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Pecan Sandy J
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just did the als ice bucket challenge. im gonna donate. at first i wasnt gonna donate but then i watched @JoshRamsay's & he changed my mind.
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Nothing. that's not the point RT @ReddyPlan: how is your style of music any different than the artists who you talk about in your song?
Leaving for vacation today. Just realized my dryer is busted. Do I just pack wet clothes? #fuck
Thanks dude! RT @EvanCandelmo: I think talking to @JoshRamsay was one of the best interviews I've ever done. Doesn't give any of that BS.
@JoshRamsay I donated to both LBDA &ALS $500 each... Hope those people get help
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I did the ALS ice challenge but I also will be donating. I wrote a note on Facebook reminding people to try and donate. @JoshRamsay inspired
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@JoshRamsay I'm going to donate a portion of my next paycheck to charity. Thank you for inspiring me ♡
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@JoshRamsay I donated to both LBDA & ALS $10 each, ☺️ not much but it's all I have!
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this is why the #ALSIceBucketChallenge should be taken seriously and not made into a game. You're a brave man, david…
Aim higher RT @skeletonwentz: one of these days @JoshRamsay will finally notice me and fulfill my life's biggest goal
Amazing. RT @TatianaAllanPoe: I just made a donation to @LBDAssoc #LBDAssoc! You should too! @JoshRamsay
I'm down dude. I'll message you my number along with some scandalous photos RT @Luke5SOS: .@JoshRamsay I want to write with you man ! :)
You missed the point RT @thelindsset: @JoshRamsay why is this 8 minutes long all you had to do was pour ice water on yourself ramsay
Rough RT @MTsPorcelain: @JoshRamsay before and after the ALS Ice challenge! Thank you Josh :)
Well that was....less than warm
Do it RT @cleogiles: I'm calling all the radio stations in van to advertise this for you, because I don't think anyone should miss this
I will happily do pictures and donate on the behalf of anyone who comes down and dumps ice water on me.
Told you i would RT @aaronrcraven: @JoshRamsay Jesus, you did take it to a new level didn't you?
ALS ice bucket. gassy jack statue in gastown at 4. Anyone who comes can dump water on me and I will donate 100$ per person. Bring buckets!
Oh fine RT @aaronrcraven: ALS ice bucket challenge Gauntlet laid down to @JoshRamsay @kurtrpat and Mark Johncox!…
Anemone loves listening to old records
from a video game, however one of my favourite songs of all time, and such a fucking rad vocal arrangement…
pop quiz: Which person on this list also went to the same high school as me, although not at the same time?…
Yeah it was rad. RT @VanTrenchers: @JoshRamsay were you at cultus lake water slides today?
Oh captain, my captain
RIP robin williams. One of the most unique performers of all time. What a terrible loss.
"Tequila!" on ITunes and Youtube tomorrow. Trust me on this one.
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She woke me up so she could spoon my arm. #catspoon
Just got sent this pic from @joshepstein1 and yes, I agree, pretty rapey
Just did the seawall with bennie. Vancouver will always be my favorite city.
I am and yes she is RT @sodaaliciouss: @JoshRamsay if you're in Van I totally just saw you! Your dog is soooo cute!! ☺️
a very intelligent and well thought out point of view from @SpectrumPulse…
. @SpectrumPulse i don't agree with every single point. But you do so intelligently and articulately. You ever wanna talk music, I'm down.
Fame is not what I'm here for. If i could do the same job in a mask, i would. RT @Ohsnapitzjaz12: what's the best thing about being famous?
Youre so good at cake though RT @DeepFriedCake: forgot about this. Heard @JoshRamsay play slide guitar and harmonica?
holy shit there are some strong ones in here…
I'm using you to get to your grandma RT @DoItLikeAyley: My grandma thinks I'm dating @JoshRamsay and just have posters of him an the guys
thanks for a great review! Nice to see people completely "get" the concept…
holy shit do we ever need to get this movie made
Pop 101 now on vevo! What do you guys think?…
You sure its not spelled "shut your damn mouth?" RT @notaskind: @JoshRamsay I'm pretty positive it's spelled maybeline 😁
Maybe I'm born with it. Maybe it's mabeline RT @CaesariaKim: @JoshRamsay how do you keep your hair so flawless
You dont wanna know RT @UnicornsAndMT: How does one sing as high as @JoshRamsay