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June Wong
Knowledge is King: $KLYG: appreciate the reminder that I'm down 50%...thanks!
Flex: Don't know yet about Tonight :) Looks pretty
PTLIAMHIS: So Moneymail coming to a inbox near us
Flex: Highlighted it in the MoneyMail for ya :)
PTLIAMHIS: So what % goes to $ABOT?
Flex: $XTRN HOD likely!
FOLLOW THE BULL: $XTRN** Get on the TRAIN!! 24's
Flex: The %'s that Go to $ABOT are clearly
PTLIAMHIS: Making a road In to bring Our Profits
SSKILLZ1: $MPO You know why in my opinion, it can
hweb2: MPO sure looks like a great opportunity in
wadegarret: $AMOT- Unbelievable 7 weeks !
Flex: $XTRN~ .0022s now! WoW!
Flex: So would I! Thinking they Drop Us an
bilrip: Would love to see more volume on $ABOT!
Flex: OTC having a Generally Quiet day~ :(
Sixth Cents: You are so lame.
Mick Dodge: DIGP Guests include Israeli film producer Lati Grobman,
cliffvb: PESI I've been with you guys and the
Traderfan: $KLYG now at 065. At these levels I
hweb2: Excellent news on PESI! Bought more in
hweb2: Fair point on CYAN. It'll likely never
TESLA777: $RSII, $BRZL......
Sirpeter: $REDG now...pounding the table
$JNSH Pecanzington: $DIGP “Labs around the world need innovative
myopinion: $PAL Northern American Palladium CONSTRAINED GLOBAL $MINE SUPPLY
SSKILLZ1: CYAN Here's my problem with that though is they
Flex: I couldn't agree More!
PTLIAMHIS: Yes, I can relate to overwhelmed!
Flex: Wow! $LTNC Great News and I wasn't here
mrbizzard: Are you watching $HIMR today? Big mover
myopinion: $PAL North American Palladium: myopinion
Guy: PESI - bought today @4.3. $CEO bought another
pennyman247: $MLCG 880k ask at.0009 essy25% flip
myopinion: $PAL Northern American Palladium "-- Sold 36,430 ounces
hweb2: Great sign on BSQR. Same director bought
Flex: TY power! $FONU is on Radar!
Flex: I think I may be a Bit overwhelmed
hweb2: Buying back some CYAN around $6. Stock
hweb2: $EDUC does look good. It's their seasonally
value1008: SCKT--thanks for the further insights and stats, Dave!
hweb2: Adding some $FONR in the $11.20's. They
Cabroncita: $SNET Stock Analysis: Cabroncita
Sirpeter: $MNZO also
Sirpeter: I own$ TNEN, $AZFL, and$ REDG...catch my wave