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Blair Fowler
The best thing is the fact that he wasn't suffering. I couldn't ask for me. #alldogsgotoheaven #takecareofhimshay πŸ™πŸΊπŸ’œ
Everyone send @juicystar007 a big hug... her dog Roo passed away tonight #RIPRoo #RIPBabyDeerBambi πŸ™πŸΊ
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Roo passed away πŸ˜“ and as you guys may know he was my childhood dog. He was too sick to move to LA w/me but I loved him all the same.#RipRooo
These @Opi colors are everything. I need the coral! What's your favorite fun nail color??
haha not that i think that's the only thing that will keep me healthy, but the "apple a day.." saying is a L.I.E.
oh no, i'm not sick now. i was just cutting up my apple for the morning and realized that i literally eat one everyday and still get sick
i just wanna say that i eat an apple every single day, and it does not keep the doctor away!
@ellefowler @juicystar007 @TheDarlingOne sent me both books + makeup and just said "pay it forward". I'm in shock.πŸ’•
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Obsessed with @RachelTalbott's new FALL/AUTUMN HAUL (Makeup, Accessories & Fashion) video! I NEED that hat :D
New video is up!! It's a what's in my bag/purse featuring my Celine micro luggage in drummed black leather :) link is in my bio! πŸ˜πŸ‘œπŸ’„πŸ’­βœ¨
heres a link to the honey bear keychain i had on my bag!… i really like the panda, too!
@juicystar007 As soon as I saw the title I knew that there would be a rubik's cube in there! 6ish years later somethings dont change
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yayy!! all of our dancing worked :) here's my new WHAT'S IN MY BAG video!!!…
...still doing my processing dance @YouTube
video is uploaded! now it's just time for the processing dance :)
it'll be up as soon as my wifi decides to speed the f- up! hahaha
who's ready for a new video?!?!?!?!
Last but certainly not least is my phone charger that I put a @ShopGlitzyGlam decal on (when
I wanted to keep my next days outfit which I would be driving home in comfy but not sloppy. I
Unfortunately I don't own a onesie, so I had to improvise with my @VictoriasSecret long silk
The whole day Saturday was spent by the pool, so I knew to come prepared. I packed my @BCBGMa
For lips I just took my @LORAC_Cosmetics matte lip pencil in mauve and the @bitebeauty plumpi
Eyes were super simple as well.. Honestly I didn't want to spend a ton of time putting on mak
For face makeup I took my @tartecosmetics amazonian clay foundation with the bamboo blending
Next I have my makeup bag which is from @ShopGlitzyGlam (cause, ya know, what in my life isn'
For skincare I packed a baby @Visanti detox facial cleanser, @BioDerma crΓ©aline water to remo
After the shower I have my @mitchellandpeach body cream along with the @Dove pure care dry oi
As far as hygienic necessities go, I have my @PhilipsCare_NA sonicare toothbrush, @Crest trav
The first thing in my duffle is yet another bag! Yeah... You can say I'm one of those people
Since the drive to her house was going to be at least an hour- I viewed this as a mini road t
The bag itself is by @brics and is the perfect overnight duffle. I love the chestnut leather
Hey guys!! I’m so excited to share a detailed post of what I pack in my weekend getaway bag a
i know. i'm an idiot. i'm aware. "so carefully" i was........ dammit
...glasses. so i'm feeling and feeling and BAM i hit a HUGE piece of glass and squished it in between the edge of the shower and my thumb.
...contacts in yet so i thought i could just feel around very carefully and pick up the glass. i didn't want to step anywhere to go get my..
i decided to take a glass of iced tea in the shower with me (THANKS A LOT @NikkiPhillippi HAHAHA) and dropped the glass. i didn't have my...
i stopped the bleeding with lots of pressure and holding it tight with a towel, then put on some liquid stitches. #justcallmedoctor
just about cut my right thumb off (don't worry, I'll spare you the pictures)! pretty sure the cut goes straight clear to the bone.
So excited for our girls night in slumber party tonight!!!!!!! @ellefowler @kiracahill πŸ˜΄πŸ’…πŸ‘―
Thanks to @juicystar007 I went to sephora and sampled the E&J Nirvana perfumes and love them.
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@ellefowler @juicystar007 @11thGorgeous mentioned that you're one of the reasons why they started their YouTube channel. Now they hit 1M.
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BEST TEXT I'VE EVER RECEIVED. @juicystar007 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and, YES,
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any video requests?!?!?!?!
I need to go to sephora. Haven't been in forever!! Love @juicystar007 sephora haul πŸ™ŠπŸŒΈ
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something inside makes me want to tweet this..... "if you're looking for a sign, this is it." - hope it reaches/helps one of you <3
Coffee, chocolate and catching up on some @juicystar007 videos <3 Rest day :-D
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