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Julie Klausner
Richard Kiel was alive?!?!?!?
Just made my own trail mix out of microwave popcorn and raisins. Somebody who can cook, please fall in love with me. cc @GuyFieri
I'm DEVASTATED she isn't alive to see this. She'd LOVE it. // RT @morninggloria: Ooh a fresh one.
Like, is @TWCable making a point?
Serious Q. Does my wireless not working have anything to do with #NetNeutrality?
We spoke with the woman Nev Schulman punched at Sarah Lawrence in 2006:
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Michael Kors or Garry Shandling?
Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift is like if Betty bickered with Veronica, only not as nuanced and multidimensional
You know who doesn't care if you're Team Katy or Team Taylor? ISIS. #currenteventz
In the battle of Katy Perry versus Taylor Swift, let it be known: I choose VALERIE SOLANAS.
But Taylor Swift & Katy Perry bickering is like a Sour Patch Kid pants'ing a Starburst. You're like, "What about Toblerone?!!" bc you're 36.
Do I have to pick a team in this Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry debacle, or can I just quietly be in my mid-30s?????
I don't know what STILL ALICE is yet, but if it brings @_juliannemoore closer to an Oscar, I say BRING IT TO ME!!!!!!!
Kate Middleton is pregnant! Will she keep it?
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Goddess alert RT @bridgeteverett: Oh shit! I'm on the cover of the village voice this week!
Let's not forget about that time Nev from #catfish jammed the elevator to take a selfie.
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I've seen the same @hotpockets commercial countless times for the last 3 years and have never once wanted a Hot Pocket.
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What makes you happy? Why aren't you doing exactly that everyday?
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"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." #MayaAngelou
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Phones shouldn't be allowed in clubs or bars. We should be there to meet NEW people, not text people we already know.
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Retweeting Nev is @TaraAriano's thing. But I can't control myself today.
Get busy living, or get busy dying.
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Celebrated the release of my book tonight w the people I love. Eating food, sharing stories and laughing. Keeping it simple. Staying humble.
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IMMATURE: a word boring people use to describe fun people.
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nev got kicked out of sarah lawrence for punching a woman…
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.@KLIFdave Yes I do, that was the whole point of my tweet.
Janay Rice's comments = if Jane Roe had Instagram
Please follow @TaraAriano and @pilotbacon for all things Nev Schulman in an elevator-related
Howard said Joan had a dry vagina, not pussy. It was a SYNAGOGUE.
Sports culture is great & always has its priorities in the right place to the mental & physical detriment of no one. #Ravens #PennState
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Fuck sports. That's how come ALWAYS fuck sports.
Fashion Week is important bc rich, thin celebrities deserve a chance to feel like everything is about THEM
In case you've forgotten, the @Ravens wanted you to know the woman who was terribly beaten by their player is sorry.
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Cilcked on @godslovenyc and their Joan-inspired background pic gave me #feelings. I don't call them "the feels" because i"m #36 years old.
Nothing's more "New York" than fashion week. Am I right, gang? All the latest fashions being shown. And all the models come to town!
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#10 - they don't like being called "hoes"
Here is a Christmas story from @Merrillmarkoe about her late dog, Lewis, and his love affair with a frozen turkey.…
The most popular dog breed in the LA area is "chihuahua"??? Burn it to the ground. Start from scratch.
The flowers outside Joan Rivers's apartment building, putting those Princess Di shrines to shame. ❤️❤️❤️❤️💐💐💐🌹🌹🌹
One more thing about THE BIG CHILL before I go. Why was William Hurt impotent? Don't reply "Vietnam."
OF COURSE IT IS!! That goes without saying! // RT @KidsDrDave: @julieklausner Isn't it great to see Glenn Close cry in the shower, though?
I *wish* they'd been killed off one by one! RT @brittonlowe: @julieklausner The other day I realized that CLUE is THE BIG CHILL done right.
THE BIG CHILL should have been called "give us the rights to your music, we are white baby boomers and therefore NYAAHHH"
My beef is with LARRY KASDAN and his entire generation.
Like, do they show THE BIG CHILL to non-whites in order to start a race war?
I would also like everyone here to know that today I watched THE BIG CHILL for the first time, and now I hate all white people.