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UK Justice Forum
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Read all about the disappearance of Madeleine #McCann from both sides of the fence.…
ITV news reports alarming rise in Forced Adoptions in UK with 1390 in 2011 rising to 2400 in 2014 @TaKenUK1 @familyinclusion @Justice_forum
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Murat in dispute with Portuguese cops ahead of questioning as a "person of interest" #McCann…
Liberal Democrats in meltdown as they lose their deposit in the Rochester and Strood by-election with 349 votes.
#UKIP's Mark Reckless retains Rochester and Strood seat with almost 3000 seat majority over Tories.
Ukip leader Nigel Farage arrives - Rochester and Strood by-election result expected by 4am…
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Second Arrest Warrant for former Rangers owner Craig Whyte after he fails to show up at Court…
@Justice_forum Cover up, evidence destruction and lies "INTERNAL MPS REPORT" (affidavit/contested) of DS Reid #CSA…
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Met police to question former suspect Robert Murat in Madeleine #McCann disappearance.…
Dewani boasted of organising previous killing in South Africa, trial told
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Shrien Dewani's intimate text conversation with Anni before honeymoon revealed
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What happened this week at Shrien Dewani's trial? Gunshot expert casts doubt on defence theory
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#Dewani Some legal insiders say they believe Judge Traverso will want to hear Dewani even though prosecution case has been unconvincing.
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@ANN7tv Defence using technicalities and sloppy police procedures in last ditch attempt to get #Dewani off murder charge.
@ADonnchadh @ScottishSun @theSNP @NicolaSturgeon Like Brown, she has no mandate from the electorate.
@guardian At the last parliamentary election the #SNP only got 22.5% of the vote. Hardly a basis for very much really!
@ScottishSun @theSNP @NicolaSturgeon ...another Gordon Brown. Leadership by default and not of the people.
@theSNP ...I have a nodding dug in the back of my car too!
The tip of the iceberg. Bankers facing trial on fraud charges.…
Foreign exchange fines: banks handed £2bn in penalties for market rigging
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US, UK, Swiss regulators fine five banks over $3B in foreign exchange probe
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Banks hammered with $3.1 billion in fines over foreign exchange rigging scandal
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Banks fined £2 billion for market manipulations but still BANKERS prosecuted four #FRAUD? Sentences not bonuses!! Please RT
Man jailed for setting dog on cat and cheering as it was savaged to death
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David Cameron boasted he would never pay the £1.7 billion demand by European Community. He lied!
@DailyMirror ..its not new actually having already been published by Daily Mail in 2008.
Convicted sex pervert Max Clifford loses appeal to have 8 year sentence imposed earlier this year reduced.
Portuguese reveal more interrogations and several new arguidos in the Madeleine #McCann case.…
Portuguese Press report DNA clears deceased suspect Euclides Monteiro from #Maddie case.…
Scotland Yard withdrawn six officers from the Madeleine #McCann enquiry on the Algarve after spending £7.3million.
@xmaseveevil1 @PeterCherbi @CathyMcRorie and a more incestuous corrupt one you could never imagine.
@xmaseveevil1 @PeterCherbi @CathyMcRorie Judges have had it all their own way for far too long in Scotland. Devolved justice was a bad move.
Latest Petition seeking a Public Inquiry into handling of the Madeleine #McCann investigation.
@AKAgaylesworld ...and if Southampton Hospital and the NHS had done the right thing in the first place this fiasco could have been avoided.
Parents of cancer patient Ashya King say they are too scared to return to UK after their ordeal. What a mess!!!
Author Paul Harrison reveals he was sent a threatening letter by a Jeremy #Bamber supporter.…
@Daniels14Lynne @factukorguk ...current legal aid budgets deprive suspects of a fair trial. The entire system is biased towards the CPS.
@Daniels14Lynne @factukorguk ...a lot of it comes down to the jury and their own prejudices.
#CoronationStreet @factukorguk @Justice_forum It is a sad enditement of UK JusticeSystem that the Innocent r so often found GuiltyinUKCourts
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Serena Shim died in Turkey reporting on Isis. Her employers say her death was 'suspicious'
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@wackyracer2 @jonathanharmer the problem appears to be the Spanish and UK legal fees which have been forced on the Kings. Who should pay?