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If I get ready now I can make it to first awakenings hmm
Seriously? I opened my KFC box and someone bit into it already?!
When ur sitting on a bench and some random ass bitch decides to stand directly across from you hella close....niggaaaaa
AJ Lee is fiyaa
If you don't know my situation let alone the conditions we're going thru keep my name out yo mouth.
Everything is better when it's free :)
Sunday night slow jams
#regram "2K15 is too realistic" damnnnn hahaha
I really hope Lakers put a good team b4 Kobe retires regardless if I'm a fan or not don't wanna someone like him in his last years like this
Who needs trees?
So is #empire a continuation from hustle and flow? Haha
Hella knocked out last night I'm getting old haha
"@melissaayye: Sheena wants me to talk to this dude's cousin but he ugly af........ What do I do?" Take one for the team haha
"bae" to "bitch" real quick.😂
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Everyone was calling me Rick Ross with my beard, minus being rich and being obese haha
$15 dubs $30 eighths
Just finished my rounds here at UCSF #nurselife hahah
I guess it's just a Filipino thing but on the real, why does ery Filipino show gotta have some bitch crying in every other episode?
Avoiding the sun by hiding behind the clothes oh and btw black hangers are 50% off! Haha and new shipment came in for pink dolphin and play cloths drop by @on_the_ave 1860 N Main St Suite M open till 7!
Supporting the homies #wdyvt #vluxe #vape #Manhattanmod #onslaught #onslaughtrda #dripclub #calivapors #beyondvape #vape31 #bayareavapors
@12amrun "ill" cuff beanie "XIIAM" snapback and @nasnyc "XX Illmatic 20th anniversary shirt" S/O to @flash_ontheave for getting me the beanie when he was in Vegas! #12amrun #hiphop #nas
Not going to lie I can't wait for this next month! #toystory
Random nights you cross my mind
[Monster Strike] DOWNLOAD THIS! fun ass game tho for your phone haha…
"Beautiful I just want you to know you're my favorite girlllll" Pandora with the jams
Alvin gentry as assistant head coach *thumbs up emoji
Our bench is so deep this season
@nsj_photo taking a hit from the world's biggest bong hahah
Your "First Awakenings" should be with me haha first timerrrrr
The best Barnes has looked since the playoff series vs San Antonio
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Kobe doing work
Oh you know throwing my own giants parade here at the shop lol, Happy Halloween everyone!
#tbt people were only happy at the happiest place on earth because of me haha "will the real Mickey mouse please stand up" no slim shady
Holding down the fort today, drop by @on_the_ave to get some gear and get a raffle ticket with a purchase to enter our $100 mystery box giveaway for Halloween!
Come watch the game with us here at @on_the_ave got some food and food vibes!
It's today yall! Make sure to drop by! @on_the_ave
Tmrw finna be ckrackin
Salinas ain't safe ay, cause we living in hell Subliminal msgs, Salinas is controlled by Illuminati haha
The new @on_the_ave snaps are fiya! Get you hands on the these snaps as wells as the beanies this Saturday at our one year anniversary event! Don't miss out on the all day sale as well as the album release party for @kryciselement #supplysalinas #supportyourlocalshops
@on_the_ave 1 year anniversary yall! Make sure to come by this Saturday for free gifts, foods and drankkksss! It'll also be @kryciselement album release party so if u want to hear some dope hip hop make sure to come kick it! The sale will be all day and the get down starts at 5!