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UK Justice Forum
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@KayBurley who is this? >> definitely NOT Alex Salmond. :)
Sky reporter Kay Burley intimidated by Samonds 'idiots' in Aberdeen earlier. #indyref #bettertogether
Indyref: How dare Alex Salmond lecture me about patriotism, Tom Brown writes for Daily Record
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Parental abduction. Martin & Dominika Gajdar on New Years Day 2012. Believed to be in USA.…
You have to feel sorry for #SNP supporters in Scotland #indyref so easy to get confused
Like the oil, the question of Scots Independence would never have surfaced without it. #indyref
Nationalism is a singularly ugly trait whenever or wherever it rears it's head. Nazi Germany in the 1930s, anyone? Just say no, Scotland.
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Scottish Indy Vote. Even the Cats are voting #NoScotland on September 18th #BetterTogether #OneUK
@GenYes2014 @SirEnderno Scotland and quash #indyref first, House of Lords next.
Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to St Helena when his grand plan failed. Are Salmond and Sturgeon about to pack? #indyref #bettertogether
Will #Salmond and #Sturgeon have the decency to resign once their ill conceived plans to split the UK fail? #bettertogether #OneUK #indyref
When we can have change & the strength of UK economy, why take the risk of separation? #bettertogether #indyref
Please RT this aerial photograph of our NO to separation at the Handsacrosstheborder cairn this afternoon. #indyref
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That most iconic of Scottish newspapers, @Sunday_Post, has today backed a No vote. #indyref
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Did you know a 1-person majority can convict you in Scotland and now a 1-person majority could dissolve the Union? #bettertogether #indyref
Alex Salmond getting in some practice for his new job after 18 September. #BetterTogether #indyref #OneUK
#indyref #NoThanks brilliant Scotland Rugby greats are still proud of Scotland. Our Team Scotland are #bettertogether
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Met 2 young Scottish girls - 'This is my country & I love it the way it is' @UK_Together #bettertogether #indyref
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Show this to friends, and ask if they want to be on the side of extremists & conspiracy theorists #bettertogether
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Anyone notice how many beggars are encamped on the streets of Edinburgh under SNP policies? #bettertogether #indyref
@TinaQ60 ...the judge obviously missed the question as to why was the toilet door locked anyway?
Judge in Oscar Pistorius trial calls it a day and retires until 9.30am tomorrow.
Judge in Oscar Pustorius trial delivering verdict on culpable homicide ridicules his conduct prior to shooting.
Judge delivering verdict in Oscar Pistorius trial warns that 'Culpable Homicide' is a competent verdict.
@Justice_forum The NHS caused all my sons problems & stopped him getting critical appropriate care at Mayo Center Florida 9yr hell ongoing
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@ang4575 @DrRanj ...history tells a different story.
Oscar Pistorius found 'Not Guilty' of Murder...judge continuing with verdict options.
Alex #Salmond should save his bus fare for his own trip home after defeat on 18 Sept #indyref #bettertogether #OneUK
William McCrea was one of many MPs from across the UK to say we’re #BetterTogether today at #PMQs…
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Standard Life making preparations to move south, millions wiped off Scots firms, pound dropping. Real enough yet? #nothanks #bettertogether
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