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Josephine Victoria
Devouring Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow, as per Mr. @Alberto_Han's recommendation. Might be the best book I've read so far.
Just tell me how could it possibly not make my day?! Prayers from overseas. @HDaniyaal
You five have made me the happiest, most proud big sister in the whole world. @cdtanjung @KristiHRT @marianalrt @DeiannGracias @yohannica <3
Nothing else matters at this point. I love you @yohannica.
Rainy summer nights, literally and hypothetically.
Been hoping since 2002. Watched every game. Swallowed every pain. Now it's time to reap the fruit of patience. DEUTSCHELAND UBER ALLES! #GER
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:) This is going to be the best sleep ever. #WellDeservingVictory
Went from hating shopping to buying 5 floral-patterned dresses and 2 pairs of strappy sandals. Something is obviously wrong with me.
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA RT @kvnfer: RT @bittentaco: TVOne nayangin Academy Awards, Leonardo DiCaprio menang.
............................. Not that I'm not happy about how it's turning out to be, I'm all for Der Panzer. But WTF Brazil. WTF!
07/07. Such a good date to congratulate @adrianushenri's S.E. achievement and mark the boyfriend's visit in exactly a month. #favoriteguys
My life is far from perfect. The people sent from above to help me in this rollercoaster ride, however, are. Count your blessings.
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Thief arrested after he forgot to log off Facebook
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The bravest man in the world? Luis Suarez' dentist.
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England and Italy just go home. Two biggest league country. Drama.
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Can't function properly post learning to Rayi / @kutubb passing away. Hope he RIP. Always such a good friend, he was..
Ngakak RT @ArazFelayagi: Boateng bersaudara mau ada acara keluarga kayaknya, sama2 diturunin kan.
First thing I'll do in the morning: beliin penggaris buat pemain Jerman, masing2 satu. Lagian ngasih umpan ga ada yang terukur.
Happy birthday to the beautiful @venessa I love you xxxxxo much!!
THIS!! @yohannica RT @OhWonka: I will never understand the physics behind british people losing their accents when they sing.