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Julie Klausner
#JimmyJazz refuses to sit in the same room as me when I watch #AmericanHorrorStory.
A NEW SOUND COLLAGE on the 14th anniversary of #TheBestShowOnWFMU debuted? What did we do to deserve this?!?!?…
OCTOBER 10, 2000 was the day that The Best Show On WFMU started. Here is a 14th birthday celebration to listen to:…
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During Pippin tonight, I will sing "No Time At All". The lyrics will resonate even more with Jan's passing. "Oh it's time to start living."
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Jiminy Glick & Apu lost their wives today. <3
Jan Hooks, rest in peace. Millennials, google "Jan Hooks."
The Sweeney Sisters. Hillary. Kathie Lee. Jan Hooks was amazing. #RIPJanHooks
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Just won a bet that Billy Joel dropped out of high school.
Whenever I have PMS I tell people "Let's just say RAGTIME is in previews." Nobody likes it, but I say it!
Ryan Murphy, this song was worth EVERY PENNY
Just told my cat that, like the show, he too is "blackish." Shall I log off Twitter, delete my account or destroy my identity & start again?
Per usual, Amsterdam wins. RT @nytimes: What kids all around the world eat for breakfast
I finally listened to the #HWYW Live premium episode. @TheSpoony (aka #FilthDad) learned how to play "Garbage Dump". What a world.
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Dear @amazon all I ask is u put my book @ the bottom of the page where u sell @lenadunham's. IF U LIKE THIS TRY I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR BAND!
John Lennon writes to Phil Spector in the 70s, names & shames Keith Moon & Harry Nilsson:
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People are saying how great Tyler Perry was in GONE GIRL & I guess he was ok but it really took me out of it when he said "Good afternoont."
"Don't dream it/ Vape it"
FBI reclassifies animal cruelty as top-tier felony, with murder and assault…
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When someone wakes you up from a nap singing a song about how you're a mushy man & you're like
@cynicgrrl Just remembered this intvw Julie Klausner did w/ Flynn for Bullseye, addresses the "cool girl" a little…
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.@theviewtv When did you guys re-hire Barbara and Joy????
"Close the Twitter," Iyanla tweeted.
Take a nice deep breath. Close the Twitter and spend just a few moments with yourself in the richness and fullness of now.
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Just remembered how some actresses used the Ice Bucket Challenge to show off their bikini bodies. Life is a nightmare. Good night!
"We've been underestimating giraffes."
I FUCKING KNEW IT RT @nytimes: We've been underestimating giraffes
Finished Ann Rule's book about Ted Bundy and have come to the conclusion that TB was a #major #dingus
Remind me to create a strain of marijuana and name it JULIE BOWEN'S CHARISMA.
Ok, cutting from the Giudice interview right into an ad for the Stephen Hawking biopic is sheer genius. Bless you, @Bravotv.
A lot of unanswered questions around this Guidice/@Andy interview such as how much does Juicy Joe's suit ACTUALLY cost??? #Not600Dollars
Oddly enough the gayest thing about this whole scenario is that Hugh has a French Bulldog :(…
"How about this: we won't fail you -now or ever - if you stop calling us 'feets'"
Congratulations to John @mulaney & @FINALLEVEL for a wonderful premiere!
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People who make a big fuss only about how hot Bugs Bunny is in drag completely disrespect how sexy he was when he dressed as a matador.
Tonight is the premiere of my wonderful, brilliant friend & colleague John @mulaney's TV show. It's at 9:30 PM EST on FOX. I play "Donna."
Sorry to keep posting the same tweet but stupid "tmi" is on? Anyway.
The monkey Orson Welles keeps cutting to in F FOR FAKE is in the Critter Hall of Fame
@julieklausner Thanks for posting! Tried Googling the isolated phrase and got some results, boy howdy.
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@julieklausner love to fuck, never been fucked, but positively tickled at the idea of it
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