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Justin Freid
All these fashionistas at the #AppleLive event & none told @pschiller to untuck and leave the belt to the much svelter @tim_cook?
@GrantDuckworth What the hell is going on? It seems like it's embedded in the main audio. I've tweaked CC and SAP settings.
Apple PR wanted to control the message of this event, pull control away from tech press, and I bet they’re regretting it.
Dedicating the homepage to this event was a mistake. Looks like they’ve decided to pivot.
@tim_cook & @pschiller - you guys gotta fix the live video feed.
@kwiens Print that reference # out and bring it to an Apple Genius at your local Apple Retail Store.
@GrantDuckworth Foxcon is really working overtime on this one.
Wait, am I loosing it or is there a Mandarin language translation behind the live broadcast of Apple’s September 2014 Special Event?
So far Apple’s live stream isn’t going to put @engadget / @MacRumors etc. out of business
Is Apple actually limiting the live stream of its soon to start keynote to iOS / OS X / Apple TV?
@Phill_Pare @Dyn Will do. Thanks. Dyn still needs to cleanup its Twitter and replace "Pro" with "Remote Access" across your site.
@LogMeIn Will do. But this happens on every platform every time I restart a host.
@monitor2_com Nice going with the guerilla Twitter marketing, favoriting a tweet of mine to @uptimerobot, but get a copyeditor for your .com
@Dyn Hi guys - the Host Update Logs on my Remote Access account never show any activity. What gives? I want historical IPs.
@Dyn You've got to cleanup your Twitter profiles: apparently no one monitors @DynDNS, @DynSupport, @dyninc - say so directly.
@SqSupport Earned my $1. @Square apparently had to code changes specifically for my ZIP? A little weird. @jack runs a tight ship, though.
@LogMeInHelp Also, your client is the last 32bit app I run, please make OSX and my Activity Monitor happy, move to 64.
@uptimerobot Thanks guys. Direct integration with @IFTTT native iOS app & premium w/ 1 min intervals, more monitors, etc, take my money...
@Sethisfy @inThirty @AU_Drew @chaimtime @fighto Who else can go on immediately after the keynote? I like that idea.
Hey @uptimerobot - could you add sorting by Monitor Type? Thanks a lot.
@LogMeInHelp The OSX client, maybe others, totally stalls whenever I initiate a restart on a host. Is this a known issue? Fixes?
@Sethisfy @inThirty @AU_Drew @chaimtime @fighto have we found a time to do the iWatch keynote recap for @inThirty?
@Sethisfy Keynote begins at 1PM EST, @inThirty would start 8 hours later. @AU_Drew wants to start even later. @chaimtime & @fighto?
Hey @Sethisfy & @AU_Drew, can you do a keynote recap on @inThirty at 9PM EST on September 9 (10 for you, Seth).
@DynSupport Hi guys - the Host Update Logs on my Remote Access account never show any activity. What gives? I want historical IPs.
@SqSupport Yes. Use it at the gas station all the time. In addition, it matches the mailing address for on the bank account.
@SqSupport Getting "Invalid Zip." no matter what 5 digits I enter while trying to add debit card to Cash. I'm getting Visa emails each time.
@DynDNS can I use the newly renamed "Remote Access" product with Apple Airports? This article seems stale:… Thanks!
@fighto @chaimtime Any indication it's a "special" tweet?
Damn. One mystery solved & another rears its head: Which came first, the chicken salad sandwich or the egg salad sandwich?
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@jack are just behind @donlemon of @CNN as he's getting pushed around by police in #Ferguson ?
@The_Mini_Drive Appreciate the response. What NAND do you use? Which controller?
@The_Mini_Drive You included an RSS 2 Twitter link, maybe it was accidental, or you used them to respond to me?…
@The_Mini_Drive Thanks for the response but the link you sent is broken. Are your products identical or similar? @NiftyMiniDrive
@NiftyMiniDrive Hi, 2 things: 1) the download link for the icon mentioned in your FAQ is broken. 2) How do you compare to @The_Mini_Drive?
Yes: “@nytimes: Times Haiku: Is it possible that weapons somehow create the urge to use them?
Hey, I use, and really love @automatic. Anyway you two can find a way for it and Drivewise to coexist? Can I share its data with @Allstate?
@parkjames What's going on with the promised updates to the @fitbit Force?
@AutomaticHelp Yes. I had data from before you added @IFTTT integration.
@AutomaticHelp Wow guys...I'll wait for an update?
@automatic I need to clear the check engine badge on a car I traded in without deleting it from the app. I've added another car, too. How?
Hey @CNN! Any way you could coach @wolfblitzer on not sounding excited about war in the Mid East and a downed airplane in Ukraine? Thanks.
The World Cup allowed people from different countries and religions to come together. May sport always promote the culture of encounter.
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@VerizonSupport Have been following all along and already sent a DM.