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Im bad at taking selfies haha s/o to @nsj_photo and @whereisred for the early xmas present and taking me to my first sharks game!
3 months later saved up and got a 4 bedroom spot finally! There's some work to be done with it but it's in the step in the right direction!
Don't let the past alter your present
GREEN FRIDAY SALE $15 Train Wreck dubs $35 eighths and $10 Hawiian Kush dubs $25 eighths
Me and mi madre all flamed up for the #ninersgame #happythanksgiving
Seriously fuck 2014 worst year for me and my family ever..
Come check out our Black Friday sale at @on_the_ave you can't beat these sales! This Friday is the perfect time to purchase something for yourself or get a gift for someone! #salinas #supplysalinas #fashion #style #hiphop #831 #boutique #ota #like #official #adapt #theforestlab #cukui #10deep #stree
We didn't get the house....too little too late...
Thanksgiving/black Friday sale $10 dubs
S/O to @beyondvape for the #district5 top cap and the vape band the other day! #beyondvape #handcheck #vape
November is almost over meaning it'll be the end of #noshavenovember I've been growing this out since the Giants world Series run and kinda not down to part with it hahah #gravebeforeshave #fearthebird #filipinorickross haha
Niners won warriors won tis was a good day
Carnitas!!! Paquete de la familia y horchatas koolin w/ mi primo @nsj_photo
I wasn't going for pacman but Algieri's trainer made me switch sides hahaha
Let's go Algieri! Knock that bitch boy out!
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$50 pacquaio is finna lose
Hawaiian Kush $30/8th. Train Wreck $35/8th
Chino estrella
Relationships involve sacrifice, but never sacrifice who u r it more than likey was what started the relationship in the first place
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Hella couldn't go back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night...guess I might as well get ready for the day
Woke up with a nightmare and shit
Id put her on my #wcw but it'd be awk cause she follows me haha
If I get ready now I can make it to first awakenings hmm
Seriously? I opened my KFC box and someone bit into it already?!
When ur sitting on a bench and some random ass bitch decides to stand directly across from you hella close....niggaaaaa
AJ Lee is fiyaa
If you don't know my situation let alone the conditions we're going thru keep my name out yo mouth.
Everything is better when it's free :)
Sunday night slow jams
#regram "2K15 is too realistic" damnnnn hahaha
I really hope Lakers put a good team b4 Kobe retires regardless if I'm a fan or not don't wanna someone like him in his last years like this
Who needs trees?
So is #empire a continuation from hustle and flow? Haha
Hella knocked out last night I'm getting old haha
"@melissaayye: Sheena wants me to talk to this dude's cousin but he ugly af........ What do I do?" Take one for the team haha
"bae" to "bitch" real quick.😂
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Everyone was calling me Rick Ross with my beard, minus being rich and being obese haha
$15 dubs $30 eighths