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Julian Darius
Nameless #3 Balances Sanity and Madness | Sequart Organization… @Sequart @ImageComics
Retweeted by Julian Darius
Nameless #3 Balances Sanity and Madness: The new issue of Nameless is a step up in scale and in p... via @Sequart
Arrow Season 3 Episode 17 Review: It’s becoming harder and harder to talk about the third season ... via @Sequart
I can proudly announce that I'll be part of one of the @starwars essay anthologies to be published by @Sequart…
Retweeted by Julian Darius
i'm sure this is a great book but i can't help wishing it was abt a religion that worships captain america & the hulk
Retweeted by Julian Darius
So @Sequart is taking pitches for our @josswhedon and @Avengers weeks (April 20-May3) submit here: stuart(dot)sequart(at)gmail
Retweeted by Julian Darius
Sifting Through the Ashes: Analyzing Hellblazer, Part 25: Issue #29 “Sick at Heart” Writer: Jamie... via @Sequart
I've learned more from my friend Emily, and have more respect for her strength and her mind, than I can express here.
One of my closest friends, whom I've known since high school, just publicly came out as autistic: I'm proud of her!
I'm thrilled! @Sequart announced FOUR upcoming books from me and editing partner Rich Handley: three Star Wars, and one Planet of the Apes!
Retweeted by Julian Darius
The Flash Season 1 Episode 17 Review: One of the most surprisingly canny aspects of The Flash is ... via @Sequart
real first names reminder: Mitt Romney: Willard Jeb Bush: John Rick Perry: James Bobby Jindal: Piyush Carly Fiorina: Cara Ted Cruz: Rafael
Retweeted by Julian Darius
Community Season Six: “Laws of Robotics and Party Rights”: Episode five of the sixth season of Co... via @Sequart
Notes on Casanova: Acedia #1-2: This year I wrote a book, published by Sequart, called The Future... via @Sequart
Better Call Saul Season Finale: The Path Less Travelled By: Jimmy McGill is angry, Saul Goodman i... via @Sequart
'The Image Revolution' is available from @Sequart @respectfilms here… - The founding & history of @ImageComics !
Retweeted by Julian Darius
Better Call Saul Season Finale: The Path Less Travelled By | Sequart Organization… @Sequart @BetterCallSaul
Retweeted by Julian Darius
Is best we can do as a country cross our fingers & hope that strangers film us when corrupt officers shoot us in the back & plant evidence?
Retweeted by Julian Darius
MY LATEST: The public execution of Walter Scott: When racism, police officers, & cell phones collide.…
Retweeted by Julian Darius
I have a favor to ask you. If you agree, please RT this. NEVER allow your heart/mind to grow dull to the constant police brutality.
Retweeted by Julian Darius
If Archie understands what you don't, you have a problem.
Retweeted by Julian Darius
I say this because we are trained to think, "What is this to me? I'm not affected." Us vs. Them. Zero sum. But it's demonstrably not true.
This is true: Ferguson and the cult of compliance via @@Lollardfish
How much do we spend on imprisoning and breaking people? We have whole industries focused on this. This isn't simply unjust. It is madness.
What price do we pay, in needlessly broken lives, in lost productivity and ideas and invention, destroying people like this?
Are we not stronger teaching our children, ALL of our children, to hope, to strive, and making sure they can reach their fullest selves?
How is America stronger for wrapping people in a cycle of poverty and court fines and petty charges and fear of sticking their heads out?
How is America strengthened by teaching whole swaths of its citizens to fear police, to feel less than, that they will never be accepted?
If you are not moved by the simple humanity of others different from you, I want to ask a very basic question.
Fox legal analyst: Planting weapons used to be “standard operating procedure” for cops
Retweeted by Julian Darius
Every unarmed person gunned down by police makes it harder for cops to do their job. Defending criminal officers is anti-cop, not pro-cop.
After #WalterScott, how do you believe a police version of events? You have to doubt. You'd be foolish not to. Good cops should be furious.
3 hours after #WalterScott was shot in his back in SC, an Illinois officer shot Justus Howell twice in his back.
Retweeted by Julian Darius
For the life of me I don't understand how people don't get that this is systemic when the officer knew *exactly* what lies to tell.
Retweeted by Julian Darius
@ShaunKing Astonishing that a cop simply being required to face normal justice is considered front page news.
Retweeted by Julian Darius
Today if you are angry or disturbed to your core, don't hide it or tuck it away, but express it/share it. Online or offline. Don't be silent
Retweeted by Julian Darius
So, #WalterScott bought the Mercedes he was in 3 days before he got pulled over in it. Silver rims 2 days before.…
Retweeted by Julian Darius
Powerful article written as if we never saw the video of #WalterScott being executed in cold blood. Read and share.…
Retweeted by Julian Darius
A Countless Number of Small Items: King Kong vs Godzilla and Akira Ifukube Pt. 2: I visited templ... via @Sequart
Arrow Season 3 Episode 16 Review: Television series tend to be lumbering beasts, built to move in... via @Sequart
Okay, I'm off to bed. Got to get up in under four hours. Love to you all.
Media: Someone having been convicted of a crime decades ago isn't news when they're murdered by a cop for unrelated reasons. #WalterScott
Retweeted by Julian Darius
What's even worse is the cops made no attempt to revive him after he was shot 8 times in the back. RIP #WalterScott.
Retweeted by Julian Darius
Just saw a tweet blaming Obama for Walter Scott's death. I'm not joking. Blocked.
I have seen too many execution style videos. No more. At some point we have to talk about how this effects our mental stability #WalterScott
Retweeted by Julian Darius
I've been pulled over for a burned-out tail light. Got an official warning. "Fix it in the next week. After that, you could get a ticket."
Just read some tweets about how #WalterScott deserved it, shouldn't have run, and how blacks are terrible for caring. Blocked and blocked.