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Never trust a female who's always out
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But you're the one who didn't reply…
You want recognition from your peers today, but you still valu... More for Libra
#Libra can tell if you're lying, they may not call you out on it, but they know.
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You may be able to sail through the day, but you're still afra... More for Libra
US army appears to have invaded Rust off Modern Warfare 2...
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When you know your body would be A1 if you just worked out but you're a lazy son of a bitch
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Sharing your long-term aspirations with your colleagues is key... More for Libra
Plankton singlehandedly roasted an entire family on spongebob
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@MeekMill He was repping you when you were down tho. You lost my respect tonight.
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You often go out of your way to balance your needs with others... More for Libra
Although you have been sitting on the fence for a few days, yo... More for Libra
how niggas act when they catch their girl texting their ex 😡
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You're all business today and aren't interested in sharing you... More for Libra
The difference between men & women cheating... truth.
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If someone buys me these I will kiss them around 1000 times! 😍
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You like the idea of going on a spiritual retreat today. In fa... More for Libra
You might have been planning on a day of peace and quiet, but ... More for Libra
Females= 🐍
You can't see very far down your current career path now, comp... More for Libra
On the surface it appears that you're just another member of t... More for Libra
Hidden sniper game! Location: Peru Difficultly level: 8.0 /10 Rt if you can find him 👈
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You may feel pressured to make a career move today as the Canc... More for Libra
These look like those shoes from the red evil man/lady from power puff girls…
You can't seem to please your boss or your coworkers today no ... More for Libra
I'm not that friend that's like "it's ok it's ok" when my friends do something wrong if you did something wrong I'm going to let you know.
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Put it in a cup then I mix it up with Texas 🍼💜
Your current passion for your work is prompting you to take yo... More for Libra
@JoshBrownYo that's the truth 😂 that's why it's so funny
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Motivating yourself these days can be a challenge because your... More for Libra
Tweet me good songs to listen to
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