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My #wcw and my #wce @kellz_the_bombshell we ain't Nicki and meek lmfaooooo
Aye tell me if y'all see this or am I trippin. Is this not Zeus chasing down a lion lol #clouds
I tried to be Sting lmfaooooo me and @kellz_the_bombshell on the beach #sunset
Do kids today even do this still? Singing in the fan feeling like a superstar lol #90skid
I hated tf out of Randall because he snitched like my little brother lmfaooooo @cleveland_crowned_king
This nigga won.. He just won lmfao
Lmfaooooo that's fucked up #racism
Hardest song on the "Free Weezy Album" #lilwayne #ymcmb
I tried to tell them 98 and up is obsolete. You wasn't even able to remember the 90's lmao.. SHOUT OUT TO THE 90's BABIES!!! REP YO YEAR '95 #90s
I'm in the back yard and this thing (somebody tell me what this is) just act like I'm not a big ass human and its not scared and just walk pass me like it ain't shit lmfao.. Wtf is this thing a beaver? #confused
This shit would set me off in literally 1 millisecond once I seen you actually left and didn't reach back to close the door... By far my absolute biggest pet peeve #pissed
Just why..... #why lmfaooooo. It's funny af tho
If you don't know who this is then unfollow me NOW!!!!!!!
On the road again (donkey voice) omw back to The Land... I'm tired af but it was a insightful trip #roadtrip
You mad.... (Pop) or nah #youmadbro
Is it not Wednesday in this bitch... What else needs to be said #wcw
Straight up. This response will get a ring... Trust me ladies... Any real nigga know
I make a left and see this creepy ass big thing just sitting up there. Like its having fun and shit.. #creepy 👀
Been eating the booty!
The independent album Keyshia Cole was talking about lmfaooooo
I'm dead!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱💀💀💀💀💀💀
THIS IS FUNNY AF!!!!!!!! Aye go follow my little brother page if you like funny shit
- #2pac Wise words from a decent man
Everybody can't keep putting everybody down... We aren't the same and some people thrives in other things more than the next person. #mankind
This was just funny af to me
Before it's over HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY!!!!!! Pretend like its a really long sweet message down here lmao @kellz_the_bombshell #birthday #21
Odell Beckham Jr on NCAA 14... I had to do tho lol #odb
My nigga Dizzy Wright opened this album up the right ass way with that song "Higher Learning"
Shout out to my city. The new capital of Ohio... CLEVELAND!!! Cavs 2015 NBA Champs
LMFAOOOO!!!!!! That's fucked up and the funniest post I've seen in a long ass time
Its going down! Game 1 tomorrow. #nbafinals
So its just a big ass tree branch blocking the entire street... I'm about to move it lmao
WHO THAT SAY THEY GONNA BEAT THE CAVS!!!!! 4 more wins until history. Bring that title to the Land #nbaplayoffs
A$AP!!!! At Long Last..... #asap
If you one of the people that think its a new Lil Wayne and he fell off then all you gotta do is hear this shit... How can this be falling off... If he falling off then his falling off is you in your prime #weezy
I can't do 40 and 30 doing this... Shit I can't even be 25 doing this... That 9-5 shit dead... I need a better way
This explains why I probably had a urgent sense to grow and grow out of this current uncomfortable situation I'm in...
Young dreadhead muthafucka...
Oh and somebody really wanted to let somebody named Brandon Smart know that he is a Ni99er lmfao!!! #SorryBrandonSmartButYourANi99erApparently
Went to Geneva with @kellz_the_bombshell ... We saw the Loch ness monster lol... It didnt show up on camera tho #nessy
Idk I got so infatuated with this.. I just got stuck looking at it for a long ass time.. This is a masterpiece of photography
Avengers 2: Age of Ultron was hard af!!!! And it had me dying.. That shit was funny.. Only paid $5 too.. I got me a new movie theater.. The come up😆
We also saw a epic ass mandrill fight... Shit was like planet of the apes
Me & @kellz_the_bombshell wen to the zoo today... (She gonna force me out the picture tho... So conceited)
He. Signed. the deal lmfao (Inside joke) #wwe
Here We Go... This my prediction for the playoffs... [Round 1] Hawks vs Nets (Hawks 5 gms) Raptors vs Wizards (Wiz 6 gms) Cavaliers vs Celtics (Cavs 4 gms) Bulls vs Bucks (Bulls 5 gms) Warriors vs Pelicans (warriors 6 gms) Trailblazers vs Grizzlies (Grizz 5 gms) Rockets vs Mavericks (Rockets 5 gms)
SPITTA!!!!!! Curren$y - Pilot Talk 3.... This shit hard af 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #jetlife

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