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Blair Fowler
beauty youtube social media 598,455 followers
We just made your day! Beauty babe @juicystar007 will be setting the stage at #BeautyConLA in only a month and 2 days
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not sure which im more upset lash which only lasted a couple hours,or my full cup of tea that i now shouldn't drink(but probs will)
my fake eyelash felt wonky so i decided to take it off and re-glue it. flash forward to me dropping it in my cup of tea :(
i spoke - err, tweeted? - too soon! new vlog with @SawyerHartman is up!… SAWYER MAKES ME THIRSTY!
now it's stalled again at 95%... it went from 0-95 really quickly then stopped again >:-( that's my ANGRY face!
hopefully just a couple more minutes till my vlog is done!
it's still at 0% processed.... help me @YouTube
k.. so the video is uploaded, but it isn't processed just yet. as soon as it is y'all know i'll tell you!
my vlog is uploaded... but it says the processing isn't complete :(
Can anyone guess where I am? #hitch
The president sure is harshing my mallow... #letmecross
My momma just sent me a video tour of a room she's decorating in her home and she's so cute filming it like my old room tour. It's adorable!
I absolutely love this! Thank you to whoever made it.... Now we need Sophia and Ava as the third sister group 😂👯 #sistersister #beneaththeglitter
it's about that time again...... NEW VLOG IS UP!… SHE PUT IT BETWEEN HER LEGS?!?!
Shopping day gathering "supplies" at @WestfieldTOP for a new video!!! Any stores I have to visit?? #backtoschool
who's ready for a new vlog? i hope the answer is YOU because it's up now!… "SORRY I CAN'T MAKE YOU HAPPY!"
At the vet with little Teddy Bear... His eyeballs are sick 😔🐶💔
GOSH it's hot outside today... For some reason I thought it was chilly.
new video is up!!! BRINGING BACK FEELINGS!…
i'm editing my vlog from yesterday!! there's a personal scene in it that i decided to keep in after much thought.
does anyone else get freaked out after they use their webcam/facetime? i feel like it's still on and you guys can all see me o__O
guys that was SO fun! i had a blast! thanks for stopping by and saying hi!!!
5 minutes till go time!!! Come hang out with me LIVE at…