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Julie Klausner
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Don't forget! @MKupperman-designed beautiful t-shirts are for sale at!
Yelp: where you can find out where those annoying strangers got that frozen yogurt without having to talk to them.
I'm sitting in front of a TV that's showing a sports show ("game"?). This is a hot tip bc guys are just standing in front of me staring!
"I'm a loud dummy!" - this lady
Finally unfollowed Salon. Joan Rivers related reasons. And Patton related reasons. And...why didn't I do this before?
The "Dumb Starbucks" episode of #NathanForYou finally airs, and it is glorious
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Tonight is the Dumb Starbucks episode of Nathan For You. Enjoy!
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I'm seeing suspenders and high-end overalls for women lately so I'm just logging onto twitter dot com to say NO.
More poses! Werq!!! // RT @MagickFM: bored and hiding in the bathroom at work. thank you @julieklausner !
The only person I relate to is Sharon Stone. Overwhelmed by her episode of Oprah's Masterclass. She just imitated someone eating light bulbs
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That new Wonder Woman looks like a cheap imitation of the real thing. She should be called Wonderful Woman or something.
If you look at the acting talent of the film cast of STEEL MAGNOLIAS, half of those women weren't boxing their weight. And you know who.
Okay. Now I'm dressed as Silly Billy from Capturing the Friedmans. Comic Con! You going to let me in or not?!
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❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶🐶 @knottyyarnar@julieklausnerner He will actually answer to it, which is the highest of all prsise.
Textin' 'bout @tuxedotrio cats!
The only thing I hate more than foodie blogs is foodie blog headlines that start "You Guys." I AM NOT YOUR CONSPIRATOR!
I came up with a nickname for Danielle @knottyyarn Henderson's dog, Shiloh. It's "Shiloh LaWoof" and I don't think I'm getting enough praise
I was having a boring day until this gem one of you jokesters made.…!
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@julieklausner oh good I was beginning to worry this would be the first week in our friendship you didn't mention GG Allin
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ICYMI, Nathan Fielder is our guest this week and he is the funniest!!…