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Jr. Astro Mackenzie
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I have some really cool news! Later this month I will have the opportunity to tour Kennedy Space Center! #excited #KSC #space
RT: @astro_reid Grand Canyon #EarthArt – never been to see it from ground level.
The picture of the Hoover Dam from #space made me flashback to hiking there (Goldstrike Canyon) about 6 mths ago.
RT: I've been there, but that's a better view! Amazing! @astro_reid And the Hoover Dam.
Thanks everyone for your questions! That concludes the Q&A.
I'm still answering questions for a couple more minutes. Speak now, or forever hold your peace!
I'm here to answer your questions! Tweet me @JrAstronaut now!
Don't forget to log on tomorrow to ask me your questions at 2:00PM EDT! Just tweet me @JrAstronaut!
My Q&A session will be at 2:00PM EDT tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd. All you have to do is tweet me @JrAstronaut and ask me your questions!
2,000 followers! THANK YOU everyone!!!! There will be a Q&A session coming soon! (Maybe even tomorrow.) #Thankyou
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this. 10 minutes ago on the #ISS #aurora
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Here's my blog post about my trip to #SpaceX in California!
Sorry for the lack of posts recently! Im on vacation and dont get wifi very often.
Who wants to have a Q&A session when I get 2,000 followers?
My #favorite photo to date. Lucky shot…Cuba, Bahamas, Florida at night under a high moon.
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Wow-thoughts and prayers for all of the families.…
Exciting news! I now have a tee shirt for sale! I need to sell 10, so your purchase means a lot! Get yours here:
Incase you missed it, check out my video interview here:…
I got to tour a space company last weekend. I will post more details soon!
have you seen Space X's new spacecraft? Introducing the Dragon V2!…
I am now CPR certified thanks to the @American_Heart association!
I'm back from encampment! Here's a picture of me while I was there.
Hey everyone! I won't be tweeting for the next week because I will be at boot camp (Civil Air Patrol encampment). See you next week!
ISS looks even cooler at night! RT: @astro_reid Reality is better than sci-fi. @Astro_Alex floats in the distance.
Our orbit is almost parallel to the terminator so it is daylight with a low sun angle 24 hrs a day now on the #ISS.
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RT: @astro_reid : Still adjusting to zero g. Just flipped a bag upside down to dump out the contents. #doesntworkhere
Nice view of Banks Peninsula in #NewZealand. Magnificent scenery, used to hike there often... #BlueDot
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Your questions are coming in! Tweet me a question about anything you like-I may answer it & give you a shoutout in a video coming soon!
First run done – heels were tingling, food bouncing in stomach. Yuck!
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If you have any questions for me about STEM, space, astronauts, or myself, tweet them to me! I may answer them in an upcoming video!
As you watch the docking of the #Soyuz, send me your space questions (or Q's about me) using the hashtag #askjrastro…
Send me your questions using #askjrastro and I may answer them in a video Q&A! They can be about anything you want to know. Send them now!
The expedition 40/41 crew is about to launch. Watch it live on #NASA TV!…
Thanks for the amazing support. Time for me to focus on the task at hand. Next tweet will be from space!! Cheers, Reid #SoyuzTMA13M
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My video interview is up! Watch it HERE NOW:…
I have a new video interview coming soon! The filming is done, now just waiting for it to be edited. I can't wait to see the finished work!
I went to Arizona State University (#ASU) for an #aerospace event three weeks ago! I have pictures of the trip here:…
Check out my new blog post: "Aerospace Event at ASU" --->
Here's an awesome video by @AstroIllini on how the robotic arm works on the ISS.…
The first music video ever shot in space will be going down today, due to copyright. Watch it once more here:…