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this commercial is getting annoying and I don't even smoke, and doesn't posting pics of the celebs smoking promoting it as well? #finish_it
this is literally the worst situation I've ever been in in my life...
Saturday is technically my last day at the apartments and I still haven't got the money to get a new one, literally have no where to go WTF
Because I'm in a tight situation right now selling -Axis box mod - $200 -Authentic Copper Manhattan og price $270 selling for 220 obo (I can remove the Louis vuitton wrap if you want) -Cloupor DNA30 og ptice $80 selling for $40 Zenith RDA $80 Onslaught RDA og price $140 asking for $100 firm Tugboat
So I need at least 2000 by Thursday....fuck
When I opened at rock the bells had my VIP badge ;) hahaha
We lost because snoop dogg did the halftime show
Well on the bright side team USA won today
#49ers game day with the homiezzzz
Team USA on fire right now
Got a designated drinker since I don't drink hahah handicap advantage
Only positive thing with moving is finding my kingdom hearts hd remix that @nsj_photo got me for xmas time to see if I can beat it again before I move
Longanisa breath + vaping = smelly clouds haha #vapeon #vapefam #vapeporn #vapebuild #axismod #onslaught #foodporn #calivapors #bayareavapors #beyondvape #eliquid #ejuice #wdyvt
searching for a new apartment is a bitch
we have a week in a half to pack up and find a place, what the fuck
Fooddd! And lightweight stalking @vluxevapes because they're a couple of tables behind me haha jk
Ye said 1 good girl's worth a 1000 bitches, fuck it, bitches for 3 years is a good run.
Week 1 football! In the words of @sagrado_pardo #49ers
that ALS prank those kids did is so fucked up I knew it was going to happen eventually when immature fuckers were gonna do some stupid shit
Looking for a female model for an upcoming photo shoot for @BarkadaCompany. Someone who resides in the Salinas/Monterey County area.
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"you say no to ratchet pussy juice j can't" best line ever
SHIT my phone broke -_-
the sound of hospital machines
looks like I'm spending the night here -_-
I have a size 9.5 and an 8.5 available lemmie know!
At planned parenthood talking to all the girlys and giving them @yourboydrei number.
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Kanye west: "I was my own inspiration when it came down to making the yeezys"
"ain't nobody scared of your fat ass" hahah #BlackJesus
Shout out the little brotha for gettin his first job niggas growing up
When you can't sleep and you have a full schedule tmrw...
My real #nationaldogday chico and fluffy when they used my jays as chew toys
"If rap was a game I'd be MVP, the most valuable poet on the MIC"
if they do attitude era next week on raw @steveaustinBSR needs to make an appearance and drink a cold one and stun somebody tho
damn! she threw her high heels on her sister tho
The Miz trying to be like the rock with the movie star get up
MTV be instigating tho! after jay kissed B they show Rita Ora on camera haha
damnnnn JLO you still jenny from the block? if you are i'm tryina hit up that corner then
wtf lorde is only 17? she looks old af she needs to be homies with gwen and pharrell
lol common announcing drake won and he's taking the award thought they had beef, guess drake ain't gettin that award
wtf gwen stefani hasn't aged yet she must be homies with pharrell #VMA2014
finally a touchdown haha
CALI IS THIRSTY #thethirstisreal dont do the #icebucketchallenge use soda #coke save water #drought
There was an earthquake? I was still schleep
15 packets of ketchup later a polished mod! Thank you @mcdonalds haha #vape