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My ankle hurts
Good night
*shrugs okay I guess
Idk if it's because I haven't ate but these frijoles are the best
😔 just want to sleep.. probably will.
I don't want to eat this wtf.
Oh this is fun
This is a happy house We're happy here in a happy house
Just let me mutherfucking love you!
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When ya parents hand you the phone to talk to a Relative 😂
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Gracias Dios por darme la mejor Mamá del mundo! #FelizDiaDe Las Madres 😍
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This is really awkward.
I miss you Alex.
I say “i don't know“ to everything when im in a bad mood
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I can hear my neighbors enjoying their pool .-.
I'm so fuckin hungry ..
19 minutes man.
Nobody knows what they'd do without music
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Looks like my camaro does not like you, father
Gonna take a nap before work..
French Vanilla Ice cream with raspberries and pecans ^-^ yum
actually such a nice feeling knowing somebody appreciates you and the things you do for them
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I hate when people take a picture of every shoe they got & every blunt they smoke
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