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john möller
Around 28% of Twitter accounts are fake accounts created by the FBI and CIA to spy on users and monitor social networking activity.
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To people who don't know I'M A FRICKIN WHOVIAN HELL YEAH (Doctor who fan)
#spoilers #DoctorWho #12thdoctor SPOILER ALERT! Peter Capaldi is the 12th doctor. For guys who don't know, he played in fires of pompei.
Follow @gtarankarnatwt for updates from our YouTube channel #youtube #gtarankarna #minecraft
I have a new home page here - check me out!
Next time you're at McDonald's, you've got to try these awesome hacks. Secret menu, paleo foods, and more. - sp
Club Penguin Free Membership Generator | Online Virtual World for Kids… via @Mr_ooND
Skvaler påväg ge mig pengar
When I say "I'll think about it", what I really mean is, "I'll forget about it completely until you bring it up again."
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Be happy in front of people who hate you, it kills them..
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Me: Okay brain, lets focus for just 45 minutes on this math test we can do this. Brain: DADADA BANANA LALALALALA AFRO SQUIRREL POTATO LALA
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Jag använde garderoben som toa
Jag orkar inte göra random (visst var det random) du fattar inte va random
I lajk trejns (har inget med bilden att göra)
Mina skinkor känns obalanserad. Oops det skulle jag skicka till mamma!
Jag gömde liket i sandlådan på dagiset
Löv är gott för paj är grön
Boken var i toaletten
Tåg är gott för det smakar ketchup. Aj lajk trejns
Mina 10 nästa tweets ska jag försöka göra så random som möjligt
#justinbieber hahahahahahhahahahaha Justin beaver sucks hahahahahahahah
The SECRET "ORGANISER" of the 50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL? ... You are WELCOME. (via @ToneCartoons)
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Min förra tweet mena jag i skolan
Mitt första That what she Said joke OMG CELEBRATION
That awkward moment when somebody says hi to somebody, and you think he Said to you