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#throwbackthursday with my main from camp Leah @leahdoll322 2011 miss yah soo much
sitting in this gym 😭
Two days is not enough time for a weekend.
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😩😩When people come to School Sick and start sneezing all over the place �
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your in high school and you just asked "how many months are in a year"I'm WEaAaKKK.
finally goin to bed😂
there is a big sewer lecage on mckelevey rd
i hate the way the teacher teaches it 😭🙅
any geometry geeks out thur
someone come take me to a QT please 👌
#wcw #mileycyrus @mileycyrus 😍😚💨🚬👌 #highasf
money would solve about 98% of my problems
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When the teacher calls on you for an answer and your friend whispers it to you but you get it wrong
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Exercise? More like extra fries
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Niggas be in your DMs like "Yo check out my mixtape fam"
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Don't. Send. Me. Snapchats. That. You. Also. Put. In. Your. Story.
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my attitude is based on how you treat me
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can it just be 2:13 already
i wanna see that movie 'into the storm'..
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I get stressed out entirely too easily 😩#schooll
worst class of the day 😂💥🔫