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June Wong
PTLIAMHIS: Afternoon babuji. I saw that this morn, kinda
otcbargains: Dow in total meltdown mode. Ugggggly out there.
otcbargains: $NGHT - Had I known the Dallas area
Drugdoctor: $SING.0135+8.5%-HOD-HOD-HOD-Why-am-I-$SINGING-today-$SING-NEWS!!! $SING.0
Nitwit: In da real marketzzz and stuff... just not fun to
babuji: Have $BCDH on radar!...merger news still has to
peteypickem: $FBEC----2'sss being chomped
peteypickem: $FBEC----- loading these 2'ssssss
peteypickem: $UNGS-----adding again
ED25: $MLHC $$$$ peeking at 12's! CHOO CHOO
PTLIAMHIS: IDK, maybe records not updated ?
RocknRoll: These are all gambles, I was just showing
ED25: Yes, Ozzye, welcome! $$$$
Grouse: Think about it. Why would they not
AugustaFriends: $MDW macd cross to a buy signal Target
jedijazz: $EPAZD ~ Enterprise Solutions from Epazz, Inc.
Muddin83: I hope you are right rocknroll
GT-Trader: $SVAD .0001 lets grab 'em
RocknRoll: $FBEC = patience and here's why.. A realistic
PTLIAMHIS: We're open 24/7, and aways leave a light
PTLIAMHIS: What's your guess Muddin, seeing its a Flex
Grouse: The website isn't down it hasn't been renewed!
ozzye69: Kind of busy but I keep my eyes
PTLIAMHIS: Just in case ozzye I didn't Welcome you
Muddin83: Yes it is going to be very
Guy: CPSS - sold around 6.7 for a small profit.
Knowledge is King: Added some $BDCO @$3.85; looking a bit oversold
otcbargains: I paid up and grabbed a little at
Knowledge is King: No offense, but I hope not.
otcbargains: I guess I wont get my bid filled
MykindoftownChicago: there anything up? My portfolio looks
PTLIAMHIS: GM ozzye. I Am! Of course I'm
Vkaz: Something...Anything about $FBEC would be great!
bigpumper: $FBEC what a turd
RocknRoll: Yes, the CEO will put out a PR
PTLIAMHIS: Congrads, better to take 2's and get em
ozzye69: Is anyone expecting news soon from $FBEC?
Muddin83: Ya I got another mil at 2's
Knowledge is King: SPRS($.75) a buy, IMO. Trailing P/E 2, net-of-cash
PTLIAMHIS: I can't believe my eyes $FBEC 1's, if
Muddin83: $FBEC taking a hit today Flex!
PTLIAMHIS: Guess you could put rabbit riding a rocket!
primarysnail: Add bpmg to that list friends
ED25: YUP! I may have to put a
TESLA777: EBOLA trades working and watching this week....SIMH, $IDNG,$ RMCP