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hoodie season is the best 🙌🙋👌
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this classbe having me weak as fuck 😂😂😂😂
all these test
thisnclass is irrelevant
Tissues Tissues TISSUES. thats all ive been hearing in class
i need to get these grades up
Did K Camp ever cut that bitch off?
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i needa start stocking up on my sweats and hoodies
let me go to this bus stop 😭😭😭😭
i gotta start goingto bed early more often
the need to go stock up on snacks
ive given up on trying to get a job
When you bout to be late to class and niggas stop you in the halls to talk but this is your last warning...
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Hol' up hol' up, Hol' up, we dem boyz Hol' up, we dem boyz🎶 �@wizkhalifafa
lesten to all wiz khalifa tahhdy
🎶yeah! This liquor got the best of me, yeah! This liquor got the best of me. Machine Gun Kelly, Flocka that's the recipe🎶
i just wanna be done with school 😂
the best conversations always happen late at night
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im going to vote till i cant vote no more
Homecoming theme: Broadway Seniors: Grease Juniors: Wicked Sophomores: Rock of Ages Freshmen: West Side Story Use #phsSPIRIT all week.
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Where should we go live from for Week 4? PATTONVILLE
after school naps are amazing.
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Iggy Azalea - Black Widow ft. Rita Ora: via @YouTube😍😍
I'm ready for hoodie and sweatpant weather. 💜
yal b killin' me when yal say "I would post my MCM but..." But what?! Lmfao 😭
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Coffee is essential in the morning
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i dont feel like doing my homework fr
If you love a virgo, you love the truth.
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happy birthday to my fav @wizkhalifa 😍😘👏🎶💨🍁
made my brother pay me to use my charger 😂
thats the shit im talking about
I wish I had a super smart friend to do my homework lol 😂👌😍
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the day is going pretty good for being a Monday
@Joooy2TheWorld: lol didnt do that extra credit for class” I forgot to do it for psych 😩😩
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lol didnt do that extra credit for class
It takes 21 days to form a habit? I’ve been going to school for 2,500 days and I still give up every morning
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i went to bed hella early. im feeling great!
my stomachs growling 😳