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Salinas ain't safe ay, cause we living in hell Subliminal msgs, Salinas is controlled by Illuminati haha
The new @on_the_ave snaps are fiya! Get you hands on the these snaps as wells as the beanies this Saturday at our one year anniversary event! Don't miss out on the all day sale as well as the album release party for @kryciselement #supplysalinas #supportyourlocalshops
@on_the_ave 1 year anniversary yall! Make sure to come by this Saturday for free gifts, foods and drankkksss! It'll also be @kryciselement album release party so if u want to hear some dope hip hop make sure to come kick it! The sale will be all day and the get down starts at 5!
Because #worldseries #giants #sfgiants #playoffbeardtradition haha
For you #giants fans "Giant State of Mind" will be coming soon let's get that win today!
Ima try to knock out, but the way my sleeping pattern is set up...
listening to the giants game on ESPN radio killing me right now cause it's so delayed
Doctor said for me to use a cane to ease the pressure I put on my left leg from my operation so S/O to @minjhan for holding my spider cane for like 2 year's haha
At natividad and I heard one of the nurses say "my girlfriend hit me in the head with her dildo and it smelt like mango" wtf?! Hahahah
that was a big ass surprise that the rock showed up on raw tho!
Master chef drei with my assistant @dayreal haha
Alex smith shaking kaepernick's hand and whispered "fuck u nigga u took my job"
Alex Smith stayed on the field to cause that penalty cause he lightweight wants niners to win
Damn for the past 3 days the only time I actually had a meal to eat was when j first got out of the hospital.. my stomach stays growling
Operation day nervoussss Wish me luck!
UCSF...time to get this shit done
Who in frisco tryna party tmrw hmu! Haha
chick wnt take her shirt off cuz her titties 2 small, I can give a dam girl fck that prtty blu bra now Im in the deep seein how pretty u are
Watching bae-yonce and she got me mesmerized and shit
Not down to go to UCSF tmrw morning :/
Last minute check up b4 my operation on Wednesday eeeehhh
Slide thru on_the_ave and check out the fresh gear. Get at my boi @yourboydrei for a copy of the
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In the borderline ghetto with the gangsters and Sheranes
Handcheck? Operation is next Wednesday so they put me on that needle #notheroin haha
Some people love you, some people hate you, some people need you. Some people act like they know you but they can't even read you...
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when you check your balance and you have -$46.30 chillin' there that you didn't know about... bruh -_-
brie got a cuter face but nikki thick thoo
Who down to go to wrestlemania next year?! Levis stadium bruh!
Almost emptied out, t'was a good 3 years in this apartment, gonna see failure before success on to some new scenery
tonights our last night at the apartments and still ain't found the man
colin flopernick
this commercial is getting annoying and I don't even smoke, and doesn't posting pics of the celebs smoking promoting it as well? #finish_it
this is literally the worst situation I've ever been in in my life...
Saturday is technically my last day at the apartments and I still haven't got the money to get a new one, literally have no where to go WTF
Because I'm in a tight situation right now selling -Axis box mod - $200 -Authentic Copper Manhattan og price $270 selling for 220 obo (I can remove the Louis vuitton wrap if you want) -Cloupor DNA30 og ptice $80 selling for $40 Zenith RDA $80 Onslaught RDA og price $140 asking for $100 firm Tugboat
So I need at least 2000 by Thursday....fuck
When I opened at rock the bells had my VIP badge ;) hahaha
We lost because snoop dogg did the halftime show
Well on the bright side team USA won today
#49ers game day with the homiezzzz
Team USA on fire right now
Got a designated drinker since I don't drink hahah handicap advantage
Only positive thing with moving is finding my kingdom hearts hd remix that @nsj_photo got me for xmas time to see if I can beat it again before I move
Longanisa breath + vaping = smelly clouds haha #vapeon #vapefam #vapeporn #vapebuild #axismod #onslaught #foodporn #calivapors #bayareavapors #beyondvape #eliquid #ejuice #wdyvt
searching for a new apartment is a bitch
we have a week in a half to pack up and find a place, what the fuck