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Joshua Preston
A hashtag you'd assume came from the OTT scaremongering outlet that is Fox News: #WeatherBomb - what's happened to the British media?
CIA was torturing - as new report details - *before* 9/11: hence, 9/11. Now we understand why those attacks happened in the first place.
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To understand UK: Brits are 'ok' with rectal feeding torture techniques, but are now outlawing facesitting in porno.
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Puppy time. Photo credit @georgiepreston (The little sister)
This guy knows the score. Absolute lad. Entrepreneur.
#Puddle #reflection of Big Ben at @daveburt's @london #instameet
Just been on a spontaneous Instameet with @mmckillen - he's a talented chap. Check out his feed. Now. I mean do it. Like really check it out. Now.
The Norwegian Spruce is up. Merry Christmas @london.
A shot down the middle of a 6-story spiral staircase. Is this the ultimate Zag Hunt @crissibeth? #zaghunting
Nicely done, TfL.
INFO: 18:40 London Bridge to West Croydon has been cancelled due to an earlier broken down train
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INFO: 17:57 London Bridge to Beckenham Junction is 52 mins delayed due to an earlier broken down train
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Carnage; London Overground off. Southeastern off. Bakerloo Line "Held". @Se_Railway @TfLTravelAlerts #DenmarkHill
It looks like #Autumn just threw up all over this car.
Red, yellow and green.
Happy Nearly Christmas, @jpfpreston. You're today's winner of our #LeonAdvent. DM us your postal address & we'll caffeine you up.
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Thanks @leonrestaurants - I normally just grab a salad box & go so I'm super excited to try your coffee! #winning
Today, the #LeonAdvent begins. I'm dreaming of a (flat) white Christmas. RT TO WIN coffee for a month. Winner at 5pm.
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Bothers me that some LU trains don't match the colour of the internals with the line they're on. Northern trains with blue, H&C with yellow.
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When does a discount become more important than common decency?
Be cool and wear Hype. Obviously.
Blair yet again wins the award for causing the most controversy after winning an award...
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The Vodafone takeover has definitely ruined the Waterloo & City line tunnel at Bank. This was a shot taken after they'd closed this part of the station off in the evening - as the Waterloo & City line shuts early due to lack of demand. (Thank you to the Station manager for this.) #killtheunderground
This is Frank - a homeless chap who frequents The Strand and Fleet Street. If you see him do say hello. He's lovely and has managed to cope with life on London's streets pretty well for too many years. @London streets are not the nicest places at the best of times. So spare a thought this Christmas
One door leads to another..
This spiral staircase spans 6 floors.. Looking down it almost disappears. #Zaghunting
#mindthegap and #mindthebokeh
Sainsbury’s win the #Christmas ad race in my opinion. @sainsburys
ffs please stop 'connecting' to albums I've saved for offline listening @SpotifyCares
Fresh fish prep on a food stall in the Far East.
Why is our government afraid of greener energy? We could create a whole new industry around it.… @rustyrockets
Just discovered a really great bar in Camberwell. Pop down for coffee (and/or beer) @CoolCatsCafe
The SELs would have you believe all big bottled beer is 3 for £5. 3 Peroni's just cost me about £10... @Tesco
Out tonight? Fancy a free ride home? Use @Uber promo code 2k6t5
Never get cold using your tablet again! RT & follow to #win touchscreen gloves & an iPad! >
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It'd be nice to have a meeting in your Green Park store without having 6 staff on break chatting loudly downstairs. @Pret
Not sure where it starts but the 0846 from Queens Road Peckham - the train runs empty as it's no use to anyone @SouthernRailUK
What's the point in running a service that terminates one stop before London Bridge? @SouthernRailUK
Go on then. Have yourself a free @Uber ride with promo code 2k6t5
Goodnight #London. This is a re-edit of a photograph I snapped a few months ago. Taken on a 50mm f1.4 with 15 second shutter. I've been back to #towerbridge a few times since, but I just can't seem to beat this shot. It's a personal favourite. Play with the perspective, think outside the box, fram
Managed to catch this District Line tube as it pulled away from Mansion House station. This was on a 1/6 of a second shutter to capture the #motion. Enjoy.
COMMIT NO NUISANCE I noticed this #vintage sign on the side of a house not far from London Bridge yesterday. I think the wording is quite cool - much better than something like "No Loitering". Cute but aggressive.
Just on the bus home. Homies.