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Joshua Gomez
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@RyanMcPartlin: Peppermint or Spearmint?” Bourbon.
@wendilynnmakeup: Waiting For Action With @ZacharyLevi & @JoshuaEGomez #Chuck” Good grief I have negative ass
@SarahMLancaster: @RyanMcPartlin @JoshuaEGomez maybe next year unicorns will be there too...” I still wouldn't go
Have u heard? 2014 @StJude fundraiser has officially begun. Will you JOIN US?… Please RT
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@sarahmlawless: We re-created your friendship ☺ @JoshuaEGomez @ZacharyLevi #Chuck” Not easy. Well done!
@digitalslimrgv: @JoshuaEGomez is that an analog modular synth u messing with? My brothers got one” Yes indeedy!
@JamesMadio: At Gomez's house. I brought baked ziti and all he has to offer me is miller 64? Pfff.” To be fair, I did offer 17 of them.
@JoshuaEGomez please! In the name of #TheMorgan RT this and support #IWantMyNerdHQ!… … Let's donate NERDS! only 5$!
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My hero laid to rest today. Thank you...for everything, Bill. Time to stand down. Rest Easy, Sir. CURRAHEE FOREVER.
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Working on music for my brother's film #weekofthe8th. Too bad I have neither banjo nor jug for @dicksp8jr scenes.
@THR: EXCLUSIVE: 'Chuck' Star Joins Jason Katims-J.J. Philbin Comedy Pilot @JoshuaEGomez” YAY!
@NathanFillion: Retweet the crap outta this for me? #IWantMyNerdHQ” soooooo you're saying there's a chance....
A challenge has been set before me to show the power of our voices, so I charge you with shouting this: #IWantMyNerdHQ Let's tell the world.
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@ZacharyLevi: The destination has been chosen! Photographic evidence in the days to come. Where’s it gonna be? Pfff. Mushroom Kingdom. Duh.
EXCLUSIVE: 'Chuck' Alum @JoshuaEGomez to Guest Star on CBS' 'The Crazy Ones' @CrazyOnesCBS
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@27mattyP: I'm number 100,000 to follow @JoshuaEGomez! Or so my twitter says...” My condolences
@RyanMcPartlin: Why can't grown ups have a pajama day?” Because we get whiskey and sex day.
@jrkfan7:… @JoshuaEGomez @AdamBaldwin this sums up morgan and casey perfectly” Wow, thought I'd be the brain. ; )
@JPiironen: @JoshuaEGomez OMG the beard is gone...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. my rolemodel bead is R.I.P *single tear*” it'll be back in 14 minutes
@RyanMcPartlin: Happy Birthday Gomez!” Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses...
You guys are amazing and so generous. Thank you so much for the Bday wishes!
@DramaqueenAM: @JoshuaEGomez Its @RobertDMcNeill's Birthday today! He's the coolest #Chuckster going!” Got that right. Happy Bday McDUNK!
@namesescapeme: Last night I dreamt I was playing basketball with @ZacharyLevi and @JoshuaEGomez.” Please tell me I dunked on him.
This is basically my relationship with @RyanMcPartlin for the 5 years we spent on #Chuck....with less nudity.…
@TerriEdda: We won't even tell you the game we played outside the power plant @Stana_Katic @JoshuaEGomez” Let's just say we all won!
@JoshuaGomezFans: Really?? Did it bring back memories? RT @JoshuaEGomez East river power plant was also Volkoff industries!” Big time
East river power plant was also Volkoff industries! Creepy.#Chuck #Castle
Sometimes when I watch those scenes I wish I was @NathanFillion's daughter.
Wait wait what did the little guy in the green sweater say? He should do commercials for micro machines. #Castle
Hey @JoshuaEGomez let your peeps know I'll be Tweeting the fashion of @Castle #timewilltell at 10pm. Where style is timeless!
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Wow. Overwhelmed by the response to tonight's #Castle episode. Glad you enjoyed it east coast (and Canada)!
@elshannahb: At one time @RyanMcPartlin, he did look at you longingly! Time for an Awesome & Grimes reunion!” HA!
@TerriEdda: Josh they seem to be liking you in #castle in Canada. I know I think you are amazing in #TimeWillTell” Thank you for having me
Me: "Wait, did you just tweet that we're BFFs?" @RyanMcPartlin: "Yeah! We are right?" Me: Get the $?&!% out.
Can't believe it's been 6 years. Feels like only yesterday I had my face buried in the crotch of @ZacharyLevi. Oh wait....
@KaySabs: Here's the full team with.... @JoshuaEGomez, our Morgan Grimes! #Castle” Geez...what did that jerk do now
@ItsEvolkYo: @JoshuaEGomez I think it's weirder that you have an established Jafar voice.” Whoa whoa whoa.... You don't?
Is it weird that I eat these in my Jafar voice?
@ChristySpratlin: Thanks @JoshuaEGomez 4 stopping to take a pic with us three girls. You're the best!” My pleasure