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Julian Zambrano
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So... I found a Japanese store and just had to go inside. #littlejapan
So... I couldn't help it and did a Halloween card with this picture. Feel free to send it to your friends. | cc @joeyinwonderland_13
Oh dear God.... | cc @joeyinwonderland_13 #halloween2014
Michelle and Monte (who just ignored me and left when I asked him to take a picture with me) win at life this halloween. #halloween2014
Oct. 29th - wishing a very happy birthday to this dude. Your wishes are coming true, keep up the hard work and soon you'll have to create new goals and dreams to accomplish. #HappyBirthdayDerek #DerekTheler
My life goal to win this much at something. #Winning #CardsAgainstHumanity
Opening Night. #SisterRoseGoesToTheOdyssey #OurLady #FindRose
...truly, The Odyssey. #OpeningNight #SisterRoseGoesToTheOdyssey #OurLady #FindRose
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Ice Cold Theatre!
Getting home at midnight after a long day. The good thing is that I got to spent most of it with my little @porschejames2384...... What would I do without you?! 😘😘
It's opening night and I can post as many pictures as I want... Specially if @alisabaggio is involved! #SisterRoseGoesToTheOdyssey #FindRose #OurLady
Big brother is watching us. #TALife | cc @hellahip
So... I got home to a new onesie. It's still October but I can feel the Christmas spirit already! - also I'm extremely tired so this is the perfect way to end this 19hr day. #ThankYouAndGoodNight
Gail and Flip, NYC 2003. | #SisterRoseGoesToTheOdyssey #OurLady #FindRose
We're here! And we open tomorrow! Come help us find Sister Rose at The Odyssey Theatre! (310) 477 2055 •• #SisterRoseGoesToTheOdyssey #OurLady #FindRose
Not Really.... | #OurLady #SisterRoseGoesToTheOdyssey •• "Roughly 2 minutes" until show time, courtesy of my beloved @imfuckingloud.
This guy is looking a little pale... But that's okay, he'll be better soon cause... WE'RE OFF TO THE ODYSSEY!! #SisterRoseGoesToTheOdyssey | (actually we left like an hour ago and now we're just sitting in traffic barely moving) •• #OurLady #FindRose #LACC
The very first job I had when I moved to LA was being a test model for Oscar de la Renta. He was a brilliant artist and his mind had no limits. Long live O. You'll be missed. #RIPodlr #RIPOscarReLaRenta
And of course... What do I have ahead of me? 2 weeks at the odyssey + 2 scenes for school, along with rehearsals and homework. Yeah, it's the perfect time to get sick, right?... I think I'll check myself into rehab for exhaustion. | #OurLady #TALife #FindFreakingSisterRose! • ✌️Shoutout to CVS✌️
Do you want some yodeeeels????!!! | cc @runpalma
[insert here cool caption to go along with this picture I'm posting for no reason whatsoever] #perfectlighting #wildhair
My roommate's struggle while grocery shopping was extremely real. | cc @joejuniorrr
Moving on to the next one.... #Anton
Survived another Thursday night without having a heart attack. That's 4 in a row. #TGIT #HTGAWM #Scandal | @shondarhimes @kerrywashington
Bringing Captain d'Artagnan to life. Late 17th century (1625). cc @porschejames2384 | #thethreemusketeers
"Hello my name is Kevin and I am selling worlds finest chocolate, for a dollar a piece, for my school fundraising. Would you like one?" - a little boy at my doorstep 2 minutes ago. He got me at "worlds finest".
10K... DONE! | #AIDSWalkLA
The longest DAMN day! We're so done. #AIDSWalkLA
#AIDSWalkLA Thank you @dsotelo8 for bringing us here today! | cc @laurabyrd90 @princess_spoopybutt @sarahszoningoutagain @xtieloovvee @joeyinwonderland_13 @maumcfadden
What the hell, Uber? What the hell?! | cc @uber @uber_la #Uber #UberLA
CLOSING NIGHT AT LACC! Backstage with Sonia.. From Connecticut. We're off to The Odyssey! | cc @alisabaggio #OurLady #FindRose #TheOdyssey
Are you in the LA area? Come help us find Sister Rose. There's 2 more shows of Our Lady of 121st Street at LACC. SATURDAY 2pm and 8pm. Great Show! It just keeps getting better and better. | #FindRose #OurLady
And we keep looking for her.... #WhereOnEarthIsSisterRose | cc @dickie_moltisanti •• #ourlady #findrose
🍕🍕🍕#PizzaPauls🍕🍕 | cc @maddieannm @porschejames2384 @clarenceapowell
Ok fine... I'll join the selfie game. #YeahIAmWorkingWhatDoYouMeanImJustPlayingWithMyPhone?! •• #findrose #ourlady #SecondDress
Just hanging out with Marcia backstage. #findrose #ourlady #SecondDress | @jessicatkinson
Amigos tendremos muchos, pero todos tenemos una persona en especial con la cual aunque no tengamos un vínculo de sangre, estamos unidos por el alma. Ya mas de 8 años de mi vida los he pasado contigo y se que vendrán muchos mas. Gracias por que aunque estemos lejos, siempre se que te tengo a una llam
Just Vic and Rooftop comparing their expensive jewelry. #findrose #ourlady #FirstDress
I'm already out of the house and going for what will be a 17hr day, asked Siri the time and... Well.... Even she thinks that this is a joke. #WhyAmIUpBeforeTheSun #Siri
El 16 de octubre va a haber simulacro de evacuación en Btá, y desde ya me duele todo de pensar que tengo que volver a bajar 36 pisos a pie.
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So they sent me the screener for AHS and I didn't really care to watch it until today. Lazy Sunday? Perfect time for some binge watching. Let's see how it goes. #ForYourConsideration #FreakShow
congratulations to @SarahKSilverman on her triumphant, hilarious and well-deserved return to #SNL
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I was born without any siblings and grew up with that idea, then I realized God blessed me with the most amazing angel as my big sister! Unidos de alma y corazón se que iremos los dos hasta el final de los días apoyándonos en nuestras luchas, nuestras derrotas y todas nuestras victorias. No se que s
Flashback with my little Yoda. What would we do without you. #StrongIntependentYoda! #JediAcademy | cc @porschejames2384
Albert and Ramonia's first selfie. | cc @maddieannm