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Justin Freid
@googlemaps "Home" / "Work" still don't function for me on iOS. Tried deleting and adding addresses again. Same result: never navigates.
loving @Bento on @CNBC @CNBCPowerPitch they CRUSHED IT! going to be a HUGE business! retweet for a free Bento from me
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@automatic Got second gen adapter, I need to activate the Automatic app to get it to connect, though. At least no plug/unplug necessary.
@petedavidson @StressFactoryCC Would have said hello but you're 3 or 4 shades more Caucasian in person. Have a good show man.
@petedavidson @StressFactoryCC They totally should have carded you at the New Brunswick 7-11. Checked Wikipedia to make sure you were legal.
@kit_mob_kit @fighto @Kevin_Raposo @chaimtime My analysis? the Android ate too much McDonalds and got chubby.
@LogMeInHelp Your release notes are out of date. Another update with no notification and no change list. Come on.
@thejo Congrats on @automatic's new app store and second gen adapter, I'd like to discuss them with you on my tech podcast @inThirty. Thanks
@automatic One more thing - unless the adapter's codes are alphanumeric, iOS's number keypad should be used when entering them during setup.
@automatic Thanks for all your help.
@automatic It disconnected from Bluetooth randomly again.
@automatic The feature that lets the link record drives when not connected kicked in a little bit and it uploaded an old ride.
@automatic Yes, enough for it to drop Bluetooth connection during the next ride... I'll follow up with support. Thanks for your help.
@automatic @kb3yua Will do. The Link connects and drops now, then doesn't connect properly. It's weird.
@automatic @kb3yua Tried 2.7.1 when I got home from work. No dice. Can I get a new Link?
@waitbutwhy Hey Tim, can I ask you an off the record question? Thanks a lot.
@timurban80 Hey Tim- can I ask you a question totally off the record? Please message or follow me. Thanks a lot.
@kb3yua @automatic I also logged in and out of the app as was recommended on the forums. This problem only crept up recently.
@automatic It's also absurd that I still can't clear check engine notifications for cars that aren't actively connected to the link...
Hey @automatic - problem syncing, have uninstalled/installed, turned Bluetooth on/off, tried multiple cars, restarted
@LogMeInHelp I know. I think you should.
@LogMeInHelp Thanks...can you email this info to subscribers and give a heads up of the change?
Hey @LogMeIn @LogMeInHelp - where is the change list for host version from May 11? Why can't I find it via Google?
@Bitdefender Timeframe? Is that a confirmation that you're working on it?
Hey @uptimerobot can you increase API limit so @Massimo_Ghielmi's new iOS app can work with Pro accounts? 50 is too few.
@Sethisfy I was referring only to the tweet itself. Your pictures could be used as promos for the watch itself.
@Bitdefender Plans to add mobile device control to cloud-based Gravity Zone? Thanks.
@Sethisfy Looked small. I could tell you got the 38mm.
@Massimo_Ghielmi @uptimerobot Thanks for making this. I'm having trouble getting my individual monitors to show up but totals are right.
@jack Thanks. Elegant account switching going to come before multiple debit cards per @SquareCash account?
@jack Possible to add multiple debit cards to Cash?
@ithemes Why is it so difficult to login to your site? And why don't you obfuscate your own WordPress login URL?
"Have you ever had a dream like this?" Yes.
@joeblowv1 use a # in his profile that he has never used and has only been used 11 times on Twitter. So hipster.
Whenever I need inspiration, this is where I click:…
@nchan Hi - can you show the thinness of the device compared to other smart and regular watches? Thanks.
@uptimerobot Huge change. That's absolutely awesome.
@DanicaPatrick @GoDaddy Uhoh. I'm older than .com. Is .old a valid TLD?
Hey @twitter - kind of annoying you make us view page source to copy images. I've got to share this:… @TheWeightSaint
Does Apple Watch have a diagnostic port/charging port… - fabrication videos make it look like it does.

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