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Just Blaze
1st the fat boys.. “@ComplexStyle: The iconic graffiti-covered mansion on the Bowery will become stores and condos:
I think I actually did walk Obi In my Air Mags once now that I think about it.
All my purged 12's go to @DJClarkKent@OmahaHostage: @JustBlaze I hear ya. #ItsJustDifferent if you feel like copping sz12 send my way.”
Your grails are my dog walking kicks.
Hey @ADTstaysafe don't call me unless someone is breaking into my Death Star.This "customer appreciation day" thing (sell you more stuff) 👎
Gesaffelstein and/or Brodinski need to flip Ice-T "Drama" bassline.
Ice-T "Power" >>>>>> your career.
CC @youngguru763 #RapLyricHomeAutomation
Voice Controlled Rap Lyric Home Automation. Ha!
Cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers
Gotta be a pint if you lookin for the...lean.
If you didn't have $6k to drop back in 2011, the future can now be yours for just 99 bucks.…
Fam first 👼 @UisNationn: Shout out to our headliner@JustBlazee showing love to his grandma. Strong family values show alot about a person.”
Now U2 just put themselves on auto play on my phone?? Get off my lawn!!
Starfleet K-9 unit R&R fLOurishment.
I'on take them sh**s but you do.. #SoIGottemForYa
That one with the songs on it. “@DimaAksarin: @JustBlaze what is your favorite rap album???”
When I first met @HudMo he was but a wide eyed wee lad, but I knew he was special .Tomorrow we lay waste to Beijing.
I hope you read every liiiine. To this message In these trying tiiiiimes. We gone make it.
🙌@DJGINATURNERR: Ah! I'm nominated for best NY dj! or vote for@JustBlazee too he's my dude :) I won't be mad”
On better note, last night I I found out Melle Mel is a fan and I met Johnny Kemp. Me and pops used to jam to "just got paid".That Was cool
I live at the WTC. One of the best and worst days of my life at the same time. “@Countryboi567: Hey @Me any Blueprint stories u can share”
Sept 11.. Always awkward. Changed my life for the extreme better.. And worse.
Prayers and love out to all the souls lost on 9/11 and their loved ones.
New Dining Room in progress alert. #65%Nation
Damn. It's Wednesday. Thought it was Tuesday.
His stomach don't like.. He's choosy.
This food got my dog throwin up.. On a Tuesday.
🚶@stareyezzzz:@dsjoee@JustBlazee U2 is gonna leak your n00ds”
So I know Apple was going be giving out the new U2 album for free. But does that mean it just pops up in your itunes? I didn't ask for this
This week!! Tuesday - Shrine / Foxwoods, CT Thursday - House Party Webster Hall, NYC Saturday - Lantern, Beijing
Welp. “@oliviasbored: @JustBlaze blaze girl I miss u!!!! we need to skype soon ok!!!!!”
🔊🔉@AfterDarkRIkR@JustBlazeaze Tonig@ShrineFoxwoodsods!! Doors are now open and the party has starte#ILoveTuesdaysa@NVConceptsp@vinnyvibeibe”
I was gonna tweet "#realhiphoppers" today. But I knew only like 3 people would get it.
yes! “@busyworksport: @JustBlaze me and @Beewirks say it every year! like some real hip-hoppers!”
"Kingdom Come/Bored" was made to kill time while I stayed up to watch that year's Apple Keynote.Think I mention that on the myspace version
@TechGuySmartBuy: @JustBlaze curious to hear your thoughts on the iPhone 6/6 Plus + Apple Watch.”
Wtf man. 2 in a row? Trying to make dinner plans for China this weekend:
Autocorrect done called @Royceda59 a 3rd rate Jackson, my Puerto Rican aunt, and Dorothy's dog.