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Christian R

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Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.
add pin :7675be02
@TDTheresia happy birthday theree!Gbu
Happy ThanksGiving! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•
@cindyoctaviaa happy birthday chika! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Not using bb anymore.
@cathycatherine_ hahaha kalo ga ada dia ga ada yg bisa di omongin cat!stresss parah banget
@cathycatherine_ super LOLSLOLSLOS cathyy! Hahahaha
@cathycatherine_ iya disini msh pagi banget dan uda bahas org gila! Tp sokay lah bisa bikin ketawa ya ga cathy?hahahaha
@cathycatherine_ ini masih pagi banget uda gosip wanjir ya cathy hahaha
@cathycatherine_ dm ur pin dong i dm ga bisa wkwk
"@ohteenquotes: Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control."
@Mariiadewi @ElizabethC0901 tapi eliz ga mempan sm nasehat lu mer! Tidakkss wkwkwkw
LOL!RT @ElizabethC0901: @Mariiadewi kemaren sedih sekarang pun sedih gw mah terima nasip aja wkwkwkwk
Thank you, God. For giving me the strength to keep going when all I really want to do is give up.
St. Stephen's Church.
@michellatamama that's life! only God knows!hahaha
@michellatamama yeah! only God knows! Wkwkw and taylor swift said Happy. Free. Confused. Lonely. At the same time. #tweetngaco hahah
Only God knows!wkwkw RT @michellatamama: I can't promise you a perfect relationship, but what I can promise you is that if you're trying
God is always there when you think no one else is. He's greater than the greatest and better than the best!
What's wrong with my lambor!-_-
Nge drift sampe mobil mau terbalik itu seru abis!
A normal person prays to God, 'Don't give me problems.' but a great person prays to God, 'Give me the power to face my problems.
Enjoy the little things in life cause one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things
@bellasurya kalo ga gede nanti ga bisa shopping a lot loh! Hihihi :b
@bellasurya Have a lot of fun today with ur family and ur friends! Enjoy your Birthday and God bless u abundantly! Cepet gede yaa bellee! :b
I can't set my hopes too high cause every hello ends with a goodbye!!!
@yessy_angeriia urwell!hehe wkwkw situ bisa piano? Bolebolee hahaha :b
oi @yessy_angeriia happy birthday yaa! Gbua
i miss you,but sometimes i hate you.
โ€œsomething may have been lost in translation, but it certainly wasn't loveโ€
Beth Israel Deaconess hospital.
Life and time are world's two teachers. Life teaches us to make good use of time, while time teaches us the value of life.
โ€œ@Notebook: Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and just admit you're wrong. It's not called giving in, it's called growing up.โ€
@yessy_angeriia wkwkw biar gajadi bd lah!okeoke
@yessy_angeriia i see isee! wishes nya i sih tggl 5 tiba" ilang gitu :O jd dr 4 lgsg 6 dehh ;;)
@yessy_angeriia msh bbrp jem lg tauu! Emng ce" uda make a wish?wkwk
Msh august!RT @yessy_angeriia: Morning septemberr. Be nice month for me ya! :)
@SamanthaTiara jd suka yg botak"?:o suruh ur JL botakin rambutnya kalo gitu wkwkw
@SamanthaTiara knp jealous? Kan uda punya JL sndiri!=D
@SamanthaTiara i mean Jennifer Lopez wkwkwk