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Josephine Victoria
Pleasant (and very filling) Wednesdate with Dad Mom & @yohannica at @FishnCoINDO @kotakasablanka. Thanks @NAVER_LINE!
The most fascinating thing about @EatStTweet is not the food trucks, but how hopeful the host is that he is a funny dude.
Only three more months more? 2014 should learn how to slow down! :O #HelloOctober
Only three more months more? 2014 should know how to slow down! :O #HelloOctober
Shout out to three amazing peeps who rocketed my mood till sky high today! @rezuleika @thomyprstyo @marianalrt Love ya :*
Might as well skip the broadcasted palaver and go straight to the official statement of democracy eradication.
@josiery @Pinterest Hi Josephina, i'm going to pass this feedback onto our team as we would love people to be able to share!
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Jakarta crazy traffic: a tenacious problem that will remain unsolvable as long as the gov't doesn't fight those esurient vehicle importers.
How I wish I only saw the word 'surging' used in the news about Alibaba IPO, not in ISIS' caliphate AND ebola cases too.. Good morning, All.
Led by @CNN app yesterday to this article:… That 1% margin in Quebec's case must hurt so bad!
Time heals almost anything. Give the time, some time
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Feels good breaking the silence on Twitter with a breaking news. Tweet what matters. :)
Pernah LDR-an is trending.............. #SenggolBacok. Have a good rest after the bloody Monday, Tweethearts!
"Even the sun sets in paradise." It shall rise again in February 2015. (with Luis) [pic] —
Almost too happy. Anniversary trip to 1000 Islands. (with Luis) [pic] —
Birthday weekend was more than awesome. Thank you for the kind messages on Twitter and have an amazing week ahead! <3
The birthday girl with her birthday present. (with Luis) [pic] —
Last day of being a 21-year-old. 'Forever 21' is a scam. :S
@josiery 's amazing boyfriend brought these. My new favourite person in the planet.
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Perfect date night. (with Luis at Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant) [pic] —
One of my favorite songs ever. Bravo! #oldskool :) RT @ocit_sayyari: It might be you…
The most anticipated day of my life. Fingers crossed.
@josiery @ikikikikaa Me two! Haha Cologne is absoflutely beautiful, Ry. You will love it to bits.
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Now that I think about it, having access to the world might come in handy :P Thanks, Mark! RT @baconbkk josiery that would be a sad loss.
Deactivating my Facebook and contemplating on doing the same on Twitter. Family related, nothing more. Happy Sunday! :)
"I like hanging out with people who make me not want to check my phone." <3
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Expectation: celebrating Jokowi's victory, painting nails, preparing work attire, doing 10-min aerobic. Reality: in bed with major headache.
Jokowi for #RI1 and Ahok for #DKI1. This is the best buy-one-get-one deal!!
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Kenapa Hatta Rajasa tidak tampak mendampingi konpers Prabowo? Karena Jokowi minta pendukungnya untuk tetap di rumah.
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Kak.. Gue baru mau nge-tweet ini :') RT @geralddebritto: Abis jokowi diangkat jd presiden yg harus direvolusi mentalnya udh tau lah ya siapa
Pak, @jokowi_do2, kayaknya Pak @Prabowo08 minta dinyanyiin Walk Away-nya Matt Monro nih..
"Vic. I feel bad. I feel really, really bad. So I decided you have to think with me, not only me." @rezuleika's logic. #peoplenowadays
A much-needed getaway. Have a great weekend, All..
Devouring Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow, as per Mr. @Alberto_Han's recommendation. Might be the best book I've read so far.
Just tell me how could it possibly not make my day?! Prayers from overseas. @HDaniyaal
You five have made me the happiest, most proud big sister in the whole world. @cdtanjung @KristiHRT @marianalrt @DeiannGracias @yohannica <3
Nothing else matters at this point. I love you @yohannica.
Rainy summer nights, literally and hypothetically.
Been hoping since 2002. Watched every game. Swallowed every pain. Now it's time to reap the fruit of patience. DEUTSCHELAND UBER ALLES! #GER
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:) This is going to be the best sleep ever. #WellDeservingVictory
Went from hating shopping to buying 5 floral-patterned dresses and 2 pairs of strappy sandals. Something is obviously wrong with me.
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA RT @kvnfer: RT @bittentaco: TVOne nayangin Academy Awards, Leonardo DiCaprio menang.