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JT Silva
Dammit Monday. I got stung by a bee... Not My Girl style, but still.
Hmm... I wanna go to Spain and watch Neymar play for Barça when he's better.
I can't seem to sleep in anymore. :|
Happy 5th of July!! Here for the fireworks do-over.
I had my TV on Univision to watch the soccer games, since I get that over the air, and Sabado Gigante is on. I can't seem to turn away.
Just made some vegan ice cream... let's see what it tastes like. heh.
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DEVELOPING: Brazil's Neymar has been taken to hospital after taking a knee to back late in win vs. Colombia. »
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Brazil and Germany play Tuesday.... gotta figure out how to get out of work at 3pm. heh.
Gotta change out of my Brazil shirt.... 4th of July you know... #dualcitizenproblems
Well... now I want feijoada.
BREAKING: Brazil beats Colombia 2-1 to reach World Cup semifinals.
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Woohoo!!! Brazil goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a goal!! Brazil up 2. :)
Goaaaaaaaaaaaal Luiz!!!!!!!!
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Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brasil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quite possible that this will be the best match of the tournament. Brazil ranks No. 1 in SPI and Colombia No. 3.
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Get it done Brazil!!!
Oh no! Today's not Saturday... there's soap operas on the TV. aaaaaghghggghghghghhh!!!!!!!!!!
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I can't wait for the Brazil match tomorrow.
Insert clichéd Peewee's Adventure quote here.
I'm having a fun time walking around today... Chilling at SAMA then going to the Pearl.
Their sign doesn't look very current.
Our Lady of Lourdes @ Southwest School of Art
Our Lady of Lourdes
I left my apartment without earphones and told myself, "It's okay. It'll be nice to go without music." I'm not sure I convinced myself.
Don't you hate when you have superpowers but can't talk about it because it's against the superhero code to do so?
I like waking up tired, but knowing I'm off til Monday! #nobigdeal
Eddie Izzard!
Eddie Izzard! Hilarious so far...
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When in doubt, pizza. RT @MensHumor: This is the hardest choice ever...
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I want a mango.
I hate when I tweet something and what I tweet didn't come out right. doh!
Would it be un-American to wear my Brasil jersey on the 4th of July? #dualcitizenproblems
Is it un-American to already be tired of the Tim Howard craziness?
We've got Eddie Izzard at the Majestic tonight!
So... Brazil plays Friday?