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JT Silva
Gotta wake up early to run tomorrow morning! So, I guess I should go to sleep soon.
It's 10:30am and I already want lunch.
So You Think You Can Dance is loading in this morning... looks like it's gonna be a cool production.
Broken Bells! It was awesome.
Broken Bells!
Nap time! Sundays rule.
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4 different people looked at me weird as I was walking. Is my zipper down again or something?
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I'm gonna watch horror movies at home all weekend. Any suggestions?
Just realized my neighborhood is gonna be crazy. #firstfriday
U.K. 'Office' fans rejoice, David Brent has returned to rock
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I slept almost 12 hours. Be jealous.
I swear I'm gonna fall asleep at my desk.
Fuck this weather.
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Hey, Streetcar Critics: Stop Making 'Perfect' the Enemy of 'Good' - CityLab…
Bohanan's Goes Orange
Season opens tonight!
Mmmmm cookies...
Dammit!! I'm hungry and now only Chipotle will do. RT @fdatch: Chipotle... Why must you smell sooooo good? Snack time.
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Magical interior of San Antonio's Majestic Theatre - is that the sky?
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Did you know we offer tours of @MajesticEmpire for groups of 10+? Learn more here:…
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From up above!
Old 97's! #moonamp
Moonamp Music Festival!
Hanging out. Watching a movie!
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It should be illegal to be up this early on a weekend.
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Sweet shot of the marquee at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre, courtesy of our friend @JTSmagic.…
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NBA hasn't done a top 10 list for Ginobili that I can find. Would have been worth it just for the dunk on Bosh alone.
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Guess where I'm going for a fun vacation? Heroin is cheaper than beer in rural Pennsylvania: report via @nypost
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Walking to work
I should've called in sick and played FIFA 15 all day. Ohhhh well.
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It's fall! I wish the weather agreed.
So, I'm awake... Guess I'll play FIFA15. Heh.
Oh Whata Night @whataburger! #SAGoesOrange @safoodbank
I think I did it this time..... I drank too much coffee.