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Kenya K Stevens, CEO
I want to give a special dedication to all the men on planet Earth! I truly truly love, respect and trust you, each of you. You are such beautiful beings of light! Everywhere I go I meet fantastic men who serve and protect me so very well. I'm utterly floored by your kindness and the beauty in y
Acknowledge, accept, embrace & love all of YOU - first. Now you're naturally doing the same for all others. xxoo
White People Think Black People Possess Magical Powers… via @Tell You All | Lifestyle And Love Tips Website
Stretch Your Mind. Open Yourself to New Experiences. Good Morning! Start Here -> |...
Here try this - my course on sacred sensuality on UDEMY…
Here's the real question: Is the Yoni half wet or half dry? ~Senbi Akua 😂😂😂😂😂
Sex = connection to source || Orgasm = realization and/or recognition of oneness
But I know what sex is... I am having sex with my orchids this morning. Makes them grow faster than any other nourishment. xx
You can always join my private forums by becoming a member of my love academy here > services > memberships
I'm not as vocal as I used to be here on Twitter or any platform, I talk mainly to members of JujuMama's Love Academy - those who want it.
I have no doubt that our sensuality, as a human species, is being unleveled to the point where we can recognize our oneness again.
I've been watching the world for many years as it pertains to sex, sensuality, love and manifestation. I've seen & ignited massive change.
I share over 200 tools to ascertain the infinite orgasm here at my store - have a look see...
The infinite orgasm resides in your recognition of the oneness between you and any "outside" thing or being - orgasm is simply realization.
JujuMama will give you an education around sex that leads way beyond intercourse, kissing or petting - you'll discover the infinite orgasm.
Have you ever had an orgasm over coffee, or while eating delicious foods, or during a great connective conversation? If not, call JujuMama!
Sex is a connective point where divinity lives - I can feel into that point of unity with a tree, an animal, another human, over coffee.
There are many people who believe sex is intercourse, those individuals have been miseducated around sex and sensuality.
Sex is not intercourse - sex is the beautiful connective points between any two or more things. It's the place oneness is experienced.
Become the Most Compelling Person You Know @LollyDaskal… via @Inc
Let me start off by saying this post is partly being influenced by some triggers I have around what is called the...
Dr. Umar, The Conscious Black Community, and Sex…
Let me start off by saying this post is partly being influenced by some triggers I have around what is called the...
Very Often JujuMama clients work several months or even years at building solid relationships, and the work...
Late-Rapper Chinx’s Wife Attends His Girlfriend’s Baby Shower via @necolebitchie
4 couples who truly want to transition into a freedom-based relationship I advise joining my online forums & academy
How to break free of monogamy without destroying your marriage. Lots of great articles - I share daily resources…
I'm a love coach practicing #polyamory sharing tools and skills with those around the world interested in freedom-based relating. Hello xo
Transitions can take years from sexually exclusive mindsets to more open and flexible mindsets. Often couples need five years or more!
#Polyamory is not something done in a vacuum. It's a spiritual path that requires high level communication, and keen relationship skills.
If a couple opens their relationship without tools - a community of support - there are problems ahead. The path is arduous without support.
One thing I've realized over the past ten years dealing with the Af. Am. culture and #polyamory is that couples "open" without tools. xx
#LoveandHipHopATL needs to maybe consult the worlds best alternative love coach (me) about what #Polyamory is and how it can work fluidly...
I wish the public didn't have to see "open relationships" looking like a bunch of fighting and mayhem. That's not what #polyamory is about.
Open relating or #Polyamory is not about disorganized, demeaning and even full of hatred between partners. Sorry #LoveAndHipHop
I was watching Love and Hip Hop - oddly enough - and see that there are many "open relationships" on the show. But these not truly open.
So let me get this right, this stripper is a "maggot" for having sex with Umar Johnson - how is that? Why is...
Thank F*ck Mercury Retrograde is Over—Stay in the Shade! @elephantjournal
Spending time in the mountains in retreat! Brought my Detroit party hips! They're always with me - showing off xx
Have you heard ‘idc [under construction]’ by snbi on #SoundCloud? #np DOPE!…
Lindsey Graham Says He'll Have A 'Rotating First Lady' If Elected President… via @HuffPostPol
Today we honor @dave Chappelle - he's clearly a very Progressive Lover! We love this statement! #Fact
How Boys Like Jaden Smith Are Redefining Black Masculinity… via @blackvoices

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