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Josh Wood
I feel bad for Charlie Strong. It's probably been a rough day for he and Matthew McConaughey's friendship. #TCUvsUT
My 1-year-old loves to copy his big sister, who often wears lip balm. I was half a second too late as he rubbed "lip balm" (that he had dug out of his sister's drawer) all over his lips and face. #NOOOOO
Well, it's the day after #SuperBloodMoon. Unsurprisingly, humanity remains 0-fer on predicting the end of the world.
#bloodmoon watching with the kids.
I just don't get this whole "pumpkin spice" craze. I tried to like it, but my sense of taste keeps saying, "You could be eating chocolate."
When I was a kid and memorized the books of the Bible, I got a scratch and sniff sticker as a reward. His reward from his teacher was way more awesome. Thanks, @paramount_amarillo.
Caught the kids attempting the always challenging Wood kid pyramid. It ended about as well as you would imagine.
My name is Luke. These are my feet.
Myles Garrett is an absolute beast.
1st game day. #GigEm #aggies #12thman
See you later, hospital.
We had a baby today. His name is Luke. He is wonderful. Everyone is doing great. We are blessed.
I keep seeing this #whole30 hashtag. Props to you guys. Today is more of an #unwhole30 day. Is that a thing? It should be a thing.
I ran across this today. It appears that my 9-year-old has created the definitive to-do list for having a great sleepover. #nosleep
Whoop! We might need a larger scoreboard. #BALLvsTAMU #GigEm
Christian Kirk would've beaten Toledo. #BTHOballstate
Texas A&M's first Midnight Yell at the new Kyle Field is spectacular #gigem #neverforget…
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Games like #JVSTvsAUB are why college football is just the best.
I just turned on the tv after my son's soccer game. Wow, Auburn. Just wow. Looking like Kansas out there.
I still get emotional watching George W. Bush throw that first pitch in 2001. What a blessing that pitch was for America. #30for30
#tbt Prom 1998. What a crazy, wonderful journey awaits these young kids.
Turned on the Apple event to see a Microsoft guy showing off Microsoft Office. I bet Steve Jobs imagined this Apple event differently.
"You have to be odd to be number one." -Dr. Seuss
So, that John Chavis hire is working out ok so far. Also, Kyle Allen was a man on a mission. What a great day for #AggieFootball. #GigEm
I drastically underestimated the amount of comfort food I would need for #AggieFootball tonight. And this season.
Half time thoughts: 1) Aggie football is not good for my health. 2) Thank you, Myles Garrett, for choosing Texas A&M. #Aggies #GigEm
College football is back. Blue Bell is back. Saturday feels right again. In related news: wow, Kansas. #CFB
My AC guy said it is time for a new unit. I think he's being overly cautious. Where's that can-do spirit, Gary's Heating and Air?
My 9y/o's friend just gave us a whip/nae nae lesson. I'm confident that you neither want to watch me whip nor nae nae.
He's learning karate from his brothers. I think he's got it down. #hey-yah-hey-yah-hey-yah (Please ignore laundry couch. It's laundry time.)
I'm testing out a "feedback" site. Go here: Click "give feedback" & anonymously tell me how I could Twitter better.
Whoa. Surely not. That's 7% of our population!…
FaceTime with friends.
Teacher Barbie's seating chart apparently has Luke Skywalker sitting next to Anakin Skywalker on the back row. Rookie seating chart mistake, Teacher Barbie.
Prayers for the Palmer family. Tragic.…
fyi: this is not the recommended method for eating enchiladas.
I'm working on a new project. More info in link in profile. You can use it to let me know what you think of my Instagram. (Note: apparently there are some issues with using the site on Android. I'm working on it.)
Can you take a few seconds to help me out with a new project of mine? Just follow the short instructions on my blog:….
#throwbackthursday Welcome to middle school, young Josh. You're starting to want a girlfriend. Bad news: it ain't gonna happen for awhile. I blame the glasses. And the sweater. And your total social ineptitude. #straightoutta
I'm almost too old for memes. Almost. #straighoutta
Ted's Escondido. 8 adults. 14 kids. 57 bowls of queso and hot sauce. At least one queso-induced wonderful queso coma. #paramountvacay
#GOPDebate I really loved some of Carson's answers-just wish he had a more passionate presence. Losers: Trump, Fox News moderators.
Trump is getting dangerously close to firing Chris Wallace. And Fox News. And most of America. But not our bankruptcy laws. #FoxNewsDebate

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