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Ron Harris
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Missing the AMA's. Meh, got work to do.
#Protip: Don't put a shortcut to your home directory inside your Mac home directory. It will just make you question everything. #things
"um, Dr Schrodinger? I opened the box and, well... we may have a problem"
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Gift guide: Gadgets to help you take better selfies, @Journorati reports:
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Firefox dumps Google for Yahoo as default search engine via @CNNMoney
I wrote this selfie helper gift guide. > "Help your selfie with some add-on gear" -… via @seattlepi
I think LinkedIn is great. I just have no earthly idea how to use it. #thingseverywhere
Spoiler alert! It's probably her slipper. #gasp >>>> "Disney's Cinderella Official US Trailer" via @YouTube
Is there anything new in #aquarium technology?
Straight lurking on #muckedup chat tonight. Dicey stuff, but it should be a good read.
Some day, @AnnaKendrick47 is going to do something not adorable. Til then: "The Waiting Game" starring Anna Kendrick:
Just took a listen to @Official_Tink on Youtube. Yep, no mystery why @sleighbells brought her on stage @ SXSW. She's the real deal.
One more Jenny Lewis shot from last night.
Jenny Lewis was wonderful last night.
Went to @jennylewis in #Atlanta last night. Best show I've seen this year. She's the whole package. #respect
Nice to spend some quality time with a few rock legends last night:…
Star-studded rock lineup honors Lynyrd Skynyrd via @MailOnline
Pleasure to interview Johnny van Zant, Gary Rossington, Warren Haynes, Aaron Lewis and the lead guitarist for Cheap Trick tonight.
A second hole forms in Tampa Bay-area neighborhood where a hole developed in a driveway and swallowed a car:
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If you have any online work to do, you might want to hustle. @KimKardashian might cripple some nodes tonight.
George W. Bush says he and his father George H.W. Bush believe Jeb Bush "ought to run" for White House
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A4b) Content marketing = you just need a better ads. (Which is what ad agencies are for. Not journalists.) #muckedup
A3b) Journalism and content marketing can co-exist just fine, as long as you loosen & degrade the definition of journalism. #muckedup
If readers had a "bright line" for separating content marketing from journalism, content marketers would move the line. #muckedup
Reading #muckedup. Me = Professional journalist. Semi-professional bacon eater. Profile =
Followed back @xjohnrossx because Tera Melos is from Sac, so he can't be all bad. @oldtownsaccandystoreforthewin
1.5 :) RT @iJournalista: 2.5 hours 'til #muckedup, now. Set your alarms!
Might tune in to #muckedup tonight, if for no other reason than to learn how #contentmarketing isn't #advertising. #reasons
RT @misslauramalton: Wait a minute. Alabama and Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Fox Theatre this weekend? Why didn't I know about this earlier?!
More ink.... "Review: Rice's "Fantasy" Is a Lovely Reality" - ABC News via @ABC
Visit @guitarcenter Atlanta, GA #DrumOff Semifinals on Nov. 11 @ 7PM to watch @Roland_US's V-Drums product showcase
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My review of Damien Rice's latest album, in today's Washington Post: "Review: Rice's "Fantasy" is a lovely reality"
Review: Rice's "Fantasy" Is a Lovely Reality…
When your #bostonterrier jumps on the remote and changes the channel in the middle of a crucial #walkingdead scene, he is guilty of #shenanigans.
#heavysigh >>>> Unexpected Complexity in a Spider’s Tiny Brain
Big question on hand for the committee. Is a 2-loss K State team better than a 2-loss UGA team? If not, UGA is in for a big rankings jump.
Because of reasons. > RT @HuffingtonPost: If catcalling is "just saying hi," why don't men do it to other men?