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Pecan Sandy J
music 166,472 followers
Also I am Michael jackson
I am Micheal Jackson
Definitely not RT @Harrison207: Rumors has it that @JoshRamsay is at gabbys country bar/club in langley filming? Is this true??
thankful to cook my first turkey dinner, with my awesome sister, for my family. Nice to have everyone at my house. Thankful for family
Bennie insists on a half couch minimum
Wow look I'm so holidays or something
Cooking huge turkey dinner for the whole family and holiday orphans at my place tomorrow with my sis. #HugeMistake Prepping all day today
Rethink your decision making paradigm RT @catherinelawl94: for my speech class I'm going to do a speech on trench. Any thoughts?
...........................RT @Fricktrench: @JoshRamsay you know it's quite rude to ignore people when they talk to you *cough cough* aka me
Actually I'll do whatever the fuck i want RT @alltimegordonx: @JoshRamsay you disappeared for six days wtf you can't do that
Shut. Your. Mouth. RT @awsxgar: @JoshRamsay dont be sassy
Cooking, apparently RT @renuka604: @JoshRamsay where have you been?
made from scratch: rosé sauce, chorizo and beef meatballs, roasted garlic Brussel sprouts. #fuckcookingshows
Megatron RT @Chane11e1: Im getting a Husky tonight and I still need a name for her. Any ideas? (She has one BLUE eye and one BROWN eye)
Even doctors dont know RT @mtrencher1: @JoshRamsay Do you know what's wrong with Ian ?....
Fuck it. Sometimes you gotta just make breakfast in the middle of the night
Of course. #ReversePuberty. RT @jennyzipz: has the new record been challenging your voice in regards to the highest notes you can hit?
had a great time doing some writing in the studio with my buds @pierrebouvier and @chuckcomeau. Also I think Bennie has a crush on chuck.
RT @chuckcomeau: Having a blast in the studio with our friend joshramsay ! Love his band mtrench and love being in…
Oh no RT @JordiAshworth: 🎤Oops I did it again�@JoshRamsayay There is something at home waiting for you#lostabete#grewupwithsistersr#uhohoh
Glad you liked them! RT @lynette_obrien: Thanks to @cocacola_ca for the best day ever with @mtrench and thanks for playing new songs
A lot of people ask me for sheet music. Here ya go…
I would but i never finish anyth RT @SlCKERTHINGS: @JoshRamsay tbh release it rn
Ha RT @dallonweekely: @JoshRamsay absinthe. The best kind of adventure
No. @anamivice has that on lock RT @mikaeladaneille: @JoshRamsay is it Aladdin themed that movie is adventurous and starts with "A"
No its not star wars themed. But it definitely has a lot of adventure. One word title. Starts with "A." No its not called "adventure"
Excitement? Adventure? A Jedi craves not these things
I've got a great name and concept for the new record. Hope you guys are feeling adventurous.
*dog stole old man's cane and shook it and then threw it into the sea.
This has happened once before, but she hadn't tossed it into the ocean.
My dog just stole an old man's can and shool from side to side and the let go, throwing it into the sea and then galloped off happily
I'll look into it. RT @TakkyLips: please come patrol my streets.. I just saw some creepy dude walking with a stroller and a fake baby 😳
I'm generally on the rooftops keeping an eye on things. #AllClear RT @UnicornBro69: I'm going into downtown Van, where will you be?
So BC students are back to school. Picture time!…
Me and mom hanging in the woods on the sunshine coast.
Haha nice. How has she not aged a day in 20 years!? Smoke show. RT @gwenstefani: lip syncing with @jimmyfallon…
I'm not sure what the universe is trying to tell me, but somehow I have heard from every ex girlfriend I've ever had, in the last hour. Wtf?
So hard i would be burried in them RT @DesperateTrench: @JoshRamsay would you wear these
So far, chest voice: soprano F# falsetto: soprano C# But it gets higher the more i practice. RT @talkingtoangxls: highest note you can hit?