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Pecan Sandy J
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"Are you the guy from marinara trench? " "...Absolutely"
I slapped him RT @AndreaRamsay__: After seeing the Pop 101 BTS... How did it feel when Brennan kissed you? And what happened after?
Huge mistake. RT @5sotrench: @JoshRamsay I'm writing my English paper about you
You think i'm kidding. Im dead serious. It would be a hilarious tv special RT @Much: @JoshRamsay No question.
Hey @Much don't you think we need to bring this back?…
umm we need to bring this back. In a BIG fucking way…
Wow. @katyperry has the best production this side of cirque du soliel. Holy fuck. Respect.
Taking my awesome niece talia to her first non marianas concert tonight. We're seeing @katyperry. Thanks for the tix @MKCherryBoom !
She just pulled this out of the ocean
Saw my old friend @MrRaineMaida amd his lovely wife and the BNL tonight. Cancontastic
I don't think you know what iconic means RT @lavaluke_: Before and after. Could this be iconic? Possibly. @JoshRamsay
Alright you filthy animals, I shaved. Don't say I didn't ever do anything for you. No where are my fucking keys!?
Guys it's possible I may need a haircut amd a shave. Then again...Fuck it
The lighter came with a joint and the flower adds class RT @lynette_obrien: @JordiAshworth why did he pack you a lighter and a flower?
"Love, mom" RT @JordiAshworth: Thanks @JoshRamsay for packing me a lunch for my first day back at school!
just did the als ice bucket challenge. im gonna donate. at first i wasnt gonna donate but then i watched @JoshRamsay's & he changed my mind.
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Nothing. that's not the point RT @ReddyPlan: how is your style of music any different than the artists who you talk about in your song?
Leaving for vacation today. Just realized my dryer is busted. Do I just pack wet clothes? #fuck
Thanks dude! RT @EvanCandelmo: I think talking to @JoshRamsay was one of the best interviews I've ever done. Doesn't give any of that BS.
@JoshRamsay I donated to both LBDA &ALS $500 each... Hope those people get help
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I did the ALS ice challenge but I also will be donating. I wrote a note on Facebook reminding people to try and donate. @JoshRamsay inspired
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@JoshRamsay I'm going to donate a portion of my next paycheck to charity. Thank you for inspiring me ♡
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@JoshRamsay I donated to both LBDA & ALS $10 each, ☺️ not much but it's all I have!
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this is why the #ALSIceBucketChallenge should be taken seriously and not made into a game. You're a brave man, david…
Aim higher RT @skeletonwentz: one of these days @JoshRamsay will finally notice me and fulfill my life's biggest goal
Amazing. RT @TatianaAllanPoe: I just made a donation to @LBDAssoc #LBDAssoc! You should too! @JoshRamsay
I'm down dude. I'll message you my number along with some scandalous photos RT @Luke5SOS: .@JoshRamsay I want to write with you man ! :)
You missed the point RT @thelindsset: @JoshRamsay why is this 8 minutes long all you had to do was pour ice water on yourself ramsay
Rough RT @MTsPorcelain: @JoshRamsay before and after the ALS Ice challenge! Thank you Josh :)
Well that was....less than warm
Do it RT @cleogiles: I'm calling all the radio stations in van to advertise this for you, because I don't think anyone should miss this
I will happily do pictures and donate on the behalf of anyone who comes down and dumps ice water on me.
Told you i would RT @aaronrcraven: @JoshRamsay Jesus, you did take it to a new level didn't you?
ALS ice bucket. gassy jack statue in gastown at 4. Anyone who comes can dump water on me and I will donate 100$ per person. Bring buckets!
Oh fine RT @aaronrcraven: ALS ice bucket challenge Gauntlet laid down to @JoshRamsay @kurtrpat and Mark Johncox!…
Anemone loves listening to old records
from a video game, however one of my favourite songs of all time, and such a fucking rad vocal arrangement…
pop quiz: Which person on this list also went to the same high school as me, although not at the same time?…
Yeah it was rad. RT @VanTrenchers: @JoshRamsay were you at cultus lake water slides today?
Oh captain, my captain
RIP robin williams. One of the most unique performers of all time. What a terrible loss.
"Tequila!" on ITunes and Youtube tomorrow. Trust me on this one.
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