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Josh Monje
me: i hate stamps donald trump: i hate stamps me:…
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& I don't need anybody else.. except meowemilylu & chanelluuu ❣
Wish I was at the sc game 😓
Champagne makes everything better 🍾🌀
My brother's voice is seriously worse than nails on a chalkboard rn
Singing kings of Leon on rockband when I'm drunk is like one of my favorite things to do
Choking on ur alibissss
Ur dick tastes likes sangria 🍷
grateful that I have the best faaaam ❤️
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Fell down the stairs and my grandma yelled "too much sangria" LOL
Showing my grandma my Instagram has probably been the highlight of my day
I love my friends. They are everything!
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Way up I feel bless-ed ⬆️
Gnarliest hangover. I almost cried when I found ibuprofen
Woke up on the couch at home and didn't know where I was lol..
What day is it anyways? @ Barney's Beanery - Pasadena
Should probably be packing rn #procrastinationnation
someone deposit $7,000 in my bank account so I can have the fall wardrobe I truly deserve
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I told tiff I used to work at sidecca and she believed me hahaha
JLO is one of the best to ever do it. "It," meaning everything. good music, great actress, a great dancer. A TRUE triple threat.
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Peet's coffee is seriously legal crack
Can't tell if my dream last night was a nightmare
A moment of silence for Kendall at the AMA's 🔥z
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Watching diplo's snap story turns me on
This throat infection is ruining my life 🙄
When a childhood friend tells you, you look the happiest you've looked in a long time >>>
Shlohmo completely changed the way I felt about music from the first song I heard 3 years ago
My uber driver went to high school with Bauer and moon boots hahah I love it
Legally Blonde is seriously like one of the most influential movies ever made
High key craving Tokyo Wako rn
They can only call Disneyland "the happiest place on earth" because In-N-Out doesn't serve liquor.
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I wanna see dj snake live just so I can see Middle live 🌀
The fact that I have insta captions saved in my notes hahah who's with me?
back when playboy served actual aesthetics. #theirrymugler
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when you drop your pill at a rave.
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This black homeless lady literally just said to me "go on child, get it in that coat Chicago style" hahahahah DYING
"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"
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