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Just Blaze
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.@DuckSauceNYC has a hell of a PR team ā€œ@CBCNews: Giant rubber duck sails in to L.A. portā€
I'm in the home stretch of the final purge. Just found this in a junk bin. #TheOldNewRules
We hit #4 on @billboard emerging artists list in just a few hours! Didn't see that coming!
Purging does the wardrobe good. Finding so many forgotten gems. @smokedza is going to feel this small = when I'm done.. Which will be soon.
NYC This Thursday! Me and the crew welcome @lildurk_ to our House Party at @websterhall ! Come thru!
And you say New York City!! Just added!! @lildurk_ will be rocking with me and the House Party crew tomorrow!
šŸ™ @Houseparty_nycc: 2mrw 8/21@djcamiloo joins@JustBlazee, &@Blaqstarrr teams up w/@vashtiee@Houseparty_nycc/ will there b more guests?ā€
Just made a box of all the random weird gifted boxers from over the years w/ intentions of throwing them out.. Now I'm second guessing it.
After an interview during a press run for "Tokyo Tribe 2" I was given a pair of boxers w boom boxes on them with a giant speaker on crotch
I can't make this stuff up.. And there's plenty more..
Who gives boxers as gifts to people they don't know? Should I start giving out free thongs?
I did an interview for one of the Harris pub mags once. Random journalist gave me a pair of Darth Maul boxers when it was over..
I did a press junket for Sony Playstation once. I was given a pair of "Rachet and Clank" boxers.
Or the boxers with flames all over them with "just blaze" across the belt area like I was going to cosplay as a boxer in my sleep.
Or those "cat in the hat" boxers with the cat's face.. Also on the crotch.
Like the reporter from Japanese network TV that gave me a pair of ninja themed boxers with a sword sheath printed on the crotch..
In the last stages of the final purge, I've come to realize I've received a lot of random pairs or boxers as gifts from people and fans. Odd
ā„ļøšŸŒŠšŸ‘ž@ComplexSneakersrs:@mrFOAMERSIMPSONON shows off th@PackerShoeses @JustBlazeze @SauconyOrigsgsā€
lol @ "Wack Beat DAT". Definitely a Keep it Real Wednesdays casualty. #TheBox
Box is crazy. Literally hundreds of tapes. Alt versions, demos, unreleased, random references..
At moms house.. Aka storage. The contents of this box could end world hunger and bring world peace.
Aw hail naw. I gotta do this now?!