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Julian Darius
A Grim Thriller: The Gift: So there’s a movie in theatres you should see. It’s called The Gift an... via @Sequart
The Summer of the Compromised Blockbuster Continues With Antman and Fantastic Four: Tis the seaso... via @Sequart
@Sequart @kierongillen Grant Morrison: The Early Years is a great book. It enhances the experience of reading "Zenith" and "Doom Patrol"
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I wrote a review of the great, but still flawed, Inside Out for @Sequart:
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"rates of rape and gonorrhea dropped dramatically after Rhode Island decriminalized indoor prostitution"
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Inside Out: A Mostly Great Film: I did a pretty aggressive catch-up day in the theatres the other... via @Sequart
Huckabee: MLK would be 'appalled' by Black Lives Matter movement
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Manifest Destiny #16: Sacrifice: Improbable as it may seem to some readers, who may be out off by... via @Sequart
Race and Gender: Incognegro‘s Protagonist is Not the Hero He Hopes to Be: With the recent release... via @Sequart
Special thank you to @thalestral @taylorcheckers @JMDeMatteis & @JulianDarius for supporting Young Terrorists when it was just a dicey idea
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Comics and Literacy: Still Struggling | Sequart Organization… @Sequart
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Kill Them All: Hannibal Season Three Episode Eleven: Episode eleven of Hannibal’s third season, “... via @Sequart
Comics and Literacy: Still Struggling: I recently encountered some (sadly) all-too-familiar anti-... via @Sequart
The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Part 3: The Guy Ritchie Affair: For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been... via @Sequart
NOAH seems to take place on Middle Earth. Certainly, it's nowhere recognizable, and certainly not Earth.
It is offensive to depict the Earth as round, and in space, yet also depict souls flying upwards upon death. Heaven can't be "up." Dumb.
Some movies take an hour or more to go off the rails. NOAH manages to do so in the first minute. Also, it has Rock Lords in it.
50 Shades of Grey and Male Silence: Why Christian Couldn’t Speak: E.L. James’s 50 Shades of Grey ... via @Sequart
Watching Bernie Sanders on C-SPAN. Dead-on right, well-spoken, no-hesitation answers for everything. Amazing to see.
Just blocked someone for snidely telling me to "Google it dear" after I asked in a friendly way about her work. So done with b.s.
Pixels and Why Video Game Films Never Succeed: The release and instantaneous failure of Adam Sand... via @Sequart
The Essentials: Two-Lane Blacktop: So I’m field testing a new title for the series previously kno... via @Sequart
That time I hung out at the #WhiteHouse with timgunn at a luncheon with Michelle Obama and gave the…
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Man, this account is innovative as fuck. This is amazing...& scary. Read this TL...@WattsRiots50
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"Autism Speaks never saw the gifts and unique perspective of autistic people."
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Maddow is playing clips of Hillary in '08, saying Obama's not a Muslim "as far as I know." And worse. She cannot be president.
I beat a very slow truck where the roads converged, and he followed right on my bumper for like 10 miles. Piece of shit. So I slowed down.
Behind the Veil: Hannibal Season Three Episode Ten: …I do not consider either the just, or the wi... via @Sequart
EVERYTHING that's happened in STL over the last year to erode trust in police could have been resolved by holding #DarrenWilson accountable.
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Read this article if you've failed to understand just exactly how evil Mcculloch is… #FreeReggieClemons
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Elephant finds a giant elastic ribbon, has the most fun ever. #WorldElephantDay
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when a white dude gets out his guitar at a party
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"An increasing sense that very mark the comic-book genre is forced to hit ... is obstructing them from being movies":…
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So after that prison escape, the NYT reports, guards apparently began widespead torture of inmates. Despicable, and part of a sick culture.q
Opposition to Voting Rights Act has been lifelong cause for John Roberts, first in Reagan DOJ & now as Chief Justice…
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The Moral Arc Of Eternity: Al Ewing’s El Sombra Trilogy – Part 1: (Before beginning the article, ... via @Sequart
Ferguson changed everything. I am not the man I was, since I saw the tanks and tear gas. No excuse is left to us.
I just got told my dialogue in @MartianComics makes other comic writers look bad. I work on dialogue endlessly, so it's a fine complement.
"Sing me to sleep. Sing me to sleep. I don't want to wake up on my own anymore."
People who say, "Oh, it's just money," are usually people who have enough of it.
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Sequart Releases The Sacred Scrolls: Comics on the Planet of the Apes | Sequart Organization…
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I love @JFBerenato. Killer editor, excellent writer, great guy. Follow him if you haven't!
I was a pot of coffee a day before I came back my trip. Now I'm caffeine free. Thought for a solid week the fatigue was from exercise.
Why, yes, that IS my new book in the number two spot...
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