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Jonathan Harnisch
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No I will not be attending the Duran Duran in Austin TX show. I'm working on getting a doctor's note. Have a good time Friends of Mine.
@jwharnisch dude... In times of adversity we meet people that help us get through the rough times online & off line. Stay awesome my friend!
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a true psychiatric thriller, my masterpiece, and perhaps my legacy - Jonathan Harnisch: An...… via @QLDMH
Knabel Nabs Author Interview with Harnisch via @prweb
Calling out: Human dignity for all!
In time—more online connections made—sometimes in worst of times—can't keep up but TY! I'd love to connect deeper/individually—impervious.
Thanks @Gees_gang and I know we can't chat all the time. I swear more time passes more online friends we make—sometimes in worst of times.
Is this right? LOL Cool! PetMeds endorses my book based on my experiences w/ schizophrenia. | Pet Meds International…
As providers/consumers understand/curing social deficits not overcoming—schizophrenics will take the world by storm!…
Hi @tdalton167 how's life in Lincolnshire heard its overall much slower than in much of the UK. Historic/beautiful w/ top coastal resorts?
Jonathan Harnisch: An Alibiography - Come on now let's get the first sale of its month. Don't be shy—only 805 pages!
Thank you @BolshieBear and good morning. Talk w/ you soon. —J.
@falconfiend2 Thank you and good morning. —J.
@jwharnisch you are significant. You matter. Have a blessed day
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@jwharnisch Stay strong Jonathan, they will pass, they have before. Drown them out & sing along xx
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Staying positive w/ self awareness. No worries.
This illness is crazy suddenly the voices tell me to kill myself which I will not do I am listening to very very loud music to subdue them.
Just being there for someone can sometimes bring hope when all seems hopeless. #mentalhealth
I am starting to feel a a little bit better and stronger. #mentalhealth #schizophrenia #hope
Sometimes we just need to distance ourselves from people. If they care, they’ll notice. If they don’t, we know where we stand. #mentalhealth
Sometimes we have to embrace our chaos keeping our hearts open and keep on truckin’ along. #mentalhealth
Most of the things we worry about never happen. #mentalhealth
My creative gifts are worth the #mentalillness. I’ve suffered for them. #mentalhealth
Sometimes we just have to give ourselves the slightest push and believe in ourselves knowing we are stronger than we think. #mentalhealth
I am proud. Second Alibi: The Banality of Life is to be released very soon. I handled it as sleep deprived and symptomatic as I am.
Silence doesn’t always mean, Yes. Sometimes it means, I’m tired of explaining to people who don’t even care to understand.
Fearing death so much I've slept 1 hour/night the past year overworked/exhausted attempting to leave the hugest legacy of genius possible.
@jwharnisch Hey! Just sending positive vibes your way :)
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30 min sleep again last night since the security alarms in office where I slept blared off again needing bloody new batteries. #INSOMNIA
TY 2 all—nearing closure of an untitled free 4 all 1,200 ebook—a REAL masterpiece—not Alibiography or the sequel—1 hr sleep/night 4 1 yr. :(
I am not suicidal I just want to die a natural death sooner than later.
@jwharnisch You are doing awesome things with your tweets. I'm always so encouraged by them.
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@MyNocturnalSoul @jwharnisch I'm sticking around too. You're an amazing individual putting up a hell if a fight x
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w/ my virtual retail interface patent—Now everything crumbles bitterly when Jonathan is around—Can't help it and can't stand it much longer!
until my rich pompous neighbors complain. Good goddamn this Life of Jonathan Harnisch. Everything I used to touch turned to gold starting...
for hard cash in lieu of a full-blown rage attack. Pumping the song Intriguing Possibilities by Trent Reznor . . .
Re-hooking up my $3,000 custom kick ass surround sound THX speaker system, which is in the middle of being dismantled to sell . . .
I could use any sort of encouragement before my own mind commits mental suicide if that's even possible. Any reassurance. Feel so trapped.
@MyNocturnalSoul Thank you - that means the world to me. Anybody who stays for that matter. Good god damn, do I hate this mental illness. :(
@jwharnisch I'm not leaving...I admire everything you're overcoming... You're inspirational☺
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I already lost everything in my life, so go ahead and un-follow me. For fuck’s sake can I do anything right?