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Junaid Amra
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16 managers have left their job since Aston Villa last scored a goal.
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Leeds and Watford have had 5 managers between them since Aston Villa last scored a goal.
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Another Day, Another Hattrick. Best Goal In La Liga. Best Forward In La Liga. La Liga Player Of The Year.
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After her husband and son's death last week, she came with her daughter to support Roma. Respect!
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Bad News: You're not going to fit in with everyone. Good News: The great ones never do
One day you will realize that material things mean nothing. All that matters is your happiness & the well being of the people in your life.
A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.
@MentionTo: #MentionTo your friend who is good at baking.”@nabeela812
Goals this season: Cristiano Ronaldo 20 Liverpool 14
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"Right Simon, I want you to start using your hands so you can try stopping the ball from going in the goal"
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Being able to control your emotions is a key factor in coping with all the stresses and strains that life throws at people.
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Hi spider. Nice spider. Let me pet you, with my SHOE! Haha spider. Dead spider."
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Pay phone ❤️... Never gets old
In 2011, HP printers were able to be hacked to set themselves on fire.
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#MODC – Update: Dolphins 238/0 after 40 overs (van Wyk 93*, Delport 136*) against Knights #SSCricket
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I feel sorry for Raheem Sterling. I mean I think anybody be tired with 4 children at 19.
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@MentionTo: #MentionTo your friend who shares everything with you.”@nabeela812
@MentionTo: #MentionTo your friend who who is extremely ticklish.”@nabeela812
Indescribable feelings hajj maqbool manbroor Aslum and Farzana. Kids are missing url #Itvhajj1435
@BestTextMsgs: Marry someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”@nabeela812 pretty sure I found that person 😂😂
Xabi Alonso. 2 games with Bayern, 2 times man of the match!
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@MentionTo: #MentionTo your friend who loves Lana Del Ray so much.”@sam_b_93
@MentionTo: #MentionTo someone who is always in your mind.”@nabeela812 definitely you 😝
@MentionTo: #MentionTo your skinny friend who calls herself fat.”@nabeela812
@MentionTo: #MentionTo your friend who really wants to have baby.”@nabeela812
@MentionTo: #MentionTo your friend who is always sweet to you.”@nabeela812
@MentionTo: #MentionTo your friend who looks like a celeb.”@nabeela812
@MentionTo: #MentionTo your friend who wants to travel all around the world.”@nabeela812
@MentionTo: #MentionTo someone who is a pizza lover.”@nabeela812
Finally admitting it 😁😂@nabeela812812
All for a good reason 😒@nabeela8122
Why go to campus when you get lectures from me ?�@nabeela8122
It's true. Life can be very short, but it can also be long and prosperous. So just give everyday your best, and live like it's your last.
Spend time with someone that makes you want to be a better person every day, but loves you for the person you already are....