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Chivalry never died. Girls just don't like gentlemen anymore.
Retweeted by J.
I. do. not. want. to be. a. baritone. No. Just no.
Awkward moment when you realise you're a baritone.
Kinda think it's because in their RPGs they get to choose which job their chars will have? @Impulsivio
Wait a minute this isn’t my homework This is twitter How did this happen
Retweeted by J.
12 year old me: i know exactly what i'm going to do with my life. don't tell me what to do. 21 year old me: please help
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RL is being a bitch. @fuckingapricot
I think Serena would be cool. There are a few Blair's around. @fuckingapricot
I'm so close to the edge, I could fall any time soon.
I was actually gonna say that I resent the fact that we haven't written one yet. Gossip Girl be good? @fuckingapricot
Haha. I see, @fuckingapricot. You are too.
What about me? [Wonders why @fuckingapricot is referring to me in 3rd person.]
¡Qué semana más larga! e.e Still got reading to do... >_>
Love is not about sex, going on fancy dates, or showing off. It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else can.
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I hate this feeling of not knowing what you're feeling.
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Maybe if I ignore you for awhile, you'll start to care.
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He fell in love with death and he died to be with him.
That moment when you can't have what you want. ...More like you can, but you shouldn't.
Avoiding something doesn't mean you don’t want it. Sometimes, it means that you do want it, but you know it isn't right for you.
Retweeted by J.
i do, here's where I met the first RPers. @FaithandTrustxo
I'm freaking sleepy and I have to clean my room.
How are you?! :) It's been a while. @FaithandTrustxo
Probably. Dead. No, really. You're really talented. @BaggingMilk
[Secretly wonders why @BaggingMilk seems so young yet is such a remarkable writer.]
La ciudad que murió por una cumbre;…
I'm not the kind of person to take a "no" for an answer.
So instead of watching series, I shall dedicate myself to reading. Got around 46 books to read now.
I'm so screwed up. Got a full schedule tomorrow at school and chores to do. #NotSleepingTonight.
The thing about life is that you only get one shot at living it.
O.e Thought I already followed you. @ANimbusOfStars You made a new acc?
Hey. Are you Fate's writer? @ANimbusOfStars
So, I'm watching GoT. Every 5 seconds I'm like whiskey, tango, foxtrot. I can't even.
The sloth'd be too lazy to touch, maybe just at the sight of a sloth. @EyesLikeArt
Girls, if you can pull off glasses you instantly become 10x hotter.
Retweeted by J.
Forever longing for what's forbidden.
#TodaysLesson. Don't give anyone the power to upset you.
Anyway, what can one do but follow the rules if one doesn't wanna screw up.
Thank God I'm a Senior. I'll only do it because this will be my last year at school. After this year. Screw those rules.
Hey, and I would get it if I looked like a homeless person because of my beard but I don't. That's what I find /really/ annoying.
Seriously, it makes no sense whatsoever, not to mention it's dumb af. How can it be required to remove something that's normal.
I mean, c'mon "a beard is not part of the uniform"? Should I shave my brows too because they are not part of the uniform?! #DumbRules
I think that if I'm to shave I must have a better explanation.
So today I was told that a beard is not part of my school's uniform and that I have to shave.
#Fact if you write "Model in " on google's search bar, the second option will be "Model in Blank Space."

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