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Melina Luce
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He noticed I didn't answer!!! @justlisten16
It's because I'm not a druggie
I feel like the white girl in my school even though I'm not the only one
Chicago I'm coming for you!!!!
i have no patience for people who think they can apologize
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Please just go away so I can be happier #justsaying
You're not fooling anyone
Everyone has already seen you without makeup
Why do people do their makeup in the last period of the day?
Why am I looking at stuff online on my phone when my computer is right next to me?!
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OMG I knew it!!!!! #justsaying
People without key body parts make me confused #justsaying
I feel like I could sleep forever and then I wake up
Snapple apple
I just finished #doctorwho on netflix
Dear physics and algebra I'm proud to say that I'm almost done with you and have one less credit to go #partytime
Home can be a great place but it can also be a place you never want to come back to
So many things I must do they all require me to get out of bed unfortunately
Well this is different
I'm very disappointed @JoeyGraceffa that you didn't vlog about bumbeeah :(
I'm so cold :\