Focus on what will..." -@Taakatso