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Julian Mauricio
I pity those who don't see and understand...😭 Don't let hate reign over your lives. Love should be the solution partnered with forgiveness.
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Achieving clarity bit by bit. 👍
Going to bed with a ☺ on my face!
@imjonlucas: A friend helps you up when you have been knocked down. A bestfriend says, "Stay down, I got this" 👍”
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Ang kulit mo @Mj_2014. Matulog ka na nga!
Does this song make anyone else wanna dance? Shake it off-Taylor Swift
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I feel sorry for people who spend their time bashing people on IG. Other times, I'm jealous, ang dami nilang oras!😂
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Oh, and to those asking, I'll post my #ALSIceBucketChallenge video at noon tomorrow. Challenge accepted @AguasNash01 @alexailacad!
Since I'm so excited about @VanessaHudgens' musical comeback, here's my fave song she's ever done.…
OMG! #thrilled RT @TeenVogue: Watch out, world—@VanessaHudgens is finally getting back to her musical roots!:
I was pleasantly surprised by how down-to-earth Daniel was. It was so easy to strike up a conversation with him. Wala siyang ere!
Me to Maris: "Matagal ko nang ni-re-rehearse yung sasabihin ko sa 'yo pag na-meet na kita. Pero ngayon nakalimutan ko na." #starstruck
Finally met Daniel, Loisa, Maris and Vickie today. They were all super nice. No photos, though. It's OK, there's always next time.
With @itsJaneOineza after her Aquino & Abunda Tonight guesting. I'm so proud of how she handled…
Reunited with Darlene Vibares and darrenespanto1 at ABS-CBN. I enjoy hanging out with these two because…
You have no idea how glad I'll be to see the back of you.
Also in #StarStudioSeptember2014: @nicholeskiee's first ever magazine pictorial with her mother @phoemelabaranda! Bili na, PBB fans!
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Ellen Adarna is the cover girl of #StarStudioSeptember2014. Grab a copy now, available wherever magazines are sold!
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In other news, please like @StarStudioMag's Facebook page to see the cover of our September issue!…
I have one #ALSIceBucketChallenge nominee in mind. I need two more. Almost everyone I want to nominate has done it already!
Yikes! I've been nominated for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge by @AguasNash01 and @alexailacad. Good luck to me! #nervous
"You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches." - Deeta Von Teese
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"Just because there’s a hurricane going on around you doesn’t mean you have to open the window and look at it." — @taylorswift13
So @jcojanemarco is a thing now, eh? JCO's is a cute name.
Hey @iamjoshuagarcia. Remember what I said earlier, OK? 😉
Good to see you @D_laurel. Thanks for the advice. Coffee soon! 😘
Jgh. Thanks @marcogumabao! Keep your head up. 😉
Sino man makapair ni @itsJaneOineza lets support them ayt? :)
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"No-talents become celebrities all the time"
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Raise your hand if you're frustrated with the way your life is going but powerless to change it because you don't have the resources to.
My dreams are DOA. Dead on arrival.
Being a dreamer is a curse when people around you don't cooperate, then say you're not trying hard enough to make your dreams reality.
"I am not going to let them make me miserable when I could be enjoying my life." @taylorswift13, ladies and…
Hey guys, it's National Heroes Day. Do yourselves a favor and learn about the lives of people like Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal. #history
Hey @Andreajpe and @NoloPedrosa, happy birthday to your Mom! Make sure she has a blast today. Hope to see you all again soon!
Good afternoon! Enjoying a slightly late lunch of chicken noodle soup and spicy corned beef. Will work on some covers after this. :D
When someone grows, changes and shows their vulnerability and evolution publicly... That's a gift they give to us that we should honor.
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Congratulations jane!!!!🎉🎉🎉were so proud of you!!:) lumaban ka til the end! for me youre still
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To those watching #GGV, here's a scene from Maging Sino Ka Man that I think Anne and Sam did BRILLIANTLY in.…
I started #GGV laughing because of that guy, now @annecurtissmith and @samuelmilby are making me cry with their song!
GRABE KA GIAN. Naloka ako dito! “@gicruz8: Engaged na daw kasi si Heart kaya si Daniel ang big winner! 😄”