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Justin Freid
I've finally watched every video on @YouTube.
@SocialSafe the app crashes when it gets to the pictures etc. I'd like to have it backup by month to avoid that. Also, can we see the SQL?
@SocialSafe Thanks for the quick response. I'm trying to archive a page with thousands of posts starting in the summer of 2011.
@SocialSafe Hi, I have a huge Facebook Page I'd like to archive. Wall Posts and Statuses have worked, but can do the rest incrementally?
😍 Twitter users love tweeting emoji from their phones – now you can view these emoji on web!#emojipartyy 🎉 😜 👯 🍻 🎈 🎤 🎮 🚀 🌉 ✨
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@FitbitSupport @whatthemiguel @fitbit CEO @parkjames should comment. Developing the feature may be hard. Informing users not so much...
I just realized today's date is a palindrome! April fool's! Calendar numbering is arbitrary and their abbreviation is meaningless.
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@lawebmorrell @NBToday_News You are the Vince Vaughn of New Brunswick.
Looking forward to @NBToday_News kickoff party. Proud to be a supporter of newspaper and @Charlie4Change vision #newbrunswick
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I am Macaulay Culkin.
The house wine is ostrich urine.
@PracticeFusion Last year when I rolled out I got a rep on the phone right away, do you even have a public 800 number any longer?
@uptimerobot 1) you're great; 2) even though you've got a nice and simple API, any thoughts of building an @IFTTT channel? Thanks.
@HCMarks @Smutchings @TheJamieRyan And, I think, that is the essence of Twitter.
@TheJamieRyan @Smutchings @HCMarks Still wrong. And considering your tweet when you mentioned "context" that makes no sense.
@TheJamieRyan @Smutchings @HCMarks Wrong. That is not context. That is the essence of what it's doing.
@Smutchings No you wouldn't...your phone could ask. And telling your phone that info would be easy.
@Smutchings @TheJamieRyan @HCMarks Context aware security measures are a thing, and will become a much, much bigger thing.
@Smutchings @TheJamieRyan @HCMarks If someone steals your phone, then spoofs GPS or Wifi (& knows them) to get passed a typed in passcode...
@Smutchings @TheJamieRyan @HCMarks From my perspective, you didn't shoot anything down, you more missed the point. Thanks.
@geekygecko @inThirty By the way how does @pocketcasts's work: Maybe the naked domain could by a directory.