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Joshi Sidhu
politicsuk 1,274 followers
WTF! Absolutely Disgraceful! > Shrien Dewani cleared of honeymoon murder of wife Anni Dewani #NoJustice
This is what I think of the cold blooded murdering scum cops! “@seanrr1982: #FuckCops
Thank you to the people on the tube calling me fat and weird. I embrace it with open arms. It's old news. Tell me something new! Thanks :-)
.@soassu UGM went amazingly - thanks to the awesome chair @seanrr1982 & the students that attended & took part in the democratic processes!
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Absolutely disgusted with how the brutal police CS sprayed and drew their tasers against the students at Warwick! #EndPoliceBrutality
Btw have you bought into wearing the red ribbon? What have you done to eradicate poverty in Africa? Nothing? Thought so!! #axe
Happy Birthday to Uttiya Bhattacharya! An amazing staff member at @BirkbeckUnion who is an assent to the union along with @rjpark! :-)
Tamir Rice: The story behind the senseless killing, character assassination, & resulting cover-up #endpolicebrutality
A grand jury decided not to indict New York police officer in the chokehold death of Eric Garner #endpolicebrutality
I can't concentrate on anything...
Wtf do you do when you have been inappropriatly touched on the public transport!?!? Between Charing Cross and Aldgate station!! :'-( :-(
I'm not voting Labour, certainly not Tories or Lib Dems and absolutely not for you Nigel. I rather spoil my ballot!! #LeadersLive #NoNigel
The austerity & savage cuts are to blame for the fall in living standards not migrants. Immigration helps UK economy! #LeadersLive #NoNigel
By scapegoating migrants/immigrants we are setting a dangerous precedent & sleepwalking into becoming a racist state! #LeadersLive #NoNigel
Have a look at the upcoming Elbow out Ebola conference advert! Video: @BARACUK @zitaactivist @LeeJasper
1. Why would you have your picture taken with Ed Miliband? 2. Why would you post it on your Twitter/Facebook?
Cressida Dick quits Met for a senior position in the Foreign Office. Probably a promotion for ordering the killing of Charles de Menezes.
Thanks Prince Harry & others who made pathetic videos to help those suffering & dying of AIDS! You can't make this s**t up!! #WorldAIDSDay
AIDS can only be wiped out if systematic changes are made to eradicate poverty! #RIP AIDS victims. #WorldAIDSDay
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Today is anniversary of arrest of Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her bus seat in 'coloured section' #RosaParkDay
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RIP Tugce - a brave woman who intervened to help 2 women - 1 of the men returned & beat her to death. #TugceAlbayrak
Darren Wilson says resigning is the hardest thing he's ever done. Shooting an unarmed Black teenager 12 times must be a piece of cake then!?
Got this text from one of my friends 'I guess you must had a busy day with managing website today since it is a black Friday.' Me: Err... No
Another victim of police brutality against Black people. A 12 year old Black boy called Tamir Rice. #RIP
Traffic is suffering, demo so long it looped around and let itself. Now I'm at the back...
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... officer wasn't indicted two days ago for brutally murdering an unarmed Black teenager by shooting him 12 times! No Justice!! (2/2)
I do not support the police at all but today a grand jury indicted a Black police officer for slapping a white man. But a white police (1/2)
HSBC have blatant disregard for disabled people. Calling centres, fraud & disputes teams are USELESS! I want the fraud transaction refunded.
F***ing absolutely disgusted with @HSBC_UK_Help!! Does anyone know how I pursue it further with Financial Ombudsman? Do I need legal advice?
Ofcourse it's NOT f***ing justice!! Unarmed Black man was shot 12 times but the scum walked away with murder = NO justice!! #Ferguson
If a Black person had murdered a scum police officer things would be a lot different to what just happened in #Ferguson. Black Skin = Guilty
Brown was only shot 12 TIMES! Brutal murderer Darren Wilson will surely be back on his 'job' of killing more Black people soon. Racist scum!
So, shoot innocent Black people & white police officers here and the world over will ALWAYS get away with it. It's only worthless Black ppl!
Watching the bullshit morons are coming out with about Michael Brown. Low life murdering police scum Darren Wilson has got away with murder.
What a ludicrous, self important, right wing, moralist, pseudo scientific, melodramatic, tedious pile of bollocks #Interstellar is!
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We've launched a #BDS list. Have a look through & do your bit for #Palestine. Visit #Gaza #Boycott #Divest #Sanction
Since getting home I've introduced a new feature on one of my websites. Having some wine adds the 'Friday night' feeling.
Well said audience member. Good points made. We have debated immigration for years. Let's talk about cuts to welfare benefits, NHS. #bbcqt
One of Margaret Thatcher's minister's conservative views are more liberal than labour party's policy on immigrants & welfare benefits #bbcqt
Lol at the scum not being challenged about the snooping and the Big Brother state - hiding behind 'safety'. Sound a lot like NUS as well.
'Sir' David Omand, Director of GCHQ, 1996-97, talking out of his defensive arse. Lowest of the low snooping spy scum.
Pleased with @ThreeUKSupport! The customer service has got better than what it used to be. Happy with the service now.
Pathetic @nusuk - spineless & dithering leadership not supporting the #FreeEducation demonstration. Hope the careerists are held to account!
Have you tried the 'Share on Whatsapp' feature yet? Available on iPhones only at the mo. Let us know what you think!
We have introduced 'Share on Whatsapp' - iPhones only! #BDS list soon. #whatsapp #socialmedia
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Leicester City Council has passed a resolution boycotting products made in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank #BDS"
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