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Julian Darius
When you're out of clean T-shirts for lounging around so you put on a surf shirt.
Trump said he doesn't understand why routing calls to India is cheaper, wants to bring those jobs home. Really? Gonna beat $4/hour?
I love how Trump brags about how he's smart, then says he'd unilaterally triple international sanctions, or a dozen other dumb things.
When you are typing "the proof is in the pudding" and autocorrect tries to replace "pudding" with "pussy." That's what I get for cliches.
400+ pages by me about DC Comics history:… Just published in April. If it sells, I'll write more!
Watching CNBC in love with Michael Douglas ringing the closing bell (for Ant-Man). "Gordon Gecko is here!" No irony.
This week's @Sequart column looks at the curious reaction to the rumors about Marisa Tomei playing Aunt May.…
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From the @guardian - to understand what Scott Walker would do as president, just look at what he did to Wisconsin:…
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If only there were a Greek word for a victory that is in fact a defeat & a German word for pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.
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At the very least, Merkel values her disproven austerity economics and breaking leftist resistance to it more than righting the E.U.
Krugman on Merkel's assault on the E.U. Project via @NYTimeskrugman
Smorgasbord #22: Spirited Away: It’s the pre-SDCC episode, so don’t expect any big news. Instead,... via @Sequart
Are they going to act all shocked and innocent if Greeks vote for neo-nazis next time around? #ThisIsACoup
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So Tsipras wound up accepting terms even tougher than those his people voted to reject just last week. This is absurd.
Mythology, Aunt May, and Fairy Tales: A Monday Morning Mosaic: How does the collective comics com... via @Sequart
We have not fought for comics acceptance to turn back now. Now, we must do the hard work of making everyone welcome and a true part.
I happen to be a white man. But if comics can't embrace and welcome everyone, we have failed. Period. This is the fight of this generation.
Love comics? Support women and minorities being a part. Help comics grow! Comics are bigger than any of us.
I'm tremendously proud of @SheMakesComics winning at Comic-Con. Comics desperately needs to celebrate women's contributions to comics hist.
Someone on Ballers actually said "you're hot" to the Rock. That was her entire dialogue. I haven't seen this kind of subtlety since Thor.
The title sequence of Ballers is like a film school exercise: random football clips, shots of luxury, and random shots of the actors.
I dig Veep, but the Brink is doing something different. Strip out The Office elements and replace with OTT screwball. And Robbins is great.
On the flipside, I'm enjoying the Brink. No, it's not Strangelove-esque satire. But it's outright farce like they rarely do anymore.
If you've ever wondered what Entourage would be like with the Rock and asshole football players instead of asshole creatives, Ballers is 4U.
5 Movies that Deserve Comic Spin-Offs: As this writer got into reading comics, he noticed that do... via @Sequart
Kudos to @SheMakesComics for winning best documentary at Comic-Con!
I want to write an essay about the function of the word "and" in the line "And Tommy doesn't know what day it is."
Listening to the Who's Tommy for the first time in years. Still shockingly brilliant and moving. One of the best albums in history.
Dragon Age: Magekiller to Hit Shelves in December: This writer remembers buying and playing Drago... via @Sequart
Cinemax is playing something called "Lolita from Interstellar Space." Nabokovian wordplay mixed with B-movie sci-fi fun?!? Disappointed.
A Big Night at SDCC: It was a busy night last night at SDCC, particularly in the famous Hall H. O... via @Sequart
Bitch Planet Studies Exploitation With Exploitation | Sequart Organization… @Sequart
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Thought provoking stuff from @StuartJWarren over @Sequart "I am a vulnerable, shattered creature."…
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@Sequart Sequart readers might be interested in part two of my look back at Dan Clwes' "Eightball"…
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Bitch Planet Studies Exploitation With Exploitation: Bitch Planet is a comic that uses the langua... via @Sequart
It’s You I See: Hannibal Season Three Episode Five: Sorry for the delayed review of the fifth epi... via @Sequart
Removing Confederate Battle Flag from State Grounds Facing, Not Erasing, History UPDATED w lawmakers clinging to flag
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The face of ignorance and hatred, folks: S.C. Senator's Crazy Floor Speech Defending The Confederate Flag @TPM…
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This Year at SDCC, Buy a Comic!: It’s that time of year again, when people from the comics and en... via @Sequart
The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?: A Nicolas Cage Superman May Have Been Awesome |… @Sequart
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Descender #5: The Centre of the Galaxy: In the latest issue of Descender, we get a tremendous nar... via @Sequart
The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?: A Nicolas Cage Superman May Have Been Awesome: Abo... via @Sequart
IDW’s Star Trek Planet of the Apes Offers Reflections on Ideology: Science fiction is often refer... via @Sequart
Tim Callahan on Grant Morrison: The Early Years: As part of its ongoing Patreon campaign, Sequart... via @Sequart
What would a mainstream art film for children look like? My Monday @Sequart column takes a look at #InsideOut.…
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The Gore of Lucio Fulci: DonDon’t Torture a Duckling: Sometimes I like to imagine I have the kind... via @Sequart

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