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Josh Malhotra
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Roman needs to start listing to his grandma @RomanMarasco
Trying to get paid 50 ways a day
Black and White Americans use drugs at almost identical rates, but black people are 3 times for likely to be arrested for it.
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Some nights I wish I could go back in life, not to change things but to feel a couple of things twice.
Damn your life must be so difficult bro. Bitch some more...
"I am Zach Geidner I will." @Potato_headdd
Sometimes I just want a girl to smoke, eat and watch netflix with, then I realize hoes ain't shit & I might as well smoke the blunt myself..
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Mayweather is gonna be so mad when someone finally reads this to him
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A pay per view purchaser looking back at the money he spent on #MayPac:
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Nothing screams "I want social justice" more than burning down a CVS Pharmacy and stealing 50" flat screen tvs #BaltimoreRiots
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Summer's just around the corner 🙌
there is beauty behind this madness
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Happy 20th birthday to my fucking boy @kleffel_5!
Really wishing I could relive this past weekend
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One hell of a weekend, now time to catch up on some sleep. 😴
S/O to no one from the BLD getting underages reppin 2k15
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When you take out the trash you don't bring it back in 😉
High School: "oh look it's 9 PM, I gotta get to bed soon." College: "oh look it's already 2 AM, maybe I should eat dinner."
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Aaron Hernandez has been ordered to serve his life sentence in Walpole, MA... about 1.5 miles from Gillette Stadium, where Patriots play.
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Life is so much better without you in it. 💯
Never trust someone who takes hours to text you back but when you're with them they always have their phone in their hand texting
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Pac n Biggie for the rest of the day. 🎵👌💯
Suicidal Thoughts by Biggie Smalls will forever be the greatest 🙌
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Best QB of All-Time • Championship • RT ~ Tom Brady FAV ~ Brett Favre
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Sometimes I wonder if people think before they let words come out of their mouth.
I would never distinguish a man by his color but by who the man is himself.
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Guess it just runs in the family lol. ☕🐸
we are the generation that grew up too fast
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I can't stand negative people who always find something to bitch about... Like stfu and go do something about your problems..
New England @Patriots. Seattle @Seahawks. Super Bowl XLIX is... The GREATEST Game Of All-Time! #SB49
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