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Josh Wood
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Gig 'em, Governor Abbott.
A quick shot of our #Halloween costumes this year. Little known fact: Luke Skywalker hates cameras.
Me: "What did you guys make?" 5y/o: "Daddy, we're mower men. Lots of people pay us to mow their yards. They pay us LOTS of money."
Every time I hear the announcers say "and now they're one out away!" I remember the Rangers and the game of great #WorldSeries sadness.
a 6 pound container of peanut butter. This is what my life has come to.
I wrote a book a couple years ago. Here's my quarterly royalty notice. Try not to be jealous of my massive 3 month haul.
Well, we once again have a baby who has reached this phase of life. Hide yo tupperware lids. Hide yo knives.
Can you guess what we chose for this year's #costume theme?
#Saturday mornings are for cartoons and not for cleaning.
#throwbackthursday My how time flies. What a crazy & wonderful 12 years it has been.
'tis the season. Political tip from @joshwoodtx: including your nickname "SpicyBrown" on the ballot doesn't communicate to me, "I'm taking this job seriously."
Good stuff from @mashable: 8 things recruiters notice about your resume:…
Well, these are addictive.
Wood family pillow fight. Bring it on.
What a rough ending to a fantastic game. I was really pulling for you, Notre Dame. Well, you and everyone FSU plays against. #NotreDameVsFSU
So, this game is awesome. #FSUvsND
That was one of the most brutal games I've ever watched....and I was there for the Franchione years. #BAMAvsTAMU
Play of the game: Kyle Allen dodges a safety for a completion. Still forced to punt. Are there tears in anyone else's ice cream? #TAMUvsBAMA
Haha. “@cuppycup: Leaving Hill in right now is like making a kid smoke a whole carton of cigarettes to learn a lesson.”
The Wood house is almost out of comfort food. #TAMUvsBAMA #FreeKyleAllen
On the bright side, Kenny Hill won't be getting caught up in any autograph scandals anytime soon. #TAMUvsBAMA
We Aggies have a phrase: "Aggies didn't lose, they just ran out of time." Well, we used to have a phrase.
Total embarrassment
Is it frowned upon to fire a defensive coordinator mid-game? Has that ever happened? #Aggies
Yep, definitely time for a new defensive coordinator. #Aggies
I'd like to see what Kyle Allen can do now. Also, a new defensive coordinator.
It's like watching a high school team play a college team. What has happened to the #Aggies?
Hey Nike advertising executives: I found your next commerical. #JustDoIt
#throwbackthursday young Josh thinking, "I will not smile. You can't make me smile for the camera. I will not smile. Be strong, Josh, don't smile for that stranger behind the camera...."
In non-ebola related news-A Cowboys RB got arrested for stealing Dillard's undies? Really? If only I had time these days to blog. If only.
Barlow: No Ebola threat, BSA lockdown lifted
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Possible ebola in #Amarillo? Crazy.… This is getting very interesting in a horrible, horrible way. #ebola
BREAKING NEWS: Amarillo emergency management center is activated, working with BSA on a report of possible Ebola symptoms at BSA.
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Hey teachers: here's a brilliant way to teach the difference between active and passive voice:…
SEC West is 26-0 against everybody outside its division.
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Johnny Manziel + Speedy Noil would've been fun to watch tonight.
Speedy Noil is awesome.
Have the refs decided not to ever call holding on Garrett?
Kenny Hill has lost his trill.
Got my #ToughMudder #IWill pictures. I was hoping that I'd look more like a warrior ninja and less like a muddy guy afraid for his life. Better luck next time.
We can all safely scratch Weldon Springs, MO off of our "cities to buy real estate in" list. Horrifying.…
#throwbackthursday Legoland 2012
#ToughMudder. Aptly named.
Few interactions are more awkward than pulling up next to someone you know at a stop light. Wave. Roll down window. How are yo-GREEN LIGHT.
Pre-op snuggles.
Aggie defense led a come-from-behind victory & my hopes/dreams aren't being ruined by the Cowboys. Doesn't feel right. Have I been raptured?
Me: "Did you draw your Bible story in church today?" 5y/o: "No. It's me. I'm pretending to be a king and lighting things on fire." #kids