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Just Blaze
That time when me, @rapperbigpooh n #phontigallo thought we was gone get rich quick coz I had the prerelease ps3 connect.. Didn't work out..
πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™β—οΈ@billboardoar@OnCuenCue is getting "So Much Love" on #EmergingArtistsists”
Why did her parents take her to Uzi school? RT @AP: shooting instructor shot and killed by 9-year-old girl with Uzi,”
Just got back home and my man 50 grand is on the big screen.. Can't wait till the theater is done. Cc @iamKAVINSKY
Supplying sporting anthems since 1999..
πŸ™Œ @ind3liblee: At the US Open. They just finished playing a little@JustBlazee "Higher"”
🎾🎾�@Sdizzle87e87: @JustBlazeaze they just blasted Higher at the US Open. Shit was tight!”
Yeah I'm tryin to get good at this Producer/DJ thing. Hope to find some someday. β€œ@lucid316: @JustBlaze You ever looking for talent?”
Every time i whisper "getttt ouuuut" this one guy looks at the other like..."I wonder if he heard that.."
Harassing the construction people in my house right now via security camera speakers/remote connection.They prob think they're in Amityville
I think I just rode past a Ferrari with no.. windshield? How does that work with like.. bugs on the highway?
Lotta love in these London tweets. Always a pleasure to rock here. Till next time! πŸ™Œ
πŸ’₯ @Herbatr0nn:@JustBlazee@southwest44 mate...your set was incredible. ENERGY.”
πŸ’€ @LSmiithy266:@JustBlazee " KILLED SW4 πŸ™Œβ€
Salute β€œ@Ruggles24: @southwest4 was worth the entrance fee alone for @JustBlaze. Ripped it upπŸ‘πŸ‘οΏ½#comebacksoonsoon”
πŸ™ @Nicola_M_866:@JustBlazee set at@southwest44 was unreal!!”
Just griiime β€œ@Kong187: Massive shout to @JustBlaze at @southwest4 one of the best hip-hop/grime sets Iv ever seen! Best in the game”
Man. @southwest4 was live today. Always good to connect with my UK massive. Told you I was gonna be on my Just Grime today!!
Lawdamercy β€œ@djryanarnold: Arrrrrrrrrrrrr crack your skull!!! πŸ’€jackcuts@JustBlazee”
πŸ™Œ@ChuckieOnlinee: Mental. I see@JustBlazee play grime in his set, bring out@LethalBizzlee and the tent turned into one massive movie#SW44”
Mad ting β€œ@southwest4: So @LethalBizzle just joined @JustBlaze on stage in @wearespeakerbox tent to perform POW!.”
*2 snaps up in a Z formation*
πŸ’ƒβ“ @CH54RAJ_AK477: Idc how good justblaze beats are he is so feminine”
πŸ™ @smythmattt: Hey@Mee I got married on Friday and we came in to the wedding reception to PSA instrumental - thanks man, it was so sick!”
I normally disappear after my festival sets. But I may have to stick around for the gawd Skinner.. CC @mistajam
This is why we can't have nothin..
Lost: Charlie Murphy Black full size chihuahua 7lbs. White beard.Last Seen 6pm near 42nd ST in Leimert Park. Reward.
β€œ@JasFly: Today is Charlie Murphy's 9th birthday...and he's missing. Anyone who knows anything about me knows…”
A lil light work this weekend. Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, England. Come thru! πŸ”„β¬‡οΈ4⃣⁉️
Wu tang is for the children and Trick luh the kids. β€œ@B_Washh: @JustBlaze is there a reason you censor your tweets?... just curious
FYI imma be on my Just Grime sh** when I touch London on Sunday. Can't wait.
This weekend I invade Germany for 3 sets in 2 nights, then off to @southwest4 on Sunday with the homie @mistajam in London! Details to come!
Sidebar: if "Boom" isn't in your top whatever @REALDJPREMIER beats list, your opinion sucks.
.@DuckSauceNYC has a hell of a PR team β€œ@CBCNews: Giant rubber duck sails in to L.A. port”
I'm in the home stretch of the final purge. Just found this in a junk bin. #TheOldNewRules
We hit #4 on @billboard emerging artists list in just a few hours! Didn't see that coming!
Purging does the wardrobe good. Finding so many forgotten gems. @smokedza is going to feel this small = when I'm done.. Which will be soon.
NYC This Thursday! Me and the crew welcome @lildurk_ to our House Party at @websterhall ! Come thru!
And you say New York City!! Just added!! @lildurk_ will be rocking with me and the House Party crew tomorrow!
πŸ™ @Houseparty_nycc: 2mrw 8/21@djcamiloo joins@JustBlazee, &@Blaqstarrr teams up w/@vashtiee@Houseparty_nycc/ will there b more guests?”
Just made a box of all the random weird gifted boxers from over the years w/ intentions of throwing them out.. Now I'm second guessing it.
After an interview during a press run for "Tokyo Tribe 2" I was given a pair of boxers w boom boxes on them with a giant speaker on crotch
I can't make this stuff up.. And there's plenty more..
Who gives boxers as gifts to people they don't know? Should I start giving out free thongs?
I did an interview for one of the Harris pub mags once. Random journalist gave me a pair of Darth Maul boxers when it was over..