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amanda ♡
I bet My Everything will be a diary just like Yours Truly kinda was 💕
Ariana is seriously going to gain more success and fans after My Everything which is truly crazy to think about since she’s so big.
So excited for My Everything. Ariana ain’t playin when she says her new music will be good 👏
I’m excited for My Everything we get a whole load of amazing unheard songs it reminds me of the time when we were waiting for Yours Truly.
My Everything is soon how are we going to handle all of these flawless songs I am already having chest pains
Please vote for Ariana 🌈 Female…r Pop…J Best…t
shout out Miami for havin so many foreign babes
that probably means you make me feel some type of way
tbh I’m excited to hear new music from Justin because these last few days I have been listening to his old music and I am dying
Selena looks like a beautiful school girl
awwww justin talked to pixie lott about how beautiful and elegant selena is while he was in France ☺️
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Best mistake is seriously going to sound so good the lyrics are everything.
I want these new shoes from Selena
cause if the water dries up 🌊 and the moon stops shining 🌜stars fall 💫 and the world goes blind boy 👦 u know I’ll be savin my love for u 💞
Can we please just make up our minds? #5DaysUntilBestMistake
Good afternoon 💕
Your house is big enough can I move in with you I will help pay rent, clean, and be your best friend @selenagomez
Remember when Selena was like “PS: I still like pickles” just to remind us I can’t breathe she’s such a dipshit
Reasons why Selenators should stay away from photoshop 😂
Forever waiting for DBGTL 😿
Can’t believe we get a whole new album of incredible new songs this month.
Netflix nights are everything
Selena was born in the wrong era #iHeartSelena
#iHeartSelena 🌸
Post a picture of Selena with the hashtag #iHeartSelena to vote for her to win the iHeartRadio Instagram Award that she’s nominated in. 💕
Bow down to a goddess
The animated movie “Thunder and the House of Magic" features music by Selena. Coming to theaters September 5, 2014!
Selena got in a car accident today this is like the 50th time 😂
When she has her hair braided it reminds me of when she was in Barney and it makes me feel emotional 😭💕
Selena is so hot does she even know how hot she is omg
We got a badass over here
Hope ya’ll had a lovely weekend!
You got me lalalala lovin you
Selena’s so heart eyes
I want you all to myself
Sorry for my lack of posts tonight! Instagram is my life tho.
Rainy days are my fave ☔️
Sweet dreams 🌠💕
“Selena and I had a ton of fun doing our scenes! She’s a really good actress & comedian. She deals with her fans and fame well. I have never been around someone so famous before. Everywhere she goes she has crowds of people screaming and wanting to take her pic. A lot of those guys aren’t nice and s
Love how she always wears jackets over her shoulders 💜
I would do anything for Selena to start tweeting again
Trynna break the chains but the chains only break me.