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Justin Freid
@DynDNS can I use the newly renamed "Remote Access" product with Apple Airports? This article seems stale:… Thanks!
@fighto @chaimtime Any indication it's a "special" tweet?
Damn. One mystery solved & another rears its head: Which came first, the chicken salad sandwich or the egg salad sandwich?
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@jack are just behind @donlemon of @CNN as he's getting pushed around by police in #Ferguson ?
@The_Mini_Drive Appreciate the response. What NAND do you use? Which controller?
@The_Mini_Drive You included an RSS 2 Twitter link, maybe it was accidental, or you used them to respond to me?…
@The_Mini_Drive Thanks for the response but the link you sent is broken. Are your products identical or similar? @NiftyMiniDrive
@NiftyMiniDrive Hi, 2 things: 1) the download link for the icon mentioned in your FAQ is broken. 2) How do you compare to @The_Mini_Drive?
Yes: “@nytimes: Times Haiku: Is it possible that weapons somehow create the urge to use them?
Hey, I use, and really love @automatic. Anyway you two can find a way for it and Drivewise to coexist? Can I share its data with @Allstate?
@parkjames What's going on with the promised updates to the @fitbit Force?
@AutomaticHelp Yes. I had data from before you added @IFTTT integration.
@AutomaticHelp Wow guys...I'll wait for an update?
@automatic I need to clear the check engine badge on a car I traded in without deleting it from the app. I've added another car, too. How?
Hey @CNN! Any way you could coach @wolfblitzer on not sounding excited about war in the Mid East and a downed airplane in Ukraine? Thanks.
The World Cup allowed people from different countries and religions to come together. May sport always promote the culture of encounter.
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@VerizonSupport Have been following all along and already sent a DM.
@VerizonSupport Reidential FIOS; internet and TV since the storm around 3 pm.
@VerizonSupport What is the service status for Hamilton, NJ?
@ajn0592 Again, thanks for listening to @inThirty and feel free to call me out.
Cute, the horse-head and all, right? But um, Secret Service?
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