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UK Justice Forum
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@JeromeElam I ABHOR PAEDOPHILES If you do too join the other 2,315+people who think the same & sign my petition…
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US FBI agents being posted to UK airports as UK fails to identify Jihadi fanatics.….
David Cameron allowing invasion of foreign (US) "agents" into UK. So much for UK's border controls.…
PM Cameron giving Press briefing as UK Threat Level increased to SEVERE. Additional security measures being put into place in London.
UK increases terror threat level from "substantial" to "severe" but attack not imminent
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Islamist militants pose "greater & deeper threat" to UK than anything previously, PM David Cameron says
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Un enfant de 5 ans, malade, enlevé par ses parents est en danger de mort: Ashya King, 5 ans, a été enlevé jeud...
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les policiers ont besoin de votre aide à trouver Ashya King et sa famille. Contactez @HantsPolice. C'est urgent!
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Video: Ashya King's brother Naveed left the 5-year-old a YouTube message during tumour surgery…
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@CEOPUK Arlene Arkinson ref:95-001194 - information about this child - Missing Kids UK
Amy Fitzpatrick (17) went missing from Mijas, Costa del Sol, Spain, on New Years Day 2008.…
A very big thank you to everyone who has retweeted our campaign to find missing children everywhere. #missingkids
Missing: Martin & Dominika Gajdar ref:12-000877 - info about these children - Missing Kids UK
Ananya and Aleena Day missing since 1/6/2014 Missing children update >> @CEOPUK
List of young children currently listed as 'MISSING' in/from the UK.…
@chesthigh @annispice The new Scottish Defence Force. :)
Something very odd about the Ashya King case. What is it we aren't being told? Hampshire Police appeal unconvincing.
#SNP reveal their vision for police in an independent Scotland. #bettertogether #indyref
Please RT missing five year old Ashya King suffering brain tumour taken from hospital yesterday, call 101 with info.
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Ashya has a brain tumor, without treatment there are serious concerns for him. He’s probably in a wheelchair or buggy. Please RT #FindAshya
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Ashya was taken without consent yesterday afternoon at about 2pm by his parents and it’s thought they are in #France. Please RT #FindAshya
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Majjor investigation to urgently find five-year-old Ashya King taken from #Southampton General. RT #FindAshya
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This is Ashya’s father, 51-year-old Brett King, seen to remove him from #Southampton General. Please RT #FindAshya
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This is Ashya’s mother, 45-year-old Naghemeh King, who is with Ashya and his six siblings. Please RT #FindAshya
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We've got a CCTV image of Ashya's leaving Southampton General Hospital around 2pm yesterday. Please RT #FindAshya
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Ashya’s family are travelling in a grey coloured Hyundai I800 Style CRDI, registration KP60 HWK. Please RT #FindAshya
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Please help us find Ashya King. Contact Hampshire Constabulary asap on 101 quoting Operation Aquilion. RT #FindAshya"
Police have "serious concerns" for the life of Ashya King, 5, if he is not found today
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@faisalislam you do realise Salmond will be gunning for you after being shown up? :)
@faisalislam he is bad news for Scotland and the vast majority of Scots who want a shared future. #indyref #bettertogether #OneUK
@studioRJGB really...there was I thinking it was about Scotland's future.
@Nigel_Farage Given the Tories failure to curb immigration and especially illegals, what is your policy going forward?
@faisalislam you ever do a report about the Tories without mentioning Alex Salmond?
@Friar_Balsam take it you mean the Ruskies with dosh and not the Illegals?
@faisalislam you are the new political editor at Sky News? Adam Boulton will be a hard act to follow.
UK immigration up 68,000 in a year to over 560,000 despite PM's pledge to cut numbers >>
9-year-old girl accidentally shoots instructor with an Uzi machine gun and we are supposed to take US seriously?
Alex #Salmond and Nicola #Sturgeon should resign immediately following a NO vote in #indyref No going back now! #bettertogether #OneUK
@AngrybriTony @butternjam @mrperez70 Salmonds already had years to invest in new industry. Lets face it, nobody will invest in an unknown.
@AngrybriTony @mrperez70 most educated Scots have to get jobs elsewhere. #bettertogether #indyref #OneUK Just vote NO Salmond thank you.
Huge thanks to @jimmurphymp for visiting Queensferry today. Don't agree on everything but defo #BetterTogether
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There is only one word in Scotland on September 18. #bettertogether #indyref #OneUK NO