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Josh Malhotra
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Drove to park city to find out it was closed... Yep that's the life fuck black Friday fr fr its technically friday
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"Thankfull for these hoes, although we still don't love them" -Ty
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They got me trashed so far and won't stop lol
I hate whisky but my uncles keep pouring me drinks and saying "I know you drink a lot when you're at college stop being a little girl" lolol
Thankful for all of my friends and family
Thankful for all the bad bitches 😍
About time I get a haircut
We held a match to keep our sight on the path but the flame gave up and we lost it.
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Wow bitch you are sooo dumb. Lol
I wish i could unmeet some people. Like yeah we had some good times but I gotta wipe you from my memory now.
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I've heard "Well if you didn't drink so much" at least 4 time since being home
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Patriots still perfect! New England fends off Bills, 20-13, to start 10-0 for 2nd time in franchise history.
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Putting the final touches on Cabin Fever 3. This shits bout to be fire.
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You ever notice some people would rather stop speaking to you instead of apologizing when they're wrong?
Stick shift over an automatic any day.
Finally back in the bld.
T-minus 24 hrs till I leave for break! Let's gooo
Why are 8 am's even a thing?
I'm about to sleep like a baby tonight...
These instagram models, are nothing but trouble
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Thanksgiving break hurry uppp I just wanna be back home in the good ol bld
Some of you fuckboys try and save hoes, I'm not that heroic. πŸ˜‚
Life's a risk so roll the dice
According to @MikeGarafolo of Fox Sports Julian Edelman broke his foot. BROKE HIS FOOT. THAT FUCKING SUUUCKS!
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Yeah definitely staying up lol
So I might as well just stay up until my 8 am at this point lol
I would of said fuck it and went to bed if the Patriots would of lost to the Giants again
FINALLY! The Patriots beat the Giants for the first time since 2007, 27-26, and remain undefeated on the season.
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THE KICK IS GOOD! Stephen Gostkowski hits a 54-yard FG to give NE a 27-26 lead with 1 second left. WOW.
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I fucking hate the New York Giants.
I plan on just laying on my couch all day, ordering some pizza, and just watching football all day long.
Glad I actually stayed in the Burgh this weekend cuz I had wayyy to much fun lol
Surround yourself with winners if you trying to win
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Bob Evans after a long night of drinking is the best thing ever
It's Friday, THANK YOU.
me: *doesn’t drink soda because it’s unhealthy* me: *drinks alcohol*
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People like you deserve to never be happy
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