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June Wong
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SSKILLZ1: PYDS They would have to do some kind of
Flex: I appreciate So much the offer for help ~
skills3: I see,i didn't think for a second you
Flex: $UAPC! One Proud NATION! Many Work by
NYC Trader: $SNET Inc. (PINKSHEETS:$SNET) has recently completed an
hweb2: GV lookin good! Feel the same way...wish
ash111: liking your comments.what do you think about to
Knowledge is King: Thanks Larry.
Knowledge is King: Thanks Hank...I'm holding my shares as well.
Flex: Gmail Only lets ya sent so many free
skills3: Nice call,still haven't received the email yet though,whats
OptimusPrime: Ditto!! Grabbed a few shares of $GGSM
hweb2: RFIL announces another .07 dividend. Keeps yield
houtheman: $GRBK long David Einhorn is working - did
Flex: Well as we all know we went thru
MykindoftownChicago: UAPC - great call $FLEX!
TriggerPuller79: $STTK...vndm and csti on the bid...csti has been
TESLA777: Your on a really nice hot streak for
GT-Trader: $UNGS run ahead should be epic!
Flex: This goes for Days! $UAPC!!!
Flex: Awesome TESLA! I am hearing about something that
TESLA777: $UAPC waiting to buy the dip, $RGIN having
Flex: IJJP$ EEGI$ UAPC! $ALL Far from Done! Holding
Flex: Hope you found Huge Success 90West!
flacrusher: Agree, will wait for next one. I think
90 West: Damn nice call Flex.
Flex: Dang it! Well one thing to be said
ljst: Thanks Jake got some .0009's $UAPC !!!
Flex: :)$UAPC It's the Holidays coming and Traders
flacrusher: $UAPC nice call jake, but I did not
nelson1234: worthy, picked up GV @ $2.04 the other
nelson1234: talk'n bout runners, I had 60,000 shares of
10 bagger: $KLYG.. $0.1351.. Since I missed that course of
hweb2: Looks like$ ENG is today's runner! :)
Flex: $UAPC! Huge Break here at .002s! Weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flex: Be surprised if$ IJJP didn't go on a
-Awaken-: $UAPC highly impressed bro, can't wait for what's
$JNSH StockMasterTalk: $FBCD products are designed to fulfill needs and
worthylion: GV I'm surprised no posts here as has
larrybaz: KIK - MGPI, personally I didn't like the
Knowledge is King: KLYG($.1099) taking it on the chin today; what
10 bagger: KLYG.. $0.1028.. Being taken to behind the woodshead
Flex: TY babuji! I hope you were able to
babuji: Nice call $FLEX!
myopinion: $ALBKY Major Alpha Bank Group Companies: Investment Banking: myopinion
aldapogs: Check out $GNCP: aldapogs
Knowledge is King: larry, great call on MGPI($12.49)! How'd the latest
$JNSH StockMasterTalk: $UBQU has made a series of strategic
Flex: $UAPC!.0016 Break is HUGE!