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Justin Roberts
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Today would have been Connor's 9th birthday. I'm thinking about my buddy "The Crusher" who is no doubt crushing the bad guys in the sky.
More power than you will ever need! My product: contracts/releases your muscles to combat aches, pains, cramps, spasms & knots. Many users even reported that it sped up recovery time for injuries by helping blood flow to affected areas. Use code: HOLIDAYS to save $10 AND receive an add
sit back & watch your heroes...or join them? Are you #BentToFly? #FollowYourDreams
#WCM #PhyllisLapinVance #1/3#1/3#1/3👋ER
If you invite me to your Bar Mitzvah or maybe even your wedding...whatever it is, please put me at this table. Thank you. #EpicEventsChicagoCenterpieces
18 years ago today, Sonny Rogers gave me the opportunity to announce on my 1st pro-wrestling show. It was a helluva ride & the stories will blow your mind. #FollowYourDreams
#tbF Happy Birthday @thenikkibella @thebriebella We may have been teenagers here.
Helluva view pulling into AZ this morning.
#tbt Typing today about "The Guardian" & Kevin Costner
15 seconds of my scenic drive today & @BluesTravelerBand
A clear shot of my 2K video game character. I always wanted to jump in the tv and be a cartoon when I was a kid #InspectorGadget #OrASmurf #MaybeAMuppetBaby #FatAlbert #Tom&Jerry #Jetsons #SouthPark...wait
I'm a my 9th video game! Amazing work by @2K looks/sounds very realistic, great work! Available now on all video game systems!
But my lips hurt real bad.
He was a Wolf on American Gladiators, a Clown at the rodeo, a Wrestler in the ring & now a badass Singer. @hollywoodyates @ Roadrunner in AZ 1-5pm today.
Gym shuffle. Anything and everything is possible.
#SanDiegoSaturday a while back @thenikkibella @heelziggler JoMo @zryder85 @shanehelmscom
This holiday season, don't buy gifts because you "have to"...Buy a gift that will help your loved ones combat aches, pains, cramps, knots and spasms. My HandsToGo 's are an attempt to help the world feel better. Use the code HOLIDAYS at to save $10!! AND to get an additional 4 pads FRE
Not going to let a little knife wound to the foot stop me from eating my favorite meal tonight. #SalineNSuperglue #ECDub #ImHardcore? #PizzaCookie
In an era where there were more bullies than good guys in the locker room, Eddie Guerrero was one of the good guys-in and out of the ring. As a high schooler, I was honored to interview him in this photo when he first arrived in WCW and I was honored to call him a friend later on. Thinking of Eddie
One of the first wrestlers that really hooked me into watching wrestling as a fan & later on one of my favorites to introduce, #tbt w/ The Undertaker