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Josephine Victoria
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Hands down the hardest day and night I've had to go thru in life. All thoughts are with @nikolassatrio's family and my baby @rezuleika. ❤️❤️
Never thought in 2014 I would really attend four weddings and a funeral. Literally. RIP Nikolas Satrio: bestfriend and an overall great guy.
"Gratitude is the sign of noble souls." - Aesop
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Exactly. RT @baconbkk: Did you see the revulsion, rioting and burning by Muslims worldwide because of the Child Massacre? No neither did I.
If this doesn't give you the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will.… via @YouTube @JonaSelleMusic
Saturday Scrumptious with family. Happy date night! (w/ Yohana Veronica & Christopher at @steakholycow) [pic] —
Breaking Bad Indonesia @yoseph_eric RT @jakpost: Lecturer arrested for attending ‘meth party’
Happy birthday to my good friend @GenghizKhanXCI, stay inspiring and love from Indonesia! Xxxx
People don't realize sometimes how offensive their words are.
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@baconbkk if you're eating at MacDonalds you should return the tray: return it full for health reasons #YouKnowItMakesSense
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Does leaving my food tray at the table in McDonald's make me a lazy bastard or a Socialist for keeping someone in a job?
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Macetnya perempatan Matraman yang biasanya stop di BPKP Pramuka pagi ini meluap sampai ke Arion. Jakarta'd better beware of my malediction.
Another reminder to live in humility. Arrogance takes you no where (permanent).
Yay @josiery! You were the first one all the way from Jakarta. Thanks for your kind words. Miss you too. The world will reunite us, soon! :)
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This week's cover preview: Sheikhs v shale December 6th – 12th 2014 Read for free via:
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Both Swiss-originated Adecco and Dutch-originated Randstaad are the world's largest HR consulting firms and providers. Very inspiring.
Short convo with beau led to discovery of Adecco and Randstad's existence that booked €19.5bn and €16.6bn in 2013 respectively. Uber cool!
OMG, a must watch: Internet Story - Official Video:… via @YouTube
Time to wander around Jkt using busway! :" RT @ireneatalia: My smelling senses are currently numb
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Jaw-dropping news and a vegan leather purse as a wedding favor that's 100% my style!! Luv ya Danny & @hanumdwita xxxx
Randomly re-watched Two Weeks Notice last night and now Big Yellow Taxi is playing on radio. Such an odd yet favorable coincidence.
I wonder how many law, political science, and psychology students are dreaming of writing a thesis on finance; if there's any. #rockbottom
GOTTA BE A TIE! RT @lonelyplanet: Who does street food better - Singapore or Taipei? #travel #lp
This couldn't be more me! Awesome. "My results for The Big Five Personality Test November 24, 2014, 4:25 pm | Truity"…
Tanya kenapa? // The Geography of Terrorism - Atlantic Mobile…
Nothin' cures a massive period pain like an amazing companion. Thank you for magically appearing on my doorstep @stephierth Sharon Laura xx
Help the gov't answer the problem, don't create another one.
In my opinion, protesters setting wheels on fire are plain stupid. Digubris pemerintah kagak, ganggu pernafasan orang iya. Plus bikin macet.
My top 5: Urban Outfitters, IKEA, Maybelline, WebMD, LinkedIn | 40 Honest Advertising Slogans That'll Make You Laugh:…
Lately I've said 'shore' as a mix of 'shop' & store', typed 'not' instead of 'now', & just now 'have' instead of 'has'. What is going on.
If I could choose only one local brand to stock up my dress closet with, it would be @Djodydjody. Where Has This Designer Been All My Life!!
Another story of another Brit banker in HK: "Leaving Hong Kong saved my life."… via @CNN
TalenToday's interesting take on my personality. Check out yours at #iamunique
10.Viewers retain 58% of what they see but only 10% of what they read. #kaMIST
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So excited to share that my babysis @marianalrt is NOW tweeting for @mistFEUI's #kaMIST! | A little excitement goes a long way hahah
8. 58% of your audience will stop watching video within the first 90 seconds. #kaMIST
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3.Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines. #kaMIST
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Along with the development of technologies, the Internet is now allowing firms to develop new ‘packaged’ products and services. #kaMIST
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As you all know, technology discoveries and invention are constantly growing all around the world and they are unstoppable. #kaMIST
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10 Weird Asian Trends That Might Surprise You: via @YouTube | Major LOL @DanOtGW @mikexingchen
Congratulations, Ibu Retno Marsudi, #Indonesia Ambassador to the #netherlands, appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in @jokowi_do2 Cabinet
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Thank you for the spell. :) RT @johnandri: RT @piersmorgan: One more please, Madrid. #MysticMorgan
Am over the moon happy not for Ronaldo's goal, but for Pique's yellow card.