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Josephine Victoria
I seriously cannot wait for Arrow's Season 4 Premiere!!! | Meet the American Vigilantes Who Are Fighting ISIS
#Yaaaas | Meet the L’Oréal chemist who's changing the face of makeup… by @LizSegran via @FastCompany
More than an hour from Matraman to Manggarai. Congrats, Jakarta, you're more f*cked up than you've ever been. 👍
After binge-watching @emmymadeinjapan's Emmy Eats The Netherlands, it's time to enjoy these cuties from my guy! 😋�Dy
The perfect (and last 😭) Saturdate. [pic] —
Obsessed. @jakecoco @NinaStorey | Charlie Puth - Marvin Gaye ft. Meghan Trainor (Cover by Jake Coco & Nina...
Yes, Angkor Wat! | The #1 travel sight in the world, as voted by Lonely Planet via @YouTube
LOL, vote at your own risk. | The 199 Most Donald Trump Things Donald Trump Has Ever Said…
Dear @facebook team, kindly fix birthday posts issue so I can read and reply to each one on timeline, thank you! PS: They're annoying af. ;)
Spent my birthday in a hut in the middle of rice fields. Lost the track of time, everything was just so… [pic] —
And just like that, the first hour of Aug 15, 2015 has flown by. It's exactly how year after year is continuously passing me by. #thankful
See the most dazzling photos of the Perseid meteor shower via @TIME
Pulled out Made of Honor, Serendipity, The Switch, and a Toblerone from Lu. Yes, it's that bad. #thattimeofthemonth :(
!!!!!! | 19 Things Only People Who Spend Too Much Money Will Understand… via @BuzzFeed
Birkin bag: from status symbol to badge of shame
Inside the failure of Google+, a very expensive attempt to unseat Facebook… via @mashable
:( | 26 Struggles All Overly Nice People Know To Be True… via @annacatkopsky @BuzzFeed
#thatmomentwhen your mentor's fave song is Sia's Chandelier and yours is Ebiet's Titip Rindu buat Ayah. #TheCuriousCaseofBenjaminButton
@josiery Thanks for your suggestion, Josephine! We'll keep it in mind. :) We're glad you loved the Mochaccino one :D
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First time having @oishi_tweets' mochaccino sponge and omg........ bag's almost empty. :( Too good! Please create a cinnamon flavored one!
I need more!! | The top TED talks that will change the way you work and live | via @Telegraph…
LOL | 23 Ways To Savagely Insult Someone Without Cursing… via @ErinChack
The journalist is doing it right. | Up in the Air: Meet the Man Who Flies Around the World for Free via @RollingStone
Good read. | You Just Got Out of Prison. Now What?
#YesPlease, for both the treats and the fairs! | 10 of the Craziest Foods from This Year’s State Fairs | Brit + Co…
Anyway, this is yet another special Friday: it's Eid Mubarak! Greetings to all my Muslim friends, have a great time with your loved ones! ❤️
Last week at this very time I was sick to my stomach, waiting anxiously for the jurors in my thesis defense at 9.30. Unforgettable day.
By far my favorite recap article of S11. @samhighfill I can relate to this on a spiritual level. |… via @EW
Just saw this!!!! 🙈 Thank you Yeshaaa! RT@TheresaVictoryy: Feelin really happy for this girl 😊 >>>>>@josieryry S.E.
Well, good luck.. | No! Greek vote shocks Europe…
LOL RT @iedoradityo: Because counting days is not Krisdayanti's monopoly. #StillWednesday
1:23 AM. As crazy as it might sound, it's already the second half of 2015..
What are the odds my frequents all put similar lookin' profile pictures.. I need me a holiday. @ArazFelayagi @ganniss
Hollande: 1 beheaded in France terror attack…
How they still use the name Islamic is beyond me. | Terror attacks on 3 continents…
Who Set Jessica Chambers On Fire? The Internet Is Trying To Find Out… via @katiejmbaker
Atlas, the new home for charts and data via @qz
Came downstairs to this mess. Welcome to the life of a lecturer's daughter! :D
"People with too much time will always have theories and unsubstantiated opinions." - @CloudyApples ❤️☁️🍎🍎
For about the 97th time and the cue for the tears never misses. ★ Mamma Mia! —
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Just finished impulse-watching Mamma Mia with @yohannica for the.... 16th time? Can't get over this masterpiece just yet.
Potentially the nicest way to thank someone for their time, @ranggoes. Help my friend here:…
Dear FR6212, thank you for the successful flight. @Ryanair

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