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Corey Saunders
Well @HCRHSAssassin you have successfully taken over my life... time to write that paper i didnt write ... #SoggyPaper
Sometimes the people who look like they have it all together on the outside... really are broken inside..
Photos are the way to express yourself!
I just got accepted to be a counselor for teen week at Tuscarora! #blessed
Going to school with broken headphones= DEATH ....
Where the heck did my senior year go? !
Note to self empty pockets before washing.... #BrokenHeadphones
I find it ironic how I am stressing over a speech, about how not to be stressed....
#ifunny :Did you know if every single person stood in a single line around the equator most of them would drown
I hated nap time as a child... I would give almost anything for a naptime as a senior in high school.. My how the tables have turned
Ready for the most awkward night of my life!
Can someone just tell my teacher I died due to inability to finish work!
Forgot to write a speech for tomorrow #LongNightAhead
Hey everyone look at my little chicken #ralph
If someone gets me a cup of coffee this morning I will love them for life!
Well I think the job interview went well
I think I take better naps in the nurses office than anywhere else!
can someone explain to me how my level of productivity drops as soon as i am asked to do something...
If you are going to keep us in school while it is snowing.... At least let us have a snowball fight!
At last my phone is back in my possession! #finally
So i think my wrist is broken..... #SlipOnIce #ImDone
Dear driver behind me.... Please turn your high beams off.... Sincerely the blind driver ahead of you.....
It aint as bad as you think. It will look better in the morning!
So i got some coffee.... Now I have to write a 10 minute speech.. I have a feeling it's going to…
I just got to take a nap in the nurses office!!! #ILoveNaps
Today I came to the realization that I'm a senior!
Okay seriously...... I can't even see the road.... And there is school....... Can we not!!!!!!
I kinda want to go back to Tuscarora..... I don't wanna do school tomorrow
In a car full of guys for an hour and a half... With rock blasting through the speakers... Ummm.....
Just ask the coolest girl to prom and she said yes!!!! #soexcited
Words of the wise from my teacher.... Do not make a bologna sandwich while snowboarding....
Math can just go die on a Hole!!!
This full day.... Is killing me... Bleh
Did I really look that young as a freshman??
Some freshman look like 6th graders...
Nothings worse than a cold cup of coffee #morecoffee
Anyone know anywhere that is hiring?