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UK Justice Forum
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Confirmed. Oscar #Pistorius to be sentenced on Tuesday 21st October as prosecutor calls for him to be jailed for a minimum of 10 years..
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel argues that a custodial sentence is appropriate in the #Pistorius case given what he did in killing his girlfriend.
Defence counsel Barry Roux argues that #Pistorius should not be jailed but given house arrest at his uncles home because of his disability.
Final speeches in the sentencing of #OscarPistorius this morning ahead of a decision on Tuesday.
@andrewgmorton @blairmcdougall ...unfortunately they are the silent majority who are unrepresented.
@Justice_forum @blairmcdougall I don't feel she will represent the majority of Scots who want to stay in the UK !
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@loadsoftrophies @HuffPostUKPol ...the Crankies running Scotland? Thought we had that already? :)
Whats the difference between Nicola Sturgeon and a nodding dog? One is behind the back seat while other will soon be in the driving seat.
Whats the difference between Nicola Sturgeon and a nodding dog? The latter is going places fast. :)
@Chrisdimomo ...wrong, not Scots. SNP do not represent majority of Scots and never will do by the looks of it.
Nicola Sturgeon Replaces Alex Salmond As SNP Leader via @HuffPostUKPol its like having wee jimmy kranky take control.
@blairmcdougall ...the SNP make it up as they go along. They do not speak for the majority of Scots. #indyref
Why we should be worried about Ukip becoming more politically correct
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@Justice_forum What has the £10m Scotland Yard review of Madeleine McCann case actually achieved?… When will it end?
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@Justice_forum @TonyJohnson36 Good.When in another country, a bit of respect does not go amiss.Celebities seem to think they can do anything
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@Chav68898982 @Holbornlolz ...the offence relates to UK vehicle registrations.
Pistorius sentencing. Psychologist Dr Lore Marie Hartzenberg (centre) currently giving evidence in support of killer.
Government's £3bn NHS reorganisation was its biggest 'mistake', say senior Tories #NHSstrike
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Jeremy Clarkson faces threat of prison over BELL END number plates in abandoned Porsche.…
100 Complaints after Sky News Outs Twitter "Critic" Later Found Dead…
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WTF? We supposed to pat him on back/say "Bad shot,this time, Ozzie" and move on as tho he squashed a mosquito? #OscarPistorius #OscarTrial
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Family of Anni Dewani arrive at the Western Cape High Court, SA, for day 4 of the Shrien #Dewani trial.
Oscar Pistorius sentencing hearing commences in Pretoria for the illegal killing of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
@mkmumto4 @SkyNews @Jens1872 @jim gamble the other side of the coin, will Sky news going to doorstep this person Rainne, now that's a troll
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@tricadonoghue @uk_expat ...commercial interests will always prevail. We wouldn't want to inconvenience BA now would we?
The Ebola Virus Pandemic: “A Weapon of Mass Destruction”? Is it already too late ???…
World Health Organisation's European regional director says it is "unavoidable" that more cases of #Ebola will occur in Europe
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@alicelmy52 ...when cases start appearing in London see how quickly the ban will come in but by then its too late.
The #Ebola threat must not be underestimated. One infected carrier could contaminate thousands in London within days.
Ebola outbreak. Is it time to close our airports to West Africa traffic before it is too late?
Ebola outbreak. Are western Governments taking this threat seriously enough?
@JohnMcBrideIRE the Law in the UK states...innocent until proven guilty.
I love you mum and I will miss you forever
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In the light of the death of Brenda Leyland is it time we had Laws to protect the innocent public from the Press?
@NobleSammynoble according to Leicestershire Police there are 'no suspicious circumstances'.
.@Justice_forum 1) Most of the tweets on SkyNews were NOT from Sweepyface. 2) She was not arrested or charged 3) She was innocent. #McCann
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@SkyNews >> fact remains, had Martin Brunt not doorstepped Brenda Leyland, she would not be dead!
Latest from Cape Town SA. Shrien Dewani pleads 'not guilty' to murder of wife Anni at the start of his trial.
@skymartinbrunt >> ever heard the phrase 'innocent until proven guilty'?
Have Sky News presenters gone too far this time? Sky's Lisa Holland manhandles cancer victim's father Brett King.
Have Sky News presenters gone too far this time? Sky's Colin Brazier rummages thru Ukraine air crash victim's case.
With the suicide of Brenda Leyland, have Sky News presenters gone too far this time? @skymartinbrunt
Ironic that Press controls first mooted by Hacked Off and the #McCanns might now be implemented after death of Brenda Leyland.