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Please help me get a jeep! I can't drive anywhere lol 🙏❤�
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If you honk at me .2 seconds after the light changes il get out of my car put my dick on your windshield and sing amazing grace slowly.
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Yeah my sleeping schedule is fucked up #GoodMorning
Time to start this day #armyprobz 07:00 PT I've been up all night gotta stay up all day kill me please
I'm suppose to be up at 6 for PT #armyprobs
Rifle in a gun rack, hanging In the back glass. Buck knife on my belt ain't no land for sale round here
The birds outside my window are getting quite annoying go back to sleep tweety
Pizza rolls sound amazing right now
5-1-5-0 Somebody called the popo
...who am I kidding I always want food
When I want food my fridge is empty, when I don't its full!
I'm not sure those are sheep😂
I'm gonna count sheep
4:00 and I'm wide awake #FML
#IfMyMomHadATwitter mom: "I love my son!!! @ImJustJosh " me: 😖🔫
This is the 6th night in a row I can't sleep