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J Sizzy
Could never watch a BS show where they cast cave men as Egyptian folk. Lol, kids will think Tut wasn't black. 😐m
Retweeted by J Sizzy
Errbody follow my snapchat! I'm hilarious. @ _>>>>> jsinthegamer
It's National Hot Dog Day!!! Let's all go out and get some dogs!!! Murican style
Watch my damn live stream
Just discovered Nicole Murphy. Damn!
I'm gon see Pixels
I feel like trollin tonight
Tell me why I woke up and my tv was on QVC lol
Nuthin like late night ramen noodles.
A full blood moon tonight. Excellent.
You ever sit back and realize you've got some beast ass friends? Lol
Tell me why I woke up and thought I was already in 2016
Gettin ignant for my birthday. I'm goin out wit my peeps and I better not have to pay for SHIT! Just sayin
What a nigga gotta do to get some coconut shavings around here?!?
Remember when the arcade was the shit? Ninja Turtles n The Simpson! Marge with da vacuum ALL DAY SON!
Game of Thrones catchup all night
Charge ya phones now cause ya power fittin to go out
I think Bill Cosby feet stank. Like dat old man foot stench.
When your homie sees you touch your girls butt for the first time w/ @Splack_19, @LaraSeb... (Vine by @CLop3z)
Just uploaded "Trap n Step III" to @mixcloud… Listen up!
Workin on the new mix right now!
Sorry y'all i didn't drop a mix tonight but tomorrow I GOT YOU!!! Gon be the best one yet! #DJ #DJlife #DjMagTop100 #EDMFamily #EDM
I hate the Witcher 3 ending --_-- really @CDPROJEKTRED really?!?
"Hi, am I on the air?"... (Vine by XScourgeTailsX)
When you can't take your moms mouth anymore #kennyknox (Vine by @KennyKnox97)
If you ain't got nuthin but she with you, don't take her for granted cause she believes in you.....or she just ain't bout shit her damn self
YO! The Witcher 3!!! This game is up there with the all time greats!!! #Witcher3 #WildHunt #XboxOne #PS4 #greatness #cdprojectred
Why is JR Smith so retarded?
Gettin tired of them zooming in on LeBron head. Stop it! #NBAFinals #NBAPlayoffs #CavsWarriors #WARRIORSvCAVS #NBA #LeBronJames
I'd like a back massage. It's tight. Anyone? Preferably someone with soft hands...and smells good...and has nice feet...and fresh breath...
Please bore me some more. I simply can't do without it.....said no one ever
I wanna see Pixels
Why people act retarded when you ask simple questions? This perplexes me
"Boddahdoodleleht-doot-doddleledooloddledaht-deddle like whoa-oh-oooh!" Said the rap song I keep hearing
When you and the homie both get the fight on video (Vine by @ehhvan)
Just uploaded "Trap n Step II" to @mixcloud… Tune in now!
Droppin another mix tomorrow night y'all! Stay tuned and turn the speakers up! #DJ #music #TrapMusic #EDM #EDMFamily #dubstep #twerk
You ever think something is one way then way later you find out it's completely NOT that and then have to laugh hysterically because of it?
McDonald's run anybody?
Anybody know of any part time jobs hiring? I need some more money juice

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