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Joshi Sidhu
Net migration: 330,000 more ppl came to stay in Britain than left in the year to Mar. Govt: This is deeply disappointing. No, Govt you are!
Right, enough of the downright weird and people who I despise so a serious Facebook cull coming up this weekend. Urgh!!
What a waste of airtime. Don't care about the royal family - old or new. Use the airtime wisely please! Thanks
The head on this is acceptable! According to the staff (before I asked them to sort it). Like what!?
Had urgent bloods done on Fri evening. Results came in this afternoon. GP called with an urgent appt. Even offered a home visit. #worried
Justice for Jessica still reduces me to tears. Indian police, courts and govt are still corrupt and worse than each other. #JusticeForMyMum?
Dear Neighbours, stop letting off fireworks!! Wasn't the first five minutes enough? Urgh!
Bored Dot Com. Feel free to message me! :)
This is so sad! :( Elderly man attacked in Rotherham dies in hospital
On the menu tonight is West Country Cider & Wholegrain Mustard Chicken with Garlic & Parsley potatoes and Asparagus. #organic #fridaynightin
Right, urgent bloods done. Now I can look forward to a somewhat relaxing weekend of coding and programming! ;)
Bottle smashed into teens face in unprovoked racist attack in Westferry Rd leaving victim with permanent nerve damage
Voted @jeremycorbyn for Labour Leader, @tom_watson for Deputy Leader and @HackneyAbbott for London Mayor. #LabourLeadership @Corbyn4Leader
Absolutely disgraceful and pathetic of the @LabourParty to do this! Labour's genuine backers barred from ballot
Saddening to see so many people on my friends list being rejected by the Labour Party! What on earth is happening? I sense a coup brewing...
Thinking of switching to @gbenergysupply but not sure as the reviews I've read so far aren't very good... :-/
I have decided to switch from @EDFofficiel as they are charging me £110 a month. When asked for cheaper tariff the advisor dismissed me.
The two bottles of thick bleach seemed diluted with water. Mmm... Interesting!
Petition: Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in London…
Here's the article in which Pickles bangs on about 'rotten boroughs'. Urgh!
Pickles attacks #TowerHamlets again where Lutfur implemented his 'model policies'. How about the rotten Parliament full of rich parasites?
#YarlsWood 'worse than prison'. Months after #c4news expose-report calls it 'national concern'
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Labour extends leadership voter registration deadline after website crash
#London #Underground workers to stage two more 24 hour walkouts on 25th and 27th Aug from 6.30pm: #TubeStrikes
Our count has reached 700. Learn more about each person killed by police this year
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I hate Windows 10! #fact
Labour Party & members whinging about ppl joining as supporters need to remember why we left in 1st place & why we are joining as supporters
I've joined Labour as a supporter. If @Corbyn4Leader wins I'll come back to Labour as a full member. #JezWeCan #Jeremy4Leader #JeremyCorbyn
Cuts are pushing more and more women into prostitution and into very dangerous situation prone to sexual and violent attacks! Legalise now!
By opposing sex laws to decriminalise prostitution isn't going to stop prostitution. Its a male privilege. Sex workers need to be protected!
Birkbeck Students' Union offices have now closed until Friday morning in #solidarity with all those taking part in the #TubeStrike. #London
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Statistics on the Justice system shows the true extent of racism in the USA. @LeeJasper @OpBlackVote @Oprah
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What about billions in housing benefit paid to line landlords pockets due to ludicrously high rents? Introduce landlord register not cut HB!
What about landlords that abuse their positions and treat tenants very badly? What about poor living conditions in falling apart properties?
So the govt has pushed through new changes enabling Landlords to evict illegal migrants without a court order etc. What about rent controls?
Rest in Peace Priscilla White aka Cilla Black. My mum loved Blind Date and Surprise Surprise. #RIP
SHA-256 or Scrypt or X11? :-/
Looking for cryptocurrency enthusiasts for some advice on a new project. Give me a shout ;)
While we fixate on Calais, Govt is quietly deporting dozens of migrants on 'ghost flights' driving some to suicide
Had such a nice catch up with my lil sis @Annabel410! Feeling so much better. So glad to have you in my life!! 😊💜🍷🍕👍🏾
.@phclondon Don't execute Shafqat Hussein - his 'confession' was extracted by torture and he was sentenced to death at 14. Don't kill him!
.@PMNawazSharif Please don't execute Shafqat Hussein - he was 14 when sentenced to death, and his 'confession' was tortured out of him.
Ex-president of India APJ Abdul Kalam passed away on Monday after collapsing during a lecture in Shillong on Liveable Planet Earth. #RIP
Mirror Story of Female Hijabi Attacked Draws Support by Some for the Perpetrator…
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Wish I could change sat, sun, mon as the stress has made me so ill. Sun and mon were lost to seizures, blackouts and anxiety attacks.
Black Britons' worse off as result of Osborne budget - Runnymede Trust
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Back to life after a violent seizure stemming from the incident last night. Lost Sunday but that's life! :-/
to be lgbT which has triggered me even more. Violent seizure(s) are imminent. Pls boycott @JDTweet (Half Moon Mile End) in particular. (4/4)
came at 730pm. I felt that I had to come out when I wasn’t ready. Reported all to the police. 101 call handler said it was ‘my choice’ (3/4)

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