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Caitlyn Jenner: *breathes* Ppl who peaked in high school: BUT WHAT ABOUT THE TROOPS ?!!??!!
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anytime I see @KeeganMKey in anything I always ask "is this key and peele?"
I swear I'm not from this planet 👽🌎
sometimes I scare myself bc I literally look like an alien 👽
Honeymoon got over 1 million views in 12 hours with no promotion or release date what so ever
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who would you rather have in office? rt for an avocado. fav for donald trump.
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#GrowingUpGay lying to my parents about why I skipped school almost every day so I didn't have to tell them about all the bullying Isuffered
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trying to watch will and grace without your parents finding out #GrowingUpGay
When your straight friends starting doing gay things as a joke and you were like #GrowingUpGay
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being really nervous when you had a guy doctor because you were afraid you were going to get a boner #GrowingUpGay
When ppl around you talk about how wrong & disgusting homosexuality is cuz they don't know you gay af #GrowingUpGay
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#GrowingUpGay having to listen to your family members talk bout gays and you're just sitting there like
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you would always look at the guys on the underwear packages when you went to the store with your mom #GrowingUpGay
#GrowingUpGay when you wanted to listen to your mama gossip and get the tea, but she made you play outside.
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when you were in the change room during gym class and you were like #GrowingUpGay
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When your family member asks you what your favorite football team is #GrowingUpGay
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MY PHONE IS NOT CHARGING... it's plugged in and it says it's charging but it was at 5% and now it's at 2%.... WTF
Here it is, the first and title track off my record – Honeymoon
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mamas always lookin
I eating cool ranch doritos and a banana
there's not a burrito Emoji 😡
I want a burrito more than anything in the world
my thoughts exactly.... 😂😂Hyk
when your sugar daddy says he's gonna stop giving you money
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dick me down dick me down dick me down dick me down dick me down dick me down dick me down dick me down dick me down dick me down dick me d
Retweeted by JL
for some reason my pillow smells like French fries and it's making me soooo hungry....
when u at the museum and the art hits u 💨 (Vine by camille toe)
i want McDonald's chicken nuggets
I'm a weirdo👽
weird.... but he's kind of hot
whatever happened to Jerry Kelly....
today's 7/11
just realized that @Childino favorited the vine I posted.... 💕👌O96

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