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UK Justice Forum
@FauxFee @LizzieMyers ...its very simple. There is absolutely nothing in those police records which point to a call from Nevill Bamber.
@FauxFee @LizzieMyers ...are you being deliberately obtuse? Jeremy Bamber told the police that Nevill Bamber's DAUGHTER had the gun.
For every illegal immigrant given asylum in the UK there are 1,000 relatives waiting abroad to claim family rights.
We ask? Is it time we took our capital city back and sent all illegal immigrants packing?? #SaveLondon
@PaulStreeting @thesundaytimes ...why do we need these unelected hangers-on at all?
@FauxFee @LizzieMyers ...both of these forms relate to Jeremy Bamber's phone call to the police. Nevill Bamber never used the phone.
@Demon_Dantanian ...yes. He was convicted of manslaughter.
Prosecutors in South Africa file papers calling for Oscar Pistorius to be convicted of murder…
Horde of EU migrants could NOW be in UK as number of immigrants in Calais camp shrinks.…
Far-left halfwits vandalising immigration detention centre. These people are also in Calais helping the illegals
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@_DarkMavis ...with the security entourage he has on hand I don't think he should have any problems on that front.
British PM David Cameron returns to Monchique in the Western Algarve for chillax family break.…
@wiltshire544 @RealDavidCarter @johill54 ...I'm sure they can be bought on e-bay or Amazon.
Chase dopers, Seb, like you chased gold. Blood-doping expert writes to Lord Coe #dopingscandal
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Plan to pack Lords with 50 new peers, most of them Tories, will cost taxpayers nearly £3m
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Australian police fail to identify young girl found by the highway near Wynarka, S Australia.…
@RealDavidCarter @wiltshire544 @johill54 was a jolly poor show but then the Royals make their own rules up don't they?
The #IAAF is unfit for purpose but lets face it, after #FIFA fiasco what's new???…
Peers claim £360k over last 5 yrs yet failed to take part in House of Lords votes. #gravytrain…
Chilcot Inquiry report a whitewash even before it has been published.…
Foreign drivers owe .@CityWestminster £1m in parking fines - see list of 20 worst countries
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@TartanAndTweed @bmc875 is a tad but then they make their own rules.
@bmc875 ...actually he did 4 months of a 1 year training course in the marines.
Cilla Black's son Robert reveals that burglars attempted to rob his mother's home in Buckinghamshire after her death.
Coroner rules Cilla Black's death was accidental follow head trauma after a fall at her Spanish home.
Flash crash trader Navinder Singh Sarao bailed after declaring £25.5m in Swiss account...…
Lord Janner appears in Court for less than a minute. Released on bail to appear at Southwark Crown Court on 22 charges of child sex abuse.
Lord #Janner As he left the court, his daughter said: "Come on Dad, let's go home and have a nice ice cream."
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Question is now. Who lied to Court claiming Lord Janner WAS TOO ILL to appear in Court?
Four decades on, police still protecting alleged paedophile Lord Janner.
Calais' mayor threatens to open border to migrants trying to get to UK
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Latest pics from Westminster Magistrates Court as Lord Janner arrives for hearing.
#Breaking Lord Janner is driven into Westminster Magistrates' Court to face child abuse charges: via @HarriLine
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Alleged paedophile Lord Janner arrives at Westminster Magistrates Court to face 22 charges of child sex abuse.
The scenes outside Westminster Magistrates Court as onlookers await arrival of alleged paedophile Lord Janner.
Met detectives release image of a man they want to speak to re theft of an antique panther…
Latest: Lord Janner to be slipped into side door at Westminster Magistrates Court for short hearing at 2pm.
These are the kind of people who claim to serve justice, while making a mockery of it. And a hefty profit. @BlatBlatKLANG @Justice_forum
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Latest: Judge at Westminster Magistrates Court orders that Lord Janner attend at 2pm. #abouttimetoo

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