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UK Justice Forum
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@SameiHuda ...we are already in discussions with Spanish authorities about Scots courts HRA breaches.… Alex Salmond breeding Nationalism v Unionists - Scots will self destruct under Separation. #snpSHAME RT
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Margaret Curran: Women will see through Alex Salmond's 'cynical' attempts to win them over…
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.@UKIP: UKIP Leader @Nigel_Farage: Alex Salmond is not offering Scots 'true independence'
Alex Salmond's ex-economic adviser criticises claim at centre of poster campaign
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@SameiHuda Scots courts are extraditing people on false guarantees.
@BWatt2014 @ChloeCampbell96 After Independence, UK jobs for UK residents. Watch this space!
@SameiHuda Scottish Courts are refusing to comply with other EU Orders.
@bt6900 #Salmond doesn't do anything without a reason.
Scottish Courts and Scottish Justice System has been ignoring European Human Rights/Laws for years so Salmond's plans to join EU are doomed.
Scottish Nationalism is built on a big lie! #Salmon's pipe dream is doomed before it even starts.…
@Justice_forum The beautiful irony: @AlexSalmond supporting Andy Murray at Wimbledon & the big guy has no #indyref vote! Just vulgar.
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@UKFreeSpeech ...better they sit on their ass on the dole then in your opinion? :)
@UKFreeSpeech who's talking about Britain? We are discussing Scots ex pats.
@UKFreeSpeech every "Scot' should have the right to vote on the future of THEIR country. Where they live and work at moment is irrelevant.
@UKFreeSpeech talking about Scots who have been forced to work in England and elsewhere because Scotland can't support them.
@UKFreeSpeech u confuse citizen and citizenship. 700,000 ex pat Scots r entitled to a Scots passport by birthright. Are they not Scots too
@UKFreeSpeech Many Scots ex pats live abroad for work purposes and bring valuable foreign currency back to Scotland.Why are they excluded?
@UKFreeSpeech its not an election per sé. It's a Referendum on a nations future and every Scot should have had a say.
@UKFreeSpeech MEP's give up their right to vote because they live in Brussels?
@UKFreeSpeech Anyone entitled to citizenship by birthright and who wishes to vote in the future of Scotland should be allowed to.
A very Happy Good Friday to all our followers. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter.
No wonder #Salmond and his #SNP cronies wanted to deny ex pat Scots born in Scotland the #indyref vote!!