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Josh Monje
20 will be the year I start dating a hot DJ/rock star, travel the world, and go to my first Coachella. #goals
I'm going to be 20 in 15 days..weird
I just saw a commercial where this guy was like slathering butter on a blueberry muffin and I died
I really want a buttered blueberry muffin rn. No pun intended.
A week ago I was drunk. Now I'm just tired and bored
Game stop has the weirdest employees hahaha wtf
I feel like I'm at work more than at home and it's kinda scary to think about
I don't think I've ever worked so much in my life
so next time your m8 who thinks he/she knows everything about music tries to scoff your musical taste. remind them it dont mean nothing
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the way we experience music changes w every second. u cant define an infinite variable. to try and define it limits the experience.
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"The second I heard him say coffee, I knew I kind of wanted a cigarette" hahaha story of my life
Sony cancels Dec. 25 release of "The Interview" after most large theater chains decline to show it.
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Missed two flights and had the roughest morning, but everything happens for a reason! ✌️🎄
"she doesn't deserve to get raped by an ape" hahahahahah
All I need in this life of sin is coconut water
Number of flights I've missed today: 2 -- I officially hate airports
I've missed ny this guy saw me stumbling and wanted to help me home
I'm in luhh with tha coco ❄️
Every time I see pics of Luke Davis I just get mad cause he's so perf
Fml my phone is cracked
Still drunk and in pain cause I kept falling last night 😒
Josh y2k is like kinda hot
Floss never disappoints ☺️
High line chillen ✌️
Ugh fuck hangovers and fuck mixing liquor
babes + a rando 💓
I love New York because the party don't start til after 12
Plz don't stop tha music 🎶
The Brandy in soho is poppin
A homeless guy just told me my hair looks nice. I'm so honored
Sippin rum after traveling all day with my ny loves
Wanna hear a joke? Sitting in traffic for 2 hours
Is it weird that I like turbulence on planes? I fee like it spices things up
This is the part when I break feeeeee 🎶 Ariana Grande is so adorbs
Is it weird if I live tweet something that already happened? I'm just really excited about this
Lily Aldridge is the only Angel that I like at this point.. Adriana and Alessandra are all hype
Watching the VS fashion show (finally)
Love @nnnalleli for giving me the cutest/most useful gift before I leave 💓
I could spend hours surfing Youtube. I just went from watching clips of the Tyra Show to listening to remixes of the Xx
U should feel lucky to have my $79 lipstick kisses all over your face. Ur probably used to those cheap tricks kissin u w their .99 cent lips
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Someone needs to remix Heidi Montag's songs, I think they've got some potential..
Things won't change until we do 🎶
Fat ppl are like always unhappy/bitchy
Christmas with the Monje's 🎄�
A year ago I couldn't wait to be back in LA; my have the tables turned..
I forgot to record the fashion show. I'm so upset rn.
If Tupac and Biggie were still alive would they have Twitter? Would they have Instagram??
Stoked for Shlohmo's new album ☺️ Bad Vibes still hasn't gotten old tho