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Pecan Sandy J
music 163,701 followers
Then again...I am totally magically delicious
Chad kroeger called himself "white trashenberry" as a cereal yesterday. Apparently I'm "Fruity pebbles" awwwww #touché
Somehow ended up at a horse track for the first time. i bet on a horse named grilled cheese!
Wow. Even back then I looked like a dick. Probably was too RT @lydiawhatever: THIS IS SO CUTE @JoshRamsay
A whole lot RT @danitrencher: @JoshRamsay describe what is happening in three words. Aaaand.... Go!!!
Currently watching The Big Lebowski. Still one of my favorites of all time. #TheDude
I don't care about any genre. Just good songs RT @alli_dreamer: @JoshRamsay do you prefer listening to rock or pop
Holy fuck sticks, I'll get right on that. #TopOfMyList RT @lWATOBI: @JoshRamsay u should apologize for being rude
Blasphemy. No one wins against MJ. Ever. RT @fuckyahwilliams: @JoshRamsay fob obviously
#greatjob @SaraRamsay: @JoshRamsay I believe the word you're going for there bro is #enunciation. Your alter ego is a #masterspeller
There's only one choice and it should be obvious RT @ayenfats: @JoshRamsay Thriller of FOB or Thriller of MJ? Choose wisely.
*no fucking shit RT @desolationroww: @lWATOBI @JoshRamsay "no shit" was pretty rude especially to a fan
Cool story, bro. RT @AnnieLauraaa: I hope you know we have a love-hate relationship. sometimes i love you, must of the times, i hate you
No shit. But the singer is. RT @lWATOBI: @JoshRamsay @plewiscantlose THE 1975 ISNT ONE PERWSON
Love them, he actually has an accent though. That's different RT @plewiscantlose: @JoshRamsay Ever heard the 1975?
Hahaha jeez you guys all seem to think I hate FOB. Love them. I was just saying that who knows what language pat is singing in? #annuciation
check out this video from my friend and favorite rapper @anamivice…
Album opener from Infinity on high RT @jillybean_mt: @JoshRamsay what's your favourite FOB song?
No I love them. I just dont know what he's saying. RT @frickmcr: @JoshRamsay i'm guessing you're not the biggest fan of fall out boy
I agree. But wtf is he singing? English? RT @TatianaAllanPoe: that was a little rude there Joshua. Pat is a sweetheart with a lovely voice
Well at least you can understand what the fuck I'm singing RT @MrzLiamPayne: would you consider yourself more sassy than patrick stump