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Julie Klausner
Serving #SallyBowles from the ankles down
"I barely have the emotional energy to think about an elephant. Ah! Just thought about one. It's too much." - @julieklausner
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GARY!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been too long!!!!!!!!!!! It's so good to see you, pal. #MikeSucks
ICYMI #HWYW Book Club is back w/ @joshuawolfshenk, author of the fabulous POWERS OF TWO. We talk about creative duos!…
I just wish I knew whether Kevin Spacey ever looked up to Jack Lemmon or not.
New #HowWasYourWeek w/ @joshuawolfshenk, author of the fabulous book POWERS OF TWO. We talk about creative duos!…
If you're trying to make a living being #creative you will appreciate this.
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An inflatable video screen that deflated at #CatVidFest? I just feel like this wouldn't be happening if @julieklausner were hosting.
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.@TheSpoony @WFMU Whatever my noble blood relation, Judge Gary Klausner, rules, his kin stand behind.
This has been a pretty intense Shark Week so far.
"My features are all symmetrically perfect but it never comes together because something intangible is missing." -Ariana Grande's face
Is "Depression in comedy" the new "Hey, women are funny"?
Stand back, #HWYWiccans. @Jezebel has been ranking fruit for a while now. The only thing is, MY list is ACCURATE. 😎🍏
If you want something done, give it to a busy person. Then say "never mind, I got it" and while they're confused, go "shhh, there there."
Omg. Cher and Julie Klausner are tweeting each other. What next?!
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Cher is my friend. Bye. 😂
@julieklausner We Talk, Exchange Ideas,I go ballistic,am Funny,Bring strange info 2u, Try 2 make u aware of certain things.. Thats friends
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"You're lucky to even know me, you're lucky to be alive."
Why not tell your least close friend, like the one you only see when you hang out in groups, that an all new Nathan For You airs tonight.
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A BB cream but for girls with sweaty faces and frizzy hair in what is this weather even
WHOA. // RT @megan_sampson: Has anyone told @julieklausner about the #fameisfatal hashtag?
Don't worry guys if you are looking for news about #Ferguson, CNN is interviewing Hal Sparks.
When skinny guys get older, they either get pot bellies or stay thin but start looking transparent
Surrounded by his stash of hair elastics.
No thank you! // RT @LAWeekly: Meet Crimebo the Clown, L.A.'s strangest tour guide.
I ***think*** I'm done tweeting about THE KNICK?
I heard they sold THE KNICK after networks put out the word that they were looking for a "Steampunk Nurse Jackie."
Every prop on THE KNICK would be at home in a fancy hipster cocktail bar.
I assume Clive Owen's name on this show is Doctor Knick.
I was getting into THE KNICK until Clive Owen burst into an operating room going "Hey everybody! I'm Doctor Knick!"
I was having trouble getting excited about THE KNICK until I decided to think of it as "OLD TIMEY BOTCHED"
I like to buy my pasta at the haunted CVS that's a block away from me.
Recipe: drop linguini into boiling water and leave it alone so it sticks together. When it's done, garnish with a tasty fat, such as oil.
HARK! A sign of civilization?
Was Robert Frost the Forrest Gump of poetry? And if so, was "Out, Out -" his "wife with AIDS"? Good Sunday morning. I'm in the woods.
I'm told this is a "crick." Have any of you got a helicopter?
Oh, and for anyone keeping score, #BestShow2014 took a sizable step forward. We're getting closer.
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