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Justin Freid
@cyberduckapp Well, re-enabling the that and JavaFrameEmbedding and installing JRE 8.25 got your app working again.
@cyberduckapp Thanks for getting back so quick. I'd disabled the JavaVM Framework because of annoying popups in 10.10. Now you run fine.
@cyberduckapp Are you guys compatible with Yosemite? I'm getting a crash on launch.
The @CampbellCSR (via 1800#) is among the best I've ever encountered. Thanks.
Pat Brown makes fake meat. I’ve tasted it and it’s pretty convincing. You hardly notice the plant blood…
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Going to start a VPS on @TheVultr, possibility of moving that image to metal with @Choopa in the future? #vps
Dear Twitter Friends: That gum you like is going to come back in style! #damngoodcoffee
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@TheVultr Heavily considering your service vs. @digitalocean / @Rackspace / @asmallorange but it scares me that you have no phone #.
@MailChimpAbuse thanks- got help via email
@MailChimp Hey, an account of mine had sending suspended, I answered questions but never got an email back. Can you check?
@timehop Guys, tapping Delete Account in your iOS app crashes it and there's no way to do it on your .com. Really? Blocked app on FB though.
@mark_pud @seanbamforth Not referring to c&p cc authorization only Touch ID login in the @amazon iOS app @inThirty @CharlesTheIcon
@mark_pud Thanks for listening to @inThirty - I noticed Amazon didn't challenge me for Touch ID but it's in changes.
Verifying myself: I am justinfreid on fp2PjYdCU4MkcQCIJ7_MOtZhoRqgCElJyHGr /…
Hey @fark @DrewCurtis and everyone else We are talking to the guys from Starts at 9pm…
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@Phill_Pare @Dyn Also remove the "Some of your services are not set to automatically renew." nag - Add an X to the box...
@googlevoice I really appreciate the iOS 7 refresh for the app even as iOS 8's release is days away. Thanks.
@LogMeIn I'm going to call your support #, but I glanced at your forums, this is a PERVASIVE issue with your client. Come on.
Most important question about the Apple Watch: do I need to shave my wrist to use it? #AppleEvent
Hey @fitbit, when’re call notifications from iOS coming to the Force?
What is a flexible sapphire display? Has Apple defied physics? #AppleEvent
Apple Watch is supremely customizable, but iOS devices still can display day of the week and date in the status bar?
“We’re not quite finished yet, we have one more thing…” note quite as pithy as Steve, but good going @tim_cook.
The Apple Pay (including the Apple logo) branding seems really natural. #AppleLive
Apple copyeditors must have a sign up in the office that says NO SIZE ISNT EVERYTHING PUNS - "There's so much more to i6 than big display"
Lots of "buts" and hedging and in the rhetoric Apple is introducing today: @tim_cook bigger displays BUT amazing in EVERY way, too
I am liking the almost Walter White induced rapid pace of this #AppleLive event. @tim_cook is off stage with an iCattleProd.
iPhone 6: $100 for 48GB or for the Plus? $200 gets you both. #AppleLive
@AU_Drew is the office watching?
Apple is introducing "burst selfies" and can now be blamed for the downfall of western civilization... One at a time is too much #AppleLive
A lot of feature-forking between the "Plus" and regular iPhone 6. Software differentiation should be organic, not marketing.
So now Apple doesn't even produce the audio of their live events in the US? Wonder if the translator has a safe working environment.
Feeling bad for the intern who had to line up the cards on to match with the #AppleLive keynote.
If double-tap home is now "reach", how do we switch apps? #AppleLive
All these fashionistas at the #AppleLive event & none told @pschiller to untuck and leave the belt to the much svelter @tim_cook?
@GrantDuckworth What the hell is going on? It seems like it's embedded in the main audio. I've tweaked CC and SAP settings.
Apple PR wanted to control the message of this event, pull control away from tech press, and I bet they’re regretting it.
Dedicating the homepage to this event was a mistake. Looks like they’ve decided to pivot.