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Khalil Leo Alim
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AMERICAN HORROR STORY:FREAK SHOW!!!!!!! #americanhorrorstory
Word on the street I'm a suspect. S/o Rec for the sketch #Art
The oldest gang in the world is not the crips or bloods or any of that. Its the police. The most notoriously dangerous gang ever... And they can do whatever they want whenever they want.
Everybody need to get hip to Luke James. This dude is real music. GET HIS ALBUM!!!
The most dangerous beast is the one well hidden. People fear what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer. I guess that's just the theory of man #TheBlackOut5 👤🔫
Kelleeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! @kellz_the_bombshell
#WCW Wearing my chains killing it lmao @kellz_the_bombshell #KerryWashington
My new Monte Carlo y'all
In the end if you're too fast to keep up with yourself because you're chasing money.... You're leaving behind everything
Perception is the key. Is your vision skewed or are you starting to see things how they really are
Lmfao Who needs Hulk Hogan.. When you got Sting on this muthafucka @rosie_o_donnie
Just bought my new car!!!!! Young 19 & mobbin #MonteCarloLS
illuminate the darkest minds... And indeed the whole world could become blind by the way your contagious bright mind shines.
I had to take a week from talking to everybody and go far back and find where I lost my way. I had to realize nothing is owed to you and you have to go get everything you want. You can't take anything for granted because what means nothing to you could mean the world to the next man. I had to be hum
Poem By: Leo Phoenix Tonight the former of me dies... Falling into the fire deep deep down.. Not into the depths of hell because I am not evil nor am I a saint.. I am simply asking for another chance that has been granted... This second chance you can call.. The reinvention or the redemption. This
My favorite place in the entire whole wide world.... My Bed #KingSize
I'm naturally a lone wolf and can't survive with somebody else... They'll get eaten alive
My dinner tonight. TIME TO SMASH!!!!
Well my night is over. Thanks to everybody who said happy birthday to me. 19 and mobbin 🎂🎉🎉🎈🎊🎁 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
IT'S OFFICIAL!!!! Cleveland Cavaliers new big 3. Lebron James, Kyrie Irving & Kevin Love. We getting a ring this year 🏀🏆 Watch how everybody dick ride and try to say they was always Cleveland fans lmao. I can see it now.
@rosie_o_donnie He said fuck sleeping wit a bitch lmao
Who's more sexy than I lol (hashtag, conceited)
Thoughts running wild. This stress is overwhelming man
My #WCW the beautiful @kellz_the_bombshell my joy, my friend. The reason I'll grow as a person. This girl means a lot to me. I'm hers and that's mine. That's bae (next move lol)
I like turtles LMFAOOOO!!!!! @here_to_collect_my_bread @rosie_o_donnie @_king_mook
LMMFAOOOO!!!!! AND YALL THOUGHT YALL KNEW ME. Where did you gooooooo 7th Heaven. I'm fried af for this one
@rosie_o_donnie They don't understand in this bitch, Naruto, Sasuke we ain't playing in this bitch lmao
AND IF you find any skeletons in my closet nigga. Well that should let you know how long I had bodies in it #TheBlackOut4 👤🔫
S/o to my mama man. Came to my house to give me some homemade spaghetti. Imma smash this then pass out lmao
This is the best song on this album. You can hear the pain in his voice singing about Paula. Robin Thicke is the shit
Which is saying alot. A person shouldn't feel better than you goals and dreams because they have no limitations. I'm just being honest if I can for a sec✌
I'm tired asf but I'm staying up because I can. Nobody fucking with me tonight so its straight to that Netflix hoe. For 7.99 she always fucking with me lol
I messed up the bed this time but ladies. You could be apart of it next time lmao #pimpgame
This is officially my favorite song for about the next month. This song is a fucking work of art. LISTEN TO IT!!!!
Yup. That just about explains who I am as a person. I'm complexly simple
The Black Out 👤🔫
Ying Ying Ying (Three Chinese People)
Finally got my car here. (You can't see it yet)
No matter how much you do for a person or try to do. The only thing they'll remember is the time you couldn't do for them and hold on to that. The real ones feel me
LMMFAO!!!!! AHHHHH @here_to_collect_my_bread
We are so caught up on LeBron,Wade and Kevin Durant that we overlook the fact that we are watching one of the greatest players ever to ever play this game win his 5th ring. 5TH RING!!!! As much as Kobe. As much as Magic. One less than Jordan and Kareem. One more than Shaq. Two more than Bird. WE ARE
Ugly fake smile for y'all
Nights like this....
Normal people can't understand extraordinary souls. Whats weird to you can be considered genius to others
Haha Fresh out. BROWNIES!!!!