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Corey Saunders
Well @HCRHSAssassin you have successfully taken over my life... time to write that paper i didnt write ... #SoggyPaper
Sometimes the people who look like they have it all together on the outside... really are broken inside..
Photos are the way to express yourself!
I just got accepted to be a counselor for teen week at Tuscarora! #blessed
Going to school with broken headphones= DEATH ....
Where the heck did my senior year go? !
Note to self empty pockets before washing.... #BrokenHeadphones
I find it ironic how I am stressing over a speech, about how not to be stressed....
#ifunny :Did you know if every single person stood in a single line around the equator most of them would drown
I hated nap time as a child... I would give almost anything for a naptime as a senior in high school.. My how the tables have turned
Ready for the most awkward night of my life!
Can someone just tell my teacher I died due to inability to finish work!
Forgot to write a speech for tomorrow #LongNightAhead
Hey everyone look at my little chicken #ralph
If someone gets me a cup of coffee this morning I will love them for life!
Well I think the job interview went well
I think I take better naps in the nurses office than anywhere else!
can someone explain to me how my level of productivity drops as soon as i am asked to do something...
If you are going to keep us in school while it is snowing.... At least let us have a snowball fight!