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Joshua Preston
Free can of Stella from the lady running the bar on the train for giving a chap an earful for taking the full train situ out on her. #win
There are so many dogs (not the derogatory term for an ugly lady) on this train.
Good morning #London. This shot was taken whilst looking through the gates at the end of The Mall. You can see the #pink & #purple tones of a #winter #sunset as the sun sets behind Buckingham Palace in the distance. Notice the shallow depth of field on the gate, resulting in some lovely soft #bokeh
Avi gettin' that #selfie shot @gcooler
You've ruined your app with the forced full screen adverts. @InstaSize
@katetew in @gcooler's Native Red Indian feather head dress on Regent Street just now.
There's a really lovely shape to these leaves. -Spotted in Greenwich Park.
"I think I've had too much coffee this morning" - oh please @BBC6Music #BBC6DJGate
"Be in there like swimware" - really? @BBC6Music
Who on earth is this lady you've got on? I've never heard such a boring DJ. @BBC6Music
Teens jailed for axe murder of man who confronted them for spitting on his girlfriend
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Your tweet just appeared on prime-time UK evening news as Putin quoted "there are no palaces". @navalny
Sign up to Airbnb and get £16 in travel credit (for us both)! @Airbnb…
The most Googled recipe in Ukraine this year was Molotov cocktails.
Spotted turning into Heathrow final approach over Southwark with helicopter following close behind. #UA28
LISTEN: Ex-SAS soldier Andy McNab talks to Iain Dale about Sydney hostage situation
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VIRAL VIDEO: Texas Cop Uses Stun Gun On 76 Year-Old Man Over Inspection Sticker -
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finally deleted the godawful Daily Mail app from my phone #proud
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London has been plastered with spoof posters calling the police racist and corrupt:
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IS supporters claim hostage taking is retaliation to Western aggression, torture, drone strikes in Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan.. #sydneysiege
1656 Brussels to London @Eurostar has come to an abrupt stop somewhere in France. Emergency lighting is on. @BBCBreaking
A hashtag you'd assume came from the OTT scaremongering outlet that is Fox News: #WeatherBomb - what's happened to the British media?
CIA was torturing - as new report details - *before* 9/11: hence, 9/11. Now we understand why those attacks happened in the first place.
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To understand UK: Brits are 'ok' with rectal feeding torture techniques, but are now outlawing facesitting in porno.
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Puppy time. Photo credit @georgiepreston (The little sister)
This guy knows the score. Absolute lad. Entrepreneur.
#Puddle #reflection of Big Ben at @daveburt's @london #instameet
Just been on a spontaneous Instameet with @mmckillen - he's a talented chap. Check out his feed. Now. I mean do it. Like really check it out. Now.
The Norwegian Spruce is up. Merry Christmas @london.
A shot down the middle of a 6-story spiral staircase. Is this the ultimate Zag Hunt @crissibeth? #zaghunting
Nicely done, TfL.
INFO: 18:40 London Bridge to West Croydon has been cancelled due to an earlier broken down train
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INFO: 17:57 London Bridge to Beckenham Junction is 52 mins delayed due to an earlier broken down train
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Carnage; London Overground off. Southeastern off. Bakerloo Line "Held". @Se_Railway @TfLTravelAlerts #DenmarkHill
It looks like #Autumn just threw up all over this car.
Red, yellow and green.
Happy Nearly Christmas, @jpfpreston. You're today's winner of our #LeonAdvent. DM us your postal address & we'll caffeine you up.
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Thanks @leonrestaurants - I normally just grab a salad box & go so I'm super excited to try your coffee! #winning
Today, the #LeonAdvent begins. I'm dreaming of a (flat) white Christmas. RT TO WIN coffee for a month. Winner at 5pm.
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Bothers me that some LU trains don't match the colour of the internals with the line they're on. Northern trains with blue, H&C with yellow.
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When does a discount become more important than common decency?