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Judd Apatow
@JuddApatow & Friends 11/3! Proceeds benefit Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation
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@AlJean: @87Loco87 Bart's New Friend written by @JuddApatow airing 1/18/15. Ignore the NFL playoffs that day!” Oh my God! #Simpsons
@JuddApatow & Friends 11/3! Don't miss this awesome night of comedy and music! Show benefits!
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.@peeweeherman's news about a new movie produced by @JuddApatow is huge, but don't overlook his Dating Game story!
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Amy Poehler, Leslie Mann, & @unfoRETTAble (plus @JuddApatow) - they're all in for #reprorights in 2014. Are you?
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I think this is my at rest face. I am sorry to all who have to look at it.
@LargoLosAngeles: Ticket link is up for @JuddApatow and Friends 11/3! Get 'em while they last!” for charity!!!
Tonight at @LargoLosAngeles was the closest I have come to witnessing pure magic on stage. Well deserved standing ovation for @TheRyanAdams
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@Sethrogen: The movie Whiplash was fucking dope. @Miles_Teller and JK Simmons were dope as well.” Paul Reiser too!
I haven't done cardio since April. That sounds fancy. Haven't gotten off my ass since April. Just not into movement. Laying feels better
Don't forget to see me and friends at@LargoLosAngeles Nov 3. One friend being awesome musician. Get Lucky Now.…
ICYMI: "Amazing interview! the great @JimCarrey on @HowardStern today! A highlight of my career was his impression o……
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RT @JuddApatow: .get your tix to my Nov 3 @LargoLosAngeles show fast. Added musical guest is awesome. Hint #2 played our fest last year
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For @harikondabolu, the legacy that racism has left behind is constant fodder for his stand-up
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.@iamcomicmovie @free2bememovie your Respect The Process photo could be better. Great podcast. Bad photography.
.@joshuamgoldberg @nicklange2 If I shave my beard I look like Mel Blanc.
@NYMag: Kevin Smith looks like a whole new person without his beard:
@billyeichner: @JuddApatow Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles???” Actually Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis and Kurt Russell as Elvis.
@theleanover: @JuddApatow @LargoLosAngeles James Taylor” ok. Not him. But just as good. And not Infant Sorrow
.get your tix to my Nov 3 @LargoLosAngeles show fast. Added musical guest is awesome. Has performed in one of our movies. Hint!!!
get your tix to my Nov 3 @LargoLosAngeles show fast. Added musical guest is awesome. Has performed in one of our movies. Hint!!!
Ending soon! RT @JuddApatow Great kickstarter project - evolution of a criminal:…
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@BrianJMather: Come one. @JuddApatow doesn't have any friends. It's cleary a scam. @LargoLosAngeles”. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.
@TarJRose: YES. Today is the day #AmyPoehler's book comes out!!!!! #YesPlease #GeekinOut #PreOrdered” I am excited to read it.
@TarynP: @JuddApatow @LargoLosAngeles and who are the "& friends"... ;)” last few were Bill Burr, Bo Burnham, Sarah Silverman, Shandling.
I hate that I can't just eat whatever I want. Furious!
@RookieMag @maudeapatow love me some Maudelette- this is not our last collaboration!
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We just put tickets on sale for a new Judd Apatow and Friends Show at @LargoLosAngeles for November Three!…
Dreamgirls @lenadunham & @maudeapatow chitchat about middle school, high school, hamsters, boys, etc.:
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I don't even need to read a good book to fall asleep. I can just think "I should really read one of the great novels" and I am out.
Woman have been banned from driving in Saudi Arabia since 1990:
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This is the lineup the first time I performed at @ImprovComedyLA in 1988. Rick Rockwell was the pop in.
@marcmaron: @JuddApatow Nah. I've seen it many time. I just get excited.” Then go see Birdman. Inspiring.
Many decades ago I put together a Comic Relief benefit at UCLA. Here is a photo of us.
@marcmaron: Three Kings is a fucking masterpiece fucking David O Russell is a fucking genius.” You just got to it? Next up - Hard Eight.
@KayKayCannon: Hall's voice is really hanging in there. God bless him. And America. #hallandoates” pay attention! Focus! Tweet later!
@bethshax: Uhh nice placement @JuddApatow”. Thanks! I am deeply moved.
Congrats @theodoremelfi on St. Vincent. It's a beautiful, funny film. Everyone should see it.
Yay @theodoremelfi on-set Directing Bill Murray “St. Vincent”. Hear our chat. SEE THIS FILM!
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Why aren't you at Birdman?
Tickets go on sale tomorrow for the next Judd Apatow and Friends 11/3 at @LargoLosAngeles. Last show was Sarah Silverman and Bo Burnham.