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Khalil Leo Alim
This is the best song on this album. You can hear the pain in his voice singing about Paula. Robin Thicke is the shit
Which is saying alot. A person shouldn't feel better than you goals and dreams because they have no limitations. I'm just being honest if I can for a sec✌
I'm tired asf but I'm staying up because I can. Nobody fucking with me tonight so its straight to that Netflix hoe. For 7.99 she always fucking with me lol
I messed up the bed this time but ladies. You could be apart of it next time lmao #pimpgame
This is officially my favorite song for about the next month. This song is a fucking work of art. LISTEN TO IT!!!!
Yup. That just about explains who I am as a person. I'm complexly simple
Ying Ying Ying (Three Chinese People)
Finally got my car here. (You can't see it yet)
No matter how much you do for a person or try to do. The only thing they'll remember is the time you couldn't do for them and hold on to that. The real ones feel me
LMMFAO!!!!! AHHHHH @here_to_collect_my_bread
We are so caught up on LeBron,Wade and Kevin Durant that we overlook the fact that we are watching one of the greatest players ever to ever play this game win his 5th ring. 5TH RING!!!! As much as Kobe. As much as Magic. One less than Jordan and Kareem. One more than Shaq. Two more than Bird. WE ARE
Ugly fake smile for y'all
Normal people can't understand extraordinary souls. Whats weird to you can be considered genius to others
Haha Fresh out. BROWNIES!!!!
Shit is real in the field. I got nobody to love. Just my Cartoons and cereal
Lmfao I remember that day. She tried to hit me and I was like Cesar from planet of the apes. I caught her hand and said NO!!! She said what and I looked her deep in her soul and whispered bravely. No More LMAO True story
Nobody in this world loves cereal more than meeeee!!!!
Lmfao did this shit so many times. Be like if you don't shut up I'm not gonna ever play with you again.
We got Lebron in 03 and now we got the Lebron of football in 2014. Cleveland is back in great times #Dawgpound
Just got the Melo M9. Only wear Melo's #CarmeloAnthony
My demeanor is meaner. A king don't have to tell you he a king. So Imma just tell you I'm 👑 Xerxes
It was like 8 deer just having a kickback in front of Walmart
I don't always shower. But when I do. I prefer Axe xx. Stay clean my friends 😁
After a long ass day this is what I come home to when I'm about to pass out. I sleep like King Xerxes
I'M UGLY AS SHIT in this but my little sister took it and said she like it so I just posted it for her
About to go to work. And try not to work 😊 I'm off
THERE IT IS BITCH. UCONN Huskies 🐺 2014 NCAA Champions!!!!!
Every protege's mistake. Never Outshine The Master
Who can guess what game I just beat lmao
Really tho. S/o to them corner stores that got the dollar 2 liters lmao
The day we become friends that's for life. And that goes for everybody who would consider themselves my friends. If you need me I'll help you as much as I can. I'm loyal to my niggas til the end.
My brother got the Xbox One so I'm definitely about to get the PS4
At the rec getting it in with @hurry_up_and_buy_
Me & @hurry_up_and_buy_ Getting that early morning hoop session in
Lmfao RP. These faces are scary lol
I've been slowly losing myself for years and now I'm lost. I don't feel safe being around me now because I don't know who I am anymore. I need someone to save me from this person I don't know looking at me in the mirror. These cold eyes aren't mine. I don't feel alive anymore
I don't love nobody because I can't. Love=Trust and I don't trust nobody in this entire world. AND I MEAN NOBODY. But I like people. (Trust issues)
Damn! R.I.P to Paul Walker. That's crazy man.
But it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't - Mark Twain
When I cut off all feelings for you at that point no matter who you are it's best for you keep your distance
Ahh winter. My favorite season. This is when I come alive lol
Wise words from a decent man
I have to make sure every morning from 10 to 12 I'm free so I can watch First Take. For the most part I do
Never watched The Godfather before yea I know I know but @here_to_collect_my_bread let me see all 3 so I'm finally about to watch them
I'm one of the rare people in this world who can think for myself & make my own decisions based off what I feel. I don't follow the trend I make my own.
But everybody lies to themselves so they feel better about who they are