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Josh Monje
The rest is still unwritten 📖
I keep dancinn on my ownnn -- probably one of my favorite covers…
Rudimental covering Ready or Not by The Fugees is like so brilliant
Talk to me and watch me crumble 💥
"I'm ready to shove a taco up her ass" hahahaha
My phone charger broke gr8888
Be kind to yourself this evening. Buy something for yourself. Treat yourself to a meal. Look at the mirror and give a smile to yourself.
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Azns on their deep house ishh @ AU #deephousevibes
Wtf is this weather ☔️
Cheesecake Factory is a magical place
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@chanelpuke: Friend: "What have you done all summer?" Me: "Traveled a lot..." 😹😹😹
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I may sleep a lot, but I never have bags under my eyes 😉👀💤
There's been a number of times where I really needed to italicize a specific word in a tweet to create a little emphasis..
When will Twitter have an italicize option?
Just found the funkiest remix of Stay With Me 😻
How We Feel by Panama makes me feel some type of way
How is it already 5? Wow
Watching Harry Potter yay ⚡️
Such a long and eventful day 😴💤
I honestly don't even like slurpees..
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Good music is all you realllllyyy need
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